fall mantel mantle

I’m still tweaking our mantle.  But who am I kidding, I’m always tweaking.  Our corner farmer’s market doesn’t have the good, warty, muted colored pumpkins and gourds yet so I’m using what I can find around the house which consists of a few stripped books, weeds from the yard, a stick and some feathers.  Plus one of my dried gourds from last year and a few interesting vase like containers I got from shopping the house.

Oh wait, I found another gourd.

fall mantel mantle

We have a new addition to the mantel family this year.  The mirror is from my favorite local shop, Bebe Gallini. In the two years we’ve lived here I’ve used shutters over our mantle and I’ve always loved them. But last month when I spoke at the Becoming Conference, they paid me {!I know, right!} and whenever I do a job like that, I try to use the money for something special.  And since speaking is such a chore for an introvert like me, I knew I wanted to get something from Bebe and be able to point to it and say “that was worth all the trouble of speaking”.  It was.


fall mantel mantle

So I put some of the money toward the mirror and I in deep love with it.  Mirrors are one of my favorite decorating tricks.  It’s like installing a window only easier, and although you don’t get to see outside, your house looks bigger.  I didn’t know where I was going to put the mirror when I bought it~ it’s one of my weaknesses.  I figured it would end up on the wall in the landing up stairs but it never made it past the family room.

fall mantel

Here’s last year’s creepy mantle.  My boys requested it about 5 days after I did up the fall mantle. Lucky for me it only takes like 3 minutes to do a mantle.

fall mantel mantle

Here’s the mantle in its natural state~how it looked for the past two years but for holidays and fall with the pair of painted thrifted shutters.

Here’s the mantle in the summer, I love that sign but after a few hours, most things begin to bother me on that mantle.  It’s a sickness.

Here’s another summer mantle.  It stayed like this for 2.8 seconds.  The older I get, the less stuff I can put up with.  But I have to admit, those shutters were a great backdrop to experiment with different looks.  And as renters, it’s nice to have a large, architectural pop of color in the room.

fall mantel mantle

And just for kicks here’s our fall mantle from last year. I took the blue shutters down and tried our family photo, but I only liked it that way in the fall.

There are over 250 links to all sorts of fall mantles here, and fun side note, Better Homes and Gardens loved some of your mantles from the party from last year and featured lots of your mantles at their website~so if you were contacted this summer by BH&G, go check out your mantle.

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