31 Days Day 9 :: It’s Not Broken, It’s an Opportunity

Andy Newcom’s home via Lonny also featured in Undecorate {my favorite design book}

My favorite part about this dresser?  The makeshift, adorable feet.

Missing feet.  Such a Lovely Limitation.


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  1. I just finished reading “Undecorate” and completely loved it! That was one of my favorite photos. : ) Great advice too

  2. P.S. You’ve got me quite inspired to make my home beautiful with either things I already have, or with yard sale finds and spray paint. Thanks!

  3. Hey there Nester! I’ve been mulling over this subject for a while… Next year, I’m going to join you 31 days and my topic will be 31 days to Boldly Seeing its Potential. Or 31 days to Seeing Boldly Beyond. Or 31 days to Look Boldly Beyond the Surface. Oh, I don’t know! Good thing I have a year… Love your series!

  4. What a great find! I love that they used an unexpected object rather than some replacement feet!

    You’re a pro at taking advantage of imperfections, too! Thanks for the reminder to embrace them :)

  5. Who would have ever thought that I’d want a dresser with no feet? Loving these 31 days!

  6. do you hear me singing over here? you have inspired me to luxuriously limitate our front screened-in porch. Wait, I think I hear the neighbors singing now. =)

    i <3 you.

    xoxo michele

  7. This is a great example of beautiful imperfection…

  8. And then again….maybe I’ll just have to knock some feet off my little dresser!!!! :D
    Loving this series! Pushing me to think outside the box in new and fresh ways!!

  9. Do you think they balanced it there or somehow attached them? I have just such a dresser waiting for something like that.

  10. This is adorable! Love it!
    By the way, I thought of you and your kinky party iPhone auto correct when apple announced the new phone features. You can send a message via voice command?! Oh dear. That might lead to some kinky party-like situations;)

  11. Hi,

    Aside from looking at every piece of furniture differently in the attic, believing in the notion that one person’s junk can truly be another’s treasure….realizing that I would love to attempt some of your projects…learning to embrace imperfection and my goodness do I have an abundance of that, I have a request. Aside from the fact that I would like to invite you and two of your friends in “blog” land to spend a month redoing the house I live in, more realistically I would like to receive your updates in my Yahoo Inbox vs. My Yahoo. I never use My Yahoo so I’m missing some of your really great ideas. Could you please advise as to how I can have you come directly into my e-mail. Thank you in advance.

    • Hey Susanne, if you click on the “subscribe” button up in that box on the top right with my photo in it, it should lead to a page where you can choose to subscribe via a reader or an email address–then you can put your email address in and you’ll get an email every day I post at 9am EST.


  12. Nice, I love it when people just use what they have!

  13. The hub and I just finished reading “Undecorate”, we both agreed it would have to become a staple on our bookshelf. At the same time we beat up on each other and our selves for selling (for a song) what we thought was a hopeless dresser that was his when he was a boy AND a vintage sewing machine cabinet that belonged to my Grandma! What were we thinking????? WE WEREN’T!

  14. I love how you help me see.


  15. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t even realize that the bunnies were holding up the dresser till you mentioned that it was your favorite part… how creative!

  16. Oh! I love bunnies!!! Especially when they are “hidden”! What a great inspiration for taking advantage of your limitations, sometimes for budget reasons, sometimes for sentimental reasons. “Hop” on over to the Cottage where I introduce one imperfect chair created by one almost perfect little girl!

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