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Money really isn’t the issue when it comes to not creating a home you love.

We like to blame it on money because then we can blame it on something we don’t have complete control over.  Then we can sit back and wine and do nothing about it.

We like to think money is the difference in having a pretty home and dreaming about having a pretty home.

But really, it takes something harder to come by than money.  It’s harder to come by but easier to get, if you are willing.

It’s risk.

It’s initiative.

It’s being ok with trying something and having it look ridiculous and fail.

And it’s being ok with trying something and knowing that someone who’s home you don’t even love might think it’s ridiculous but you love it and therefore, it’s a good choice for you.

Anyone can create a pretty home using measly dollars.

I’d bet that someone with fewer resources than you has a prettier home than you.

Blaming your financial situation on not having a home you love is a cop-out. Start doing something about it today.

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  1. I branched like the pinterest photo with the teal table last Christmas out on our back deck and Carl loved it. So easy to do and yet so dramatic. It can be fun not to have money sometimes – makes us more creative and, dare I say it, more appreciative of what we make ourselves.

    xoxo michele

  2. Branches – I’ve thought about using them in a vase arrangement, but not as actual structural elements. What a brilliant idea!

    Thanks so much for the mention. I am having so much fun with this; I can’t believe I almost didn’t participate!

  3. Thank you so much for the mention, Nester. YOU inspire ME, as you already know. :)

  4. I’ve wanted to do this for years. I can’t believe I haven’t yet. Just a few days ago, I even walked over to our yard debris pile and tried pulling on a promising looking one, but it was held fast by other not-so-nice branches. I was also wearing nice clothes and little shoes that seemed too delicate for the dirt and snags. But now I’m determined to find some workgloves and uncover that branch. I have a red wall in my living room (a rental, not my choice of color) that would “work” so much better for me if it displayed a white birch branch above the windows.

  5. Brilliant blog post! I’m really loving the creativity! I was thinking that is seems so obvious to use branches for a bit of flair in the first couple of pictures where they’re mainly used for hanging clothes, and then it totally took me by surprise when they were used for a curtain rod! It’s amazing how easy it is to miss the potential in things!
    Thanks for this,

  6. I love all of these creative ideas! I’m getting so much wonderful inspiration from your 31 Days posts. Thank you!

  7. Love this idea. Especially in a nursery!

  8. *gasp of delight* I LOVE this!!!! That desk lamp idea is especially divine! And it would be a built in climbing apparatus for the cat…..I can’t wait to make one!!

  9. VERY clever! I have a TON of branches, and they’re all free. Will see what I can do with them!

  10. My son has a curtain rod that is a beaver stick in his cowboy themed room. The stick has all those neat marks of a beaver’s teeth where it stripped all the bark from the branch. It’s one of my favorite elements in his room. Honestly, I never think of white paint. Oh the possibilities.

  11. I love the Christmas over the table branch! Great ideas!

  12. Love the branch ideas! And, thank you for the reminder to not allow the lack of funds to stop me from being creative in my home. It’s a challenge to think outside of the monetary box, but you’ve inspired me to do a better job at that. I’m loving your series :)

  13. Such wonderful ideas! Hubby and I need lights over our desks – love the idea.

  14. love ALL of these. But, your branches with book page leaves are my fav!

  15. You really went out on a limb with this post! (Yep, I am such a dork for going with that pun.)

    You’ve challenged me to crank up my creativity … To see beyond my limitations when it comes to feathering our nest on a very tight budget. Thanks for the fresh perspective, Nester!

    Anna K.

  16. Anyone can create a pretty home using measly dollars.
    I’d bet that someone with fewer resources than you has a prettier home than you.
    Blaming your financial situation on not having a home you love is a cop-out. Start doing something about it today….I LOVE THIS SO MUCH I COULD KISS YOU!!! totally reposted.

  17. I think an excursion to the backyard is in order. Girl, have I told you how much I am loving this series?

  18. Melanie Scheerschmidt says

    I’m not at all sure what the 31 days are…and the links have errors. Would love to read what you have to say about 31 days. I have 31 days!

    • so sorry I’ve fixed them 3 times already this morning, they keep popping back to a bad link–for some reason it’s adding an extra “2011” in the html even when I completely retype the link it and it shows as the correct link on my end–if you want, at the top right of my blog I have correct links to all three 31 days things–what it is, all the Dayers and my series.

  19. WOOT for decorating with branches – maybe my yard will get cleaned up, too! ha ha ha

  20. I LOVE this series and I wake up and read it like the newspaper!! The ideas I have gotten have inspired me to think outside the box. Which the branches I have used before not in these exact ways, but I like bringing the outdoors indoors!! Today what sticks, is your quote “I’d bet that someone with fewer resources than you has a prettier home than you.
    Blaming your financial situation on not having a home you love is a cop-out. Start doing something about it today.”…AWESOME!

