31 Days of Change :: Are You In?

Oh mercyness.

October is almost here and I have yet to write even ONE post for my 31 Days for this year.  How about you?  Remember how we invited everyone to join in the fun, instead of just the 8 of us girls from last year writing for 31 days we wanted the world to suffer  have fun with us.

So, it’s not to late to decide to join in committing to writing on one topic, every day during the month of October.  It can be ANYTHING, really ANYTHING.  Wondering what the 8 of us from last year are writing about this year?

Jen – 31 Days to Balancing Both Beauty and a Budget

Jessica – 31 Days of Memory Keeping

Melissa: – 31 Days: Inspired Holidays

Sandy – 31 Days of Warm Connections

Darcy: 31 Days of Photo Tips

Emily: 31 Days to Change the World

Emily: 31 Days of the Little Things

Nester – 31 Days of Charming Imperfection


October 1st we’ll have a linky party where you can link up to the intro/first day post of your series.  Feel free to make yourself a cute button and choose any topic that you are passionate about.

I thought today would be a fun time to have a little conversation in the comments–you can share your topic, ask questions, and just be chatty.  I’ll monitor the comments every now and then and hey, feel free to do the same and if you know the answer to a question go ahead reply to someone in the comments~if I see the same question come up multiple times  I’ll try to address it in a post next week.  Here’s the previous post about 31 days, be sure to read it first if you have questions–it may answer them.

Want to see my posts from last year for ideas?  You can find them all here.

So, are you joining in?  What’s your topic?

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  1. I really need this motivation and October is a relatively quiet month for me (please, no more hurricanes or home crises). I’m going to write “31 Days to a Practical Fitness Habit.”

  2. I’ve never blogged or written with any level of discipline or purpose. Is fear to dark a topic for 31 days? ~just a bit more of Grace for the Good Girl left to go, life-changing to be sure!

  3. oh lord. the 8 isn’t enough button? killed me.

  4. i’m going to do 31 days to making a rental a home … or at least that’s what i’ve started working on! :)

    • i’m not an expert by any means!! but i’m hoping it will help me make our new rental home & i can take others along for the ride :)

      • Love that idea!

      • whoo hooo! sounds good to me!

        • 30 days to Building the life I love

          First time commenter! First, I love the idea of good enough, instead of perfection and focusing on people and living instead of appearing perfect. This blog has been so encouraging to me over the years. Thank you!

          About two years ago, my life motto/mantra was “I’m Living the Life I Love.” After two years of repeating this to myself, a definition grew and blossomed a few weeks ago. To live the life I love is to embrace beauty, respect my body, cultivate calm, positive energy and fill my days with the family and friends that are dear to me.

          Recently the question was asked, can you be fabulous and still suck at life sometimes? I like to think so. I work full time, just started grad school- part time, and about a month ago moved out of on my own for the first time (after living with the my fabulous parents, post divorce). I’m a little crazy, a lot fabulous and definitely suck at life sometimes. But that’s okay.

          Looking forward to the 30 days of connecting to what’s important in my life and to meeting/learning about some new people!

  5. I wish I could participate, but we’re supposed to be moving (we’re staying in Germany, just moving an hour north) and I’m afraid it will send me over the edge. Ah well, I can read all the others. Maybe it will help me keep my sanity.

  6. “to fill our lives with love…..” (every day after school :)

    I will be writing on “31 Days of What God Wants You to Know”.

    And by you, I mean me – cause I really needed to go 31 days deep in truth. Hoping it encourages others as well!

    36 days…36 days…and I get to meet ya live and in person!

  7. ohmyword!! huge 8 is enough fan over here! :)

    the modsquad team is doing 31 days of prayer for your daughter {or son, or children, or family …}. excited to be a part of it this year!

