31 Days of Change :: Are You In?

Oh mercyness.

October is almost here and I have yet to write even ONE post for my 31 Days for this year.  How about you?  Remember how we invited everyone to join in the fun, instead of just the 8 of us girls from last year writing for 31 days we wanted the world to suffer  have fun with us.

So, it’s not to late to decide to join in committing to writing on one topic, every day during the month of October.  It can be ANYTHING, really ANYTHING.  Wondering what the 8 of us from last year are writing about this year?

Jen – 31 Days to Balancing Both Beauty and a Budget

Jessica – 31 Days of Memory Keeping

Melissa: – 31 Days: Inspired Holidays

Sandy – 31 Days of Warm Connections

Darcy: 31 Days of Photo Tips

Emily: 31 Days to Change the World

Emily: 31 Days of the Little Things

Nester – 31 Days of Charming Imperfection


October 1st we’ll have a linky party where you can link up to the intro/first day post of your series.  Feel free to make yourself a cute button and choose any topic that you are passionate about.

I thought today would be a fun time to have a little conversation in the comments–you can share your topic, ask questions, and just be chatty.  I’ll monitor the comments every now and then and hey, feel free to do the same and if you know the answer to a question go ahead reply to someone in the comments~if I see the same question come up multiple times  I’ll try to address it in a post next week.  Here’s the previous post about 31 days, be sure to read it first if you have questions–it may answer them.

Want to see my posts from last year for ideas?  You can find them all here.

So, are you joining in?  What’s your topic?

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  1. I’m in! 31 days to a Clutter Free Home :)

  2. I write from Italy. Eventually can i partecipate? In my (italian) language if it’s possible and the traslation under my language. 31 days with “Kalos” that mean in italian : the sense of beauty. Il senso del bello. Kalos is an ancient greek word, a specific mood to see the world around.

  3. I would love to participate! I would love to do 31 days of eating out of your pantry! :)

  4. Okay-I’m in–31 Days to a more effective daily routine…I want to do so many of the crafts and projects that I see on Pinterest but I still need to work on getting the laundry finished in a timely manner and become more efficient with my weekly meal planning. I love that I will be changing my world along with so many other women. Thanks for the challenge Nester!

  5. I plan to do 31 Days To A More Prudent Home. I hope that I can actually keep up with posting every day! Blogging has been a bit difficult with a 3 month old. lol

  6. I’m going to launch my blog in time to join the 31 day challenge! I’m going to share 31 days of beautiful details. Looking forward to this challenge!

  7. Well I have had this 31 days challenge on my mind since I saw your post about opening this up to all of “us”. Gulp. I have been planning my posts “thinking” I would get a few of them done ahead of time. Alas, NONE are written yet and we have a week. I think I am starting to sweat… And I have already made my button… at least I “think” it will be my button. And now I have company… and they don’t leave until the 29th… leaving me only 2 days to finish any preparations. Oooo, I think my head it getting dizzy…

    My topic? 31 One Days of Preparedness. The whys and ways!

    I think I am in. I think I am in. I think I am in> I think I am in.
    Blessings, ~Mrs. R

  8. I’m in! Taking a huge leap of faith in myself, here!
    My topic is 31 Days to decorating a room with $31
    Not sure how to link up..hope the directions are easy!!
    Thank you for letting us join in, should be fun.

  9. I’m gonna jump in and cross my fingers that I can hang in there all month long! I’ve decided that since I spend so much time making pretty things for other people’s homes, and rarely have time to make things for my own family, I’m going to do 31 days of a Handmade Home. I’m hoping that it brings out my inner Nester :)

  10. Why is my heart racing as I’m writing this? AHHHH!!!!! I am nervously committing to 31 Days of Gratitude. Breathe deep!!!! This is going to be fun. Can’t wait to check everyone’s out.

  11. I would love to join… 31 days of heart conversations (for my kids). This has a double benefit for me – I want to get a faithbook album done by the end of the year – and this way my blog posts will double up into the album… words of encouragement to my kids. I too hope I can keep up with the 31 sequential days!

  12. I’m praying that I won’t be taking too much on by doing this, but I’ll be doing 31 Days of Growing Closer to Christ :-) God’s definitely been pointing me in the direction of doing this!

    • Changed my mind as I saw someone else doing a similar challenge :) Instead I’ve decided to do “31 Days of Going Natural” :) Tips, recipes, etc on green living, natural beauty, etc!

  13. Is it too late to join in? I have no idea what i would write about but I have been trying to blog for months and can’t ever seem to think of anything…this might be the push I need.

  14. I’m going to write on 31 Days of Sound Financial Principals. Can’t wait to join up!

  15. 31 Days to Feeling Loved is my addition to this awesome month long celebration!

  16. We’re so in on this! It took a bit, but we finally decided on a topic 31 Days of Adding a Little Vacation Into Your Every Day. Cause even though we can’t get away every day, we can bring some of the inspiration from our travels and getaways back home with us… (and goodness knows I need the reminder to relax right before we enter into the holiday season which also includes pretty much every family birthday in my and my husband’s families!)

    So many topics I can’t wait to read!

  17. I am committing to 31 days of…giving blogging a try. I’m scared. I’m feeling particularly insecure. I’m scared. I’m excited?!?!

