31 Days :: Day 18 Fight Your Way

Ira Glass on Storytelling from David Shiyang Liu on Vimeo.

He’s talking about story telling.  But you can apply it to any creative endeavor.  For us, here, we’ll apply it to our homes.  So you have this idea of what you want your home to be.  But it’s not there yet. And you are frustrated. Here’s how to think about that.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! Ira really spoke to me this morning. It was just what I needed to hear.

  2. These are the words I needed. They apply to sooo many aspects of my life right now – from my home to my business – even blogging. YES! YES! YES! Now I’m off to fight my way through…

  3. I. LOVE. THIS. Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. What a lovely, lovely video. Thank you so much for such a great way to start the day!

  5. standing ovation.

  6. OOooh. I just wrote about “Managing the Beginner’s Blues” with a clip from Ira Glass but not in that cool format! :-) Love that! I might go back and replace the Youtube video with the Vimeo. Love the way the transcript is presented. So glad you posted that. :-)


  7. Obviously I am not good at HTML in comment boxes. Duh. Here’s what I was trying to link to:

    Managing the Beginner’s Blues

  8. Will be sharing this with my 9-year old son today who wants to be a film director. He’s been using the movie camera since the age of 4, has already made 4 movies, the last actually premiered to a crowd of 80 paying patrons! He always is scared to get started and never thinks it’s good enough. I hope this video hits a chord in his soul today.

    As a future film director, the best film school for him right now is watching classic old-time movies. He has a classic movie review blog if you are interested in paying him a visit and showing some love!

  9. WOW!! You have no idea how much I needed that today, and everyday for that matter!! Thank You for sharing this, I really needed to hear those words.

  10. Ooooooooooh thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing. Seriously, thank you. Will be passing along. With Joy, Carey

  11. A ton of work, like blogging or 31 days? Yes! After 31 straight days….I see it! I see the good behind a large volume of work.

    Kind of like “Just do It”.

    Thank you. Loving it. Sharing it! Right now!

  12. I just said to my husband last night, “When I watch The Sing-Off judges, it reminds me that I’m so far from being a top level musician. If I ever was on track, I left the path miles and miles back.” I think what I meant was, I’m not making music up to par with my taste, so I’ve kind of quit trying.

    THANK YOU! I so needed this today — and not just for music. For sewing, for decorating, and maybe even for being a friend, too.

  13. so good. I needed to hear this! In relation to my home, yes, but also my kind-of-sort-of-can’t-get-the-courage-to-actually-go-for-it photography business. :) thanks for posting this!

  14. profound. totally sending my readers here for this. this is such important information. no matter what we choose to do in life, we feel like failures if we aren’t perfect right off the bat. fight the fight! thanks for this today. thanks so much.

  15. I love this! Thanks so much for posting it! I feel this way a LOT. That some of my stuff is ok, but it’s not really up to par with things other people are producing (blog-wise, craft-wise, furniture-wise). This helps give me the courage to power on & keep doing what I’m doing & knowing that the more I do the better it’ll get! Thanks :)

  16. Great video.
    You know how he says, put yourself in a situation where someone is waiting for your to produce?
    That’s what the 31 Day Series is for me!

    I’m posting everyday – because I’ve set that standard for myself this month.
    And, in my little imagination…someone is waiting for it.

    Thanks, Nester!
    Dana @ CookingatCafeD
    “31 Days – 31 Minutes to a More Organized Life!”

  17. Loved that. Yes, it does apply to things other than writing. (I took quite a few of creative writing classes in college, and realized that the best writing came when I wasn’t trying so hard and just let it flow. I think that simplicity applies to home decorating too … for me, anyway.

  18. EXCELLENT! This video could apply to raising children. We need to put in VOLUMES of HARD WORK and time, time, TIME parenting, loving, giving, not just “quality time” but GOBS of time. If you don’t commit to the time and energy it takes to parent, you don’t get the relationship. It takes a WHILE, a lifetime.

    This is EXCELLENT and I’m so glad YOU shared TODAY!
    See, the font thing grabbed me too?

  19. Love so much that I might have to listen to it daily. My new writing mantra. Thank you for sharing!!!

  20. love this. great encouragement to push forward toward creative genius!

  21. This is great, and sometimes I know authors first work is great! Like, they have one good work published, so they go back and find earlier work that never got published but is seen as “great” or “worthy”. I swear this happened with someone huge like Lewis or Austen or something.

    Anyways, I just hate that we wait to accept something we’ve done or made as good or great or beautiful only when someone else says so. ie, our house is only beautiful if it’s in a magazine. Or, our words are only good if they are picked up by a publisher. Etc.

    We’re hard on ourselves.

  22. What an honest dialogue that was! It gave me that umph to keep going. Thanks for sharing!


    Ps: I’m participating in the 31 days series and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Thank you for providing this to all so us bloggers out there!

  23. That was the most inspiring kick in the pants I think I’ve ever heard. And it SO applies to whatever our passion may be. {I’m thinking about it in terms of writing.} Love this.

  24. I’m glad, that although no one told him about the gap, that through his experience, he has shared that with us. I always wondered how you really got from thinking about making art or being creative, to actually BEING artistic and creative, besides just saying you are. And as Emily has so boldly dared us to do: make art. It is now my time to fill in the gap with my art. Thank you.

  25. LOVE THIS!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  26. Excellent! Amazing words, amazing encouragement. Thank you, and yes, I will keep producing a quantity of work, working towards the quality of work I want.

  27. funny! i kinda talked about that today too! :) love it! xo!

  28. I love this straight talk…very encouraging!

  29. cant get it to work :o(

  30. Thank you for the inspiration…

  31. So. completely.brilliant! And inspiration that is much needed! I put this very quote on one of my 31 days pages, but I like the video even more! Thanks Nester :)

  32. Just want to tell you how amazing your blog is- you are an amazing storyteller as well! I featured your blog today as one of my favs!

  33. Oh Nester, you know how to encourage. Thanks so much for that. I am constantly trying new things and have been wondering if I would ever get there. I think that I might be on the threshhold.

  34. Wow! I’m a day late reading your post. But….I am so happy that I chose to go back and listen to this video your posted! I’ve never heard of Ira….I’m not a storyteller or writer. It is probably one of the only creative outlets that I have never investigated. And even though he may not have intended his words to apply to someone like me….they did. And in a powerful way. I must keep working! That is what I have to do. Nester–thanks for posting the video. Ira-thanks for telling me that I need to press on. My feelings about my work are normal. It is possible that your words have changed my life…..

  35. Would it be overly dramatic to say this is life changing? It is like being let out of a cage . . .

    Thanks so much. Seriously.

  36. i am a new-ish reader to your blog and am going through last year’s 31 days. this video and this series are EXACTLY what i needed. thank you!

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