  8. I hope I don’t regret this…..I will write 31 days about upholstering….whatever!

    • oh wow, linda!! that’s a big task!! but i’ve never upholstered anything (slipcover is as close as i’ve gotten) so i will really be looking out for your posts!! :)

  9. I was so interested in this when I first saw it. But now we’ve been invited to California on Oct 1st to 8th and then I’m going to add on a week staying with friends in Florida. Won’t be back in the UK and with a computer until October 17th. Although it has occurred to me that as I am away this weekend I could plan out 17 days worth and maybe schedule them. I’ll have a think.

  10. I’m gonig to be doing 31 Days of Art. Right now I’m doing 20 Days of Wiping the Slate Clean to get ready for that. I am already behind but that is par for the course. I’ve written a bunch of ideas, but mainly I want to make art and maybe share some art techniques that i work on. I want to do some posts on making art as a family, and have some good ideas from my son on that one. I also have some empty spots that need art, so this will be great for my house. :-)

    31 Days of Art


  11. I’m thinking about doing 31 Day of Hidden Potential (yard sale furniture makeovers and stuff like that). :)

  12. I’m doing it! I have decided to take on your challenge!! I already have my first two weeks of posts done. It’s 31 Days to {cheaply} Organize Your Home! It’s going to be fabulous! I have a darling button and am so excited to reveal to my readers!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  13. 31 Days to Everyday Giving

    Unless I give up half way through and then it’ll be like 14 Days to Everyday Giving.
    Same diff.

  14. I am going to write 31 days of Proverbs 31, how it applies to an empty nest farm life. Fun!!

  15. I’m totes in. I’m doing 31 days of courage…. hoping I will catch some by the end. :)

  16. i am going to participate! i do not have a theme, but for me to write on my blog for 31 days in a row will be feat because for me to stick to anything for 31 days in a row is a huge deal. so i think it will be something different every day based on what’s going on in life around me. “31 days of what lies around the bend” or “31 days of our lives”

  17. I *think* I’m IN! :)

    I’m going to contribute 31 days to more peaceful and productive days {or something like that} focusing on how to achieve the delicate balance of completing everything that needs to be done for your home and family while still finding time for you….and not feeling overwhelmed by it all…
    i’ve been thinking a LOT about this as I’ve been preparing speaking presentations and workshops (centered around home organization) that I’ll be leading for various MOPS groups this coming year….

    now, just to decide which of my blogs to publish it on…. wonderwomanwannabe.com or my new-ish professional site, operationorganization-mn.com


  18. I would do something along the lines of 31 Days of Creativity. Hmmm…will be thinking about that today.

    The 8 is not enough button is hilarious!

  19. I’m excited! I posted about it yesterday! Thanks for having us all link up :)

  20. My dear friend and blog partner in crime Laura and I are going to write about 31 Days of Capturing the Spark about loving our husbands well. It’s a great fit for our blog (www.everafterblueprint.com) where we write about creating a home and living with boys (or husbands)

  21. I tried and tried to narrow down a topic and couldn’t do it. I just like too many things. Then it dawned on me that all of the things I love to do have one common element: printables! I create stickers, tags, prints, forms, labels, and more for most everything. So that is what I am blogging about for 31 days…31 Days of Printables!

    I have printables for organization, fun, learning, and of course, crafting!!

  22. I plan on writing 31 days to Learning Photoshop Basics (for bloggers). There are so many aspects to Photoshop, but I will focus on this bloggers will do most often and what they need to know to get started in Photoshop. I get lots of emails about Photoshop, so hopefully this will help those interested! :)

  23. 31 Days of Refining Sense-Abilities
    Here is part of my post from 8/18/11 shortly after the invitation… :-)

    My heart longs for Refined Sense~Abilities (a.k.a.: a refined ability to sense)
    In the frenzy of life and the crush of the day I still want to…
    Hear the gentlest whisper of God upon my heart.
    See and consciously reflect on the lessons of life every day.
    Recognize and taste the surprise blessings and quiet gifts of God.
    Feel the hand of God and be His hands and heart to others.
    Smell the fragrance of His grace and mercy linger as I pour it out to others from the abundance I have received.
    … (see blog post for more)…

    Because of “the crazy” of my life right now… I still wonder if I will be able to rise to this challenge… but… ready, set, go and help me, Lord!

