31 Days of Lovely Limitations :: Day 21

Today’s Lovely Limitation is hanging out over at (in)courage.  Join me there to find out about one of the most ignored, powerful limitations.

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  1. That was a great post…makes me think about how I spend my time and life. I’m about to have baby numero dos, so I have to be careful not to try too hard making my life perfect-instead I want to just be. Be with spitup on me. Be on the floor watching the toddler play. Be about to fit in a nap.

    Anyways, I REALLY like your post over there. Good stuff.

  2. Your post at ‘in-courage’ is one of the most insightful that I have read. I am going to really take it to heart. It makes me think how silly it is to complain that there isn’t enough hours in the day..we are just not focussing on the right things often..maybe being too involved or controlling even, in areas of expertise that aren’t meant to be ours. I need His wisdom and discernment on this one!

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