  21. Well said. No excuses, gotta be like Nike (and JUST DO IT).

  22. I love this. I have branches. Now I have a great idea. awesome!!!

  23. I’m using sticks from my tree as pinwheel sticks for a bridal shower I’m hosting, but I never thought to use branches as home decor! I love these ideas! My son needs more hanger space in his forest themed room and I bet I have a branch in the backyard that would be perfect!

  24. Thank you for this post! I am the queen of excuses, I don’t like to let things evolve. I like to do whole rooms at a time and as a result I get frustrated. Thank you for reminding me that the simple things can still be beautiful!

  25. “Blaming your financial situation on not having a home you love is a cop-out. Start doing something about it today.”

    I agree. Well said.

  26. Ahhhhh! I love this post! =]

  27. So true!! Oftentimes it’s my favorite cop out. I have loved trying to do more with less money as I’ve entered blogland…and the results are usually so much better!

  28. Love this post. Particularly the desk lamp, curtain rod and shelf bracket uses. And your inspiring comments on how money is not what makes a nice home possible.

  29. I sed branches picked up off my clients vacation property as stair railings in her city home. Adds some personality to a normal tract house. Love your ideas as well.

  30. love love love all of these picture!! so inspiring and I already have some branches in mind!!

  31. True story. While fishing on the river a few weeks ago, I actually force my honey to pull anchor and take me to get a wonderful beaver cut branch that had floated past out of reach. :)

  32. wow such good ideas. i’m only concerned how well they’d hold up, especially with kids. i’ve seen curtains pulled on a few times and i don’t know if it could hold up to a kid

  33. I love those inspiration photos. We have been on the “verge” of moving for over a year. I think its time to do a home project anyway!!!

  34. Oh my goodness! I’m LOV’in the branches!! How creative!!!! Glad I stopped in as I make my rounds to all the 31-dayers! Please stop by and visit me http://sewnso.blogspot.com/p/31-days-of-sewing.html

  35. I just got my latest issue of Ballard in the mail today. And what is on the front?! Branches. I am loving your series and it is challenging me in so many ways.

  36. “Stickeled” pink with the article, and the shout out. Thanks! Looking forward to more of your inspired designs & finds, and hope I’m able to reciprocate some in the next 25 days! :) Happy hunting!

  37. I just want to say what a great series this is! Thank you!

  38. I love the branches! What a great idea! I love coming to your site it is so peaceful and nice! Thanks for all you do!

  39. Love it! The branches are great, but that point you make is better–>I bet someone who has less money has a prettier home=something to think about!

  40. I’m digging the branch thing like a ditch! I wish I had seen that for a nursery when my kids were younger! Love love love!

  41. Thanks for the mention! Love your site!

  42. It might be best to differentiate between decorating a home you’ll love, and furnishing or renovating a home you’ll love. Sure, decorating can be done for free or cheap, but decoration is not the only piece of the puzzle when it comes to a home worth loving. I just don’t want anyone who’s in a situation like mine to feel like they simply aren’t daring or creative enough. Some things truly do require money. Unless you know how to construct an operable oven hood out of branches.

  43. unfortunately, i live in a city & don’t have branches :-/ BUT, i love that branch/pendant light so much i may need to plan a trip to somewhere with more trees / saplings so that i can cut one down and use it :)

  44. This a fantastic way to recycle and bring nature into your home. Good article!

  45. I had THE coolest branch that I used as a curtain rod in our old house. It was my very favorite decorating touch in the entire house! I was so proud of that branch. When it was time to move, I pulled a step stool over to the window to take that branch down and pack it up for our new house. My husband saw me and said, “You’re taking the branch?” Well. That man NEVER complains about my decorating choices, but he just was not feeling the branch. So I left it. But now I’m thinking the branch might have to make a comeback. :)

  46. Just a few days ago, I found a beautiful branch that I brought home and laid on a wall shelf. It is the most beautiful art. When I was 13 years old (a long time ago) I used a branch to hang my necklaces on. I’ve always loved sticks. Great post!

  47. My husband often shakes his head and mutters “more twigs”! He has no clue how fortunate he is to be blessed with a wife who finds beauty in things she finds. Things other people consider mere sticks, twigs, stones… Cheers to we “blessings”, ladies.

  48. It’s like you’re looking into my soul and grabbing at my deepest secrets. I blame it all on money. and on time. and it’s lame that I do that. I’ve got to learn to get over the ‘can’ts’ and just ‘do’.

  49. One of my most recent projects was tree branch curtain rods! I absolutely love them! Loving your series so far :-)

  50. Just found this page in my travels. I love sticks and branches and the way they’re shown here is inspiring. I once made a walking stick for my father in law out of a branch I found in local bush one day. Sticks and branches are an awesome resource available to us all for free from our beautiful earth’s abundance:)

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