  24. I am IN!!! This is so exciting!!! I have not thought of the title series yet but it will be health related! :) Thanks so much!!
    Bonnie from HOUSE OF GRACE! :)
    Have a great day!

  25. Oh, do I dare? 31 days to feng shui your home? aargh! This house is a total disaster so it would mean 31 days of dejunking, cleaning, organizing! I’d have to be cuh-razee! And that’s why I started a feng shui blog in the 1st place. Where I haven’t posted since JUNE.

    Oh the dilemma. But if I wrote 31 posts about painting, that wouldn’t be much of a stretch. Maybe step-parenting?

    How long do I have before I have to decide? gah!

  26. i’m getting married in january so i’m doing 31 days of wedding planning! whoo hoo!! :)

  27. I am so excited to read this series! I am not disciplined enough to blog about the same topic for 31 days, but I am going to enjoy reading what everybody else has to say. This is going to be really fun!

  28. Nope, can’t do it. After some deep, gut-wrenching soul searching (for 10 minutes) I’ll do 31 Days of Holiday Paint Projects. phew! I can do that. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. 31 days – straight? painting, Photoshop, tutorials? Hmm . . .

    Maybe if I start now I can put some in the hopper for those days. You know, THOSE days when Life Interrupted happens.

    31 Days of Holiday Paint Projects. Or, 31 Days of EASY Holiday Paint Projects. Or, OR! 31 Days of QUICK & EASY Holiday Paint Projects?

    Dang, Nester. It’s too early for all this deep thought :p

  29. I’m doing 31 days to an Organized Home. I’ve got all my posts planned and many of my projects finished and photos taken. I had to get a head start because I have five kids under five, including infant twins…so my time is not my own! LOL. I am so very excited about this! Thanks for the opportunity to join in on 31 days of Change!

  30. I’m still debating with myself… but I totally want to do it! :) I’m thinking 31 days of sketches/how-to/practice or 31 days Architecture Details or maybe 31 days of “letting go” through art… or some other boring thing like that. that’s why I’m still debating… I’m afraid of boring everyone to death…and to think of 31 things is going to be a challenge! :) gonna have to think about this! :)

  31. I’ll probably regret committing to this at about Day 5, but I’m going to join the party with “31 Days to Fabulous Furniture” or some other title that I’ll change 47 times in the next 10 days. I’ll cover How to Paint Furniture, how to fix up garage sale/goodwill finds, and lots of inspiration to transform your furniture from drab to fab before the Holidays get here.

    • Can’t wait to read your posts, Mandie! I swear I am painting-furniture-challenged, or impaired, or just an idiot! Now if I could find someone to prime, basecoat and seal, I’d be happy to do the decorative painting, ha! But no such luck. I’m SO excited to read your posts!

  32. Loving this and everyone’s thoughts. I should write about 31 days to becoming consistent on your blog. LOL

    With that said I want to write on 31 Days of Serving Others or 31 Days on the Streets. I think so many of us think that to serve others it means going to Haiti or some foreign country. However, what I’m learning is God wants us serving where ever we are.

  33. Oh yeah…I’m committed (or should be ;) to The {31} Purge where I will be clearing out and downsizing my storage unit. Oh boy! It’s fall and the weather is condusive to another purge…last year it was The {21} Purge so I think I can handle another 10 days…wish me luck ;) Already created my button here: http://con-tain-it.typepad.com/my_weblog/the-31-purge/

  34. I am *possibly* in with you fabulous bloggers. :) I wrote today on my blog (where I basically just talk to myself about this) about my possibly doing 31 DAYS OF HOPE.


    A little bit skeered, but love the idea and have loved reading all of ya’lls posts in the past.

