I had big ambitions of doing a DIY book page amazing tutorial every day this week leading up to my sister’s party. Instead I’ve been too busy getting ready for said party and reading all the reviews for my sister’s book on Amazon.  Hello 5 stars.  Hello top 1000 in books.  Hello they had to order a second printing of the book because they sold out the very day the book released.  My sister will never ever utter a word about any of that–so I’m taking it upon myself to tell everyone I meet.  I feel like I’m the ultimate winner in this whole book publishing shebang.  I didn’t have to write a word of the book but, I’m close enough to my sister that I get to enjoy all the benefits of writing a book plus, I get to actually read and enjoy such a good book.  It’s a win win for me. I highly recommend making your sister write a book so you can enjoy it.

Anyway, I’ve been busy getting ready for the book release party.

Have I ever told you HOW MUCH I LOVE HOSTING THINGS?  I put it in all caps just in case you might have missed it.  I am so so excited about Saturday–we have over 70 people stopping by my nest to hang out and meet Emily, it’s gonna be so fun!   A few of my beautiful friends came over yesterday to help destroy books and make them even more artsy to help glam up the nest and draw the eye {eyes if you have two} away from the grime and wonkiness that my house has to offer.  Why clean when you can create?  Just kidding, my mom is coming tomorrow to clean for me while I move stuff around. work along side me while we both clean the house in an equal balanced fashion with no one person doing more work than the other person.

So, I’m planning on doing some tutes next week–that’s short for tutorial, not the other thing you are thinking.   Hope to see you Saturday!

Caroline, Greta, Christiana, Reeve, Lorna, Natalie, and Kelly~thank you!  Angela, we missed you…feel better now!