  18. I decided I’m in after all. Mine will be 31 days of freedom.

  19. I’m now freaking out. I’m about to commit to this. I’ve NEVER posted for 31 days in a row. Not ever in the three and a half years I’ve been blogging. And I’m about to commit to a subject I’m FAR from an expert in.


    Oh, Lord, what have I just done?

  20. How do we make our little buttons? And link in? I’m committed….not sure of the name of my topic yet.

  21. This is a great idea! My birthday is in October, and our anniversary is Nov. 1, so it always seems like the right month to initiate change and it has a solid deadline. Gulp, blink, commit: Project 31: 31 days, 31 unfinished projects completed (yikes that I have 31 – but I do, and probably more).

  22. Yeah I am in….think my title will be 31 days to My Green Gables…. :)

  23. I’m a littlevfreaked by this but I’m gonna do 31 days if Autumn

  24. http://www.babiesandbargains.com/2011/09/how-do-you-do-it.html 31 days to life! I am going to write about the daily life of a mom of 3 with very active children, very busy husband and a very crazy momma!

  25. I’m joining in! I’ll be writing about 31 Days to Better Understand our Calling. :)

  26. I’m joining in! I’m a little freaked out but I’m in. I’m not totally sure on what I’ll blog about but I’ll figure it out soon. I’m thinking of 31 days to Clearing out the Clutter.

  27. I am *almost* sure I am going to do this and after way too much thought about it I am going to do “31 days of romance” since my goal for this year was to romance my sons and a specific goal for this fall was to do consistent (weekly) stay-at-home dates with the man :)

  28. I can’t wait to get started! Come along as I write about 31 days to a more nourished life.

  29. SO excited about this!! I’m doing 31 days of inspiring photography:)

  30. 31 Days of Down Syndrome Awareness. October is National Down Syndrome Awareness Month, and my 4 year old daughter has Down syndrome.

  31. I’m in! Because I’m nutty for the library!

    xoxo michele

  32. Gulp..I am in. I have never posted that much. But I am going to attempt to do 31 days of finishing what you start. As in I have waaaayyy too many things I have started and not finished.

    What a great idea for a linky party!!

  33. I am joining in.. I am so excited that I found this. My 31 days of change is…31 days of loving myself to a better me. I am excited to see what comes out of this process… :-)

  34. I’m in! Looking forward to it……31 Days of Autumn Inspiration!

  35. Here goes… 31 Days of Resurrection.

  36. Going to give this a shot…I love the theme of change because I’ve had a lot of changes happen in my life the last few years…I’ll write 31 Days of Transformation…

  37. I’ve been looking for a way to become a faithful blogger, so decided to jump into the 31 days challenge! However, after reading all of the above entries, mine might be: 31 days of reading awesome blogs!

  38. Jumping in feet first as usual! I’ve been playing around with the idea of posting a series on cutting spending dramatically without sacrificing quality of life. So I guess my topic could be called, “31 Days to Slash Your Budget Painlessly.”

  39. Okay, I’m going to try it too… my blog has been shamefully neglected this past year or so. Maybe one or two posts a month, due to a crazy life and a courting daughter! I thought it would be fun… and thought provoking for me… to blog about “Re-Feathering My Nest” as we put the house back together after the wedding and begin to re-order our lives as a couple since the last chick flew the coop.

    Can’t wait to follow the other blogs… there are lots of inspiring “31 Days of…” plans!

    Kim :-)

  40. After thinking about this for the past month, I am going to jump in with 31 days of getting your house ready for sale. I feel that now (more than ever) people need help getting their house ready to even get a sale, much less a good one.

  41. I’m in! I totally want to steal Ellen’s Green Gables title, but I won’t! I guess I have 2 more days to figure out my 31 days title!

  42. Gulp. I love to write everyday but the thought that I’m committing to it…lol…a lil’ freaky! Gonna give it a try anyways. Saw this post this morning and felt to do it. My topic: 31 Days Toward Understanding Autism. We deal with it everyday at our house. Ours may not be like others’ versions but, that’s okay. It’s our story and maybe it can help someone. (deep breath…)

  43. Wow…I think I am going to do this. 31 days of Awareness and Giving. It has been on my heart and something I am trying to pass on to my children….from the next door neighbor to the special needs children in our church to the starving children in foreign countries. Teach them now about what it really means to love others.

  44. Can I? Should I? I’m turning off the brain and trusting the gut. I’m in for 31 days of Prayer, if you’ll have me. Thanks, Nester. You are truly inspiring!

  45. Is it too late to jump in?

    31 Days of Letting Go, baby.

  46. It seems pretty far off-topic from lots of the other (awesome!) ideas listed in the comments, but I’m going to do 31 Days of Un-Collections (picking your own fabric for quilts, instead of always going with the perfectly paired together prints as sold by the fabric manufacturers). Sorry for the long description, but I wasn’t sure if non-quilters would get it. I’ve never blogged for any more than 3 consecutive days – I’m so excited!

  47. Yep. In for 31 Days of Cottaging…..eeps!

  48. I’m considering 31 days on empty. My blog has stalled and my heart fallen silent, but God steps in when we’re empty, so it’s worth stepping out in faith.

  49. I AM SO IN!!! This is a very exciting challenge, and a way to share something that’s been tickling my mind. A project in marriage, discipline, and faith.

    31 Days with the Proverbs 31 Woman

  50. 31 Days of Quiet Time… Would it work?

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