1. You put off non-life-altering decisions for long periods of time. {eg: it takes you 2 years to decide on a paint color, hang something on your wall or buy a sofa}

2. You ask EVERYONE their opinion and instead of that helping you it confuses you more.

3. Once you know everyone’s opinion you are now afraid to do anything because whatever you do will be the opposite of what someone else told you to do.

4. You are more concerned with the current trend and abiding by those rules than surrounding yourself what you actually enjoy.

5. You don’t start, don’t finish or don’t try because you are terrified of imperfection.


You don’t have to decorate out of fear. You can decorate out of freedom~knowing that a paint color isn’t the most important decision you’ll make today takes the pressure off.  Don’t let the fear of making a wrong decision override the fun you can have creating a beautiful home.   Decorating is an art, not a science.

It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.



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