31 Days of Lovely Limitations :: Day 6 Do it Just for Fun

When I first saw this photo on pinterest, I thought how clever to use a old, empty ornate frame to frame to modern black and white photos.  I’ve seen so many stores mark down nice frames just because the glass is cracked.  I’ve seen so many people sell frames at yard sales because the glass is cracked and they cannot imagine a use for a frame without glass. Tragic.  So today’s charming imperfection is, USE your glassless frames.  I’ve been known to take glass out of frames and recycle it just so I can have a glassless frame {I have a little aversion to frame glass anyway, it’s a sickness}.

So I thought, what a great addition to 31 days, because I bet many of us have seen pretty empty frames but don’t know what to do with them.  What a fun encouragement to use something that some may see as imperfect and make it even more charming.

New York Magazine

Then I did some more research I found out that this frame was made out of cardboard. CARDBOARD.  Look closely up there.  Here’s what Herve´ Pierre, the artist had to say about the frame…

❝I made a frame from cardboard and paper in an eighteenth-century style. It took“ me two years, but it was like therapy, cutting all the pieces.

Once again, an example of someone using an everyday object and creating a work of art.  Inspiring, no?  Does it inspire me to spend the next two years fashioning a vase out of pasta?  No.  But it does inspire me to consider the possibilities of what could be.  The risk, the wonder, the what ifs, the process~they are all a part of the finished result whether that be a spray painted wreath for your front door or a cardboard frame masterpiece.

Use what you have, don’t insist on perfect and have fun whilst you are doing it.


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  1. Oh, sweet friend you said my favorite word!


    xoxo michele

  2. You know, I’m thinking a vase out of pasta might be quite inspiring. ;)

    I have tons of glasses frames too, there’s less windex required that way and therefore one less thing to clean. That’s usually my motivation in decorating anyway, do I love it enough to dust it?

  3. I can’t express how much I am loving this series. Your posts leave me excited and challenged and wanting more! I always love your blog but I am especially loving it this month. Thank you for inspiring us to let go of perfect!

  4. Cardboard? Wow. That’s really incredible and beautiful. I love it when people make something beautiful out of the unexpected.

  5. Love this! Thanks for sharing! I’m new to your blog and totally enjoying following along.

  6. What! That frame is a masterpiece. It’s exquisite. Love. It! I rescued a matching pair of large antique frames from the dump last year. One with glass, one without…hmmm……

    Thank you for sharing,
    : )

    Julie M.

  7. Oh, isn’t that great? Hutch Studio does some wonderful things with cardboard. Here’s an image of one of their works – not a frame, but still awe-inspiring when you figure out it’s cardboard!

    Hutch Studio cardboard boat

  8. wow, cardboard – that’s amazing! and such an adorable Idea for a wall cluster – must try this :)

  9. Wow – that’s dedication…two years out of cardboard. Amazing juxtaposition of modern and ornate. Beautiful.

    And THANK YOU, THANK YOU for adding that sidebar button linking to the 700+ 31 Dayers! I wanted to ask for that myself…because it was taking longer to scroll down to the list of links every day…and there is so much good stuff. It’s so fun to blog hop and explore! You guys have built an amazing community here. Such a blessing.

  10. Wow, that’s cardboard?
    When I see something adorable – but broken, or missing pieces, etc. I play a game of “What 5 things can I do with this?”

    Sometimes something really creative hits.
    Sometimes I get nothing and I can leave it at the garage sale :)

  11. I’ve had this exact picture pined on Pinterest for a while. This one is really cool as well: http://pinterest.com/pin/122609027/ Same idea, just larger scale.

  12. Wow. When I first saw that it was made of cardboard I thought, I could never do that.
    But maybe I could do something I would love just as much. Maybe now that I have seen that frame I will SEE others like it I can use. Like when you buy a brown car you suddenly see more brown cars.

    This 31 days is opening my eyes.
    Thanks, rick

  13. Julie @ The Family CEO says:

    I love this idea so much! I have two old French envelopes that I’m going to frame and hang inside another frame. Thank you for the inspiration.

  14. Great post. I relate to this on so many levels. Primarily, the risk factor. Everyone thinks because I can paint that it is a comfortable process. Part of it is – the creating, the anticipation, the smooshing of paint on a wall or canvas. But there is a huge risk each time – can I create with paint what my mind’s eye sees? Or worse, what my CLIENT’S mind’s eye sees!

    I never realized it until I read your post but, yes, every day I take risks. That’s why this 31 day challenge has been so, um, challenging! Huh. Maybe I should have done 31 days of taking risks, ha!

    btw, cardboard? 2 years? no thanks :D

  15. My next series? 31 days of incorporating all of the Nester’s 31 days ideas. Love this one.

  16. The idea is lovely and I do adore that glass-less frame. That said, you do know that you can buy glass for frames for just a few bucks right? Any glass store in the country will cut plain glass to any size. I had a store cut glass for an 11×14 frame and it cost me about $6. If you don’t have a glass store the big box stores sell glass cut in the standard sizes. I found it in the back near the lumber.

    Use the frame without glass if it works, but if it doesn’t work, glass is really, really easy to replace.

  17. “. . . and have fun whilst you are doing it.” That may be my favorite line that you’ve ever written. Or at least one of my favorites.

    I love this series. I’d been out of town and just caught up on your posts. Thank you for challenging me to look at my limitations as opportunities for something other than complaining! :)

  18. heyruthie says:

    wow. some people ooze creativity.

  19. I agree about not using glass in frames. Maybe it is because I’ve moved frequently in the last few years and am embracing non-breakable decor!

  20. Wow! that frame is FABUlous beautiful! And it’s even better that it’s cardboard.
    Personally, I think the 2 BW pictures is too busy for it, there is so much going on. This is so much like a wreath, you could hang it empty. Although, I would put a mirror in it. I don’t ooze any creativity, not even a little leak.
    What’s wrong with glass? Your matts would pooch out eventually. I have an aversion Strong Aversion to non glare glass. And recently I read since there is no glare, light is absorbed rather than reflected and fades your art faster. Yes! I love when my aversions are backed up scientifically!

  21. So bummed! Came back from vacation and didn’t get a chance to link up. I’m doing 31 days of Cooking with Chicken. Loving the Lovely Limitations. Always a good time at the Nesting Place.

  22. I think I’m just beginning to see the hidden value in all those garage sale finds and spray paint. Thanks for the continued inspiration of “What if”.

  23. Courtney Laib says:

    Love this idea. I just did this with a big piece of wood I pulled from my neighbors garbage:) I was an old window or door or something and I used it to frame other smaller picture frames of our family. I painted and distressed it and am really happy with the way it turned out!

  24. That is absolutely crazy that he made that out of cardboard! So practical, so pretty!!!!

  25. Amazing! Thanks for the lovely inspiration.

  26. Wow – 2 years on one project!! I don’t think I could do that! But it does make me remember that making my house “homey” and adding to it, creating things to go in it are all processes that are never ending. I can work on it for 2+ years, little by little.

    I’m loving your posts. Very inspiring!!

  27. I love using frames in different ways and for different purposes…TV trays, collages, cork boards, serving trays, chargers, etc. The possibilities are endless! But I must say that I have never seen a frame made from cardboard! Fabulous!!

  28. WOW! Amazing. I need to use this idea!

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