(in) Real Life

If you’ve been watching my tweets I’ve been all braggy about hanging out with 23 of the (in)courage girls at Hilton Head Island, SC this week.

We’ve had a fun time eating and laughing and eating and taking photos and eating and talking.

Thrifting with Dawn, Tsh, Melissa, Heather and Jen.  And Wolfie.  Do you see him?

We’ve seen lots of pretty scenery like Harbour Town.

And this.

We had lots of hanging out time~captured by Simple Mom.

And we had a brain storming session.

And we all sat real close for a photo.  No killers in the bunch, even though we all met through the internet.  Except for me and my sister~ we met before the internet.  Getting together with real life people is a hundred times better than online.

And we think you would like that too which is why (in)courage is planning something big for next year and it’s all about getting together (in) REAL LIFE.

DaySpring and Hilton Head Island Chamber of Commerce hosted the (in)courage bloggers for a long weekend of dreaming, praying, eating and planning for the (in)courage community, along with relaxation and fun. And eating. Resort Rentals of Hilton Head Island  generously provided beautiful beach front accommodations. DaySpring took care of all the incidentals and meals for each of the bloggers. Those delicious meals. Hilton Head Island is where our family loves to come on vacation and I bet your family would love it too. Special thanks to the dear, Jessica Gardo from the Hilton Head Island Chamber of Commerce for helping coordinate our trip and being simply fabulous the entire weekend.

Don’t forget to check out the (in)RL info~killers need not reply.



  1. Wow, looks and sounds like you’re having too much fun. Hilton Head is one of my fav places, so I’m slightly jealous. I’m on my way to check out the (in)RL. Enjoy!!

  2. Trying to decide if I should risk sign-ups since baby #2 in this house is supposedly arriving on April 28th, hmmmmm…….inCourage IRL, while in labor, would still be pretty sweet, eh?!

  3. I dreamed last night that I was planning some big party with you and Melissa. TMI? I blame the photo I “liked” on facebook. My Dad was right about the internet…you just never know what might seep into your brain.

    ps – Looks like some big fun happening!

  4. Oh this is exciting! {Love the photos, by the way!} Can’t wait to see what’s in store!

  5. This is wild. I’ve followed your blog for about a year. This may, a friend’s son was at all children’s, so I flew from TX to FL to be with them. In that time I met Heather, whose daughter closed her eyes for the last time while I was there….a powerful, unforgettable moment. She LOVES God with all her heart and I will never forget her, and here she is in these photos. It is a small world. Do you have her information? Thanks…I enjoy your work!!

  6. Looks like a great trip! :)


  7. Josh and Steph in Charlotte says

    GO PACK!

  8. You are lovely. And funny. And lovely fun.

    ~the end~

  9. That looks amazing, so pleased you had such a great time :)

  10. You crack me up! Fun hanging with you this week!

  11. It never ceases to amaze me that when you get bloggers together, inRL, there is the instant connection of women who share creative passions. Isn’t it the coolest phenomenon??
    Looking forward to our inRL!

  12. I just wanted to say that the logo for in(RL) is beautiful. Kudos to whoever designed it.

  13. It looks like you all had so much fun at that retreat! Can’t wait for the conference! :)

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