    • just as a little glimpse into why I am pondering HOPE, here is where my heart is in this:

      {{hope is a powerful word in my vocabulary. as one who struggles with depression, and has shared openly on this blog, I feel convicted about sharing the HOPE that I have too. And I do have hope. Praise Him!!}}

  35. I’m doing 31 Days of Dresses as an attempt to take me out of my comfort zone. I am starting my first real job on October 3rd and I thought this would be a perfect way to bring me confidence :)

  36. If I blogged… which I don’t… I would write on 31 days of going without chocolate/sweets! :)

  37. Wow! I can’t wait. I’m not a writer, but I’m an EXCELLENT reader! I’m already feeling inspired, just reading your comments. Thank you!

  38. I’m in! I’ve put it off for a while, but 31 Days to Opening An Etsy Shop will be the inspiration I need to get this thing up and running! Thanks for the chance to join in :)

  39. I’m so excited for this series and am thrilled you opened it up to everyone!! I’ll be joining in with the topic of 31 Days to Releasing Your Inner Artist!

  40. This is great! It’s going to be so much fun! I’ll blog 31 Days to a Healthier Family. We’ve been transitioning to a green family and I would love to share! Thanks so much! What a great idea!

  41. 31 Days of Fall fun, making a simple, frugal fall memory with your children.


    Aplogize if this shows up twice, think I disappeared in your spam

  42. HMMM, I don’t know if I could get rid of them, but I would probably take them off the windows. Whether you use them or not for their intended purpose, I’d probably hang onto them (or at least a few) because they ARE gorgeous. But I love light too!

  43. Woops!! Wrong comment on the wrong blog! Is it Friday yet? =)

  44. I love this! There’s a challenge to be consistent in your blogging! I’m thinking 31 days of romance, or how to keep that spark going in the midst of life, especially raising kids. Not because I’m an expert but because my husband and I are really working on this area.

  45. Oh, I’m totally in. At least I think I am. I have no idea what to write about for 31 days. Inner peace? 31 days of yoga poses? 31 days of being so totally busy you have no idea where your head is? (and by you and your, I mean me and my!) 31 days to lasting “cyber friendships?” 31 days to photographing cats? 31 days to actually writing and posting something on a blog every day for 31 days?! Oof, I’m struggling with ideas, but I totally want to do it. Ooh, 31 days to planning a vacation? Hm. Thinking, thinking …

  46. I am joining in, too. I will be doing mine on 31 days to Becoming a Foster Parent. I get asked so many questions about it that I knew I wanted to do this the second I saw this on Darcy’s blog. I am hoping to share a “real” glimpse into the life of a foster parent and to dissolve misconceptions. I hope this raises awareness for the foster care system and the children it is designed to help.

  47. Thanks so much for inviting all of us to join you! I’m excited about it. I plan on writing about joy. I have been wanting to do a series on joy for over a year now, and this is a great opportunity. I’m a little nervous about it. I have never written for 31 days straight, and I’m not sure how well my mental clarity and energy will hold up, but I’m going to give it a try. Melissa (Inspired Room) said that we can do some simple posts with just a photo or a few lines of text. I plan on doing some of my posts like that. On other posts I’ll share about joy in suffering, how to find joy, joy in the little things, etc. This will be hard work, but it will be fun!

  48. Hi,
    I’m doing “31 Days…and 31 Minutes to a More Organized Home”
    Quick and easy tasks taking 31 minutes or less…

    I have a list of topics already planned.
    I’m soo excited to play a part.

    Dana at Cooking at CafeD

  49. I’m in! Gift wrapping palooza: “31 Ways To Wrap Your Crap.”
    {My mother will be horrified that I used the word crap 31 days in a row on the internet WHERE PEOPLE WILL SEE.}

    I’ve got a question: is it terribly rude if I turn off my comments for the series? Series. It sounds so official. I did it once on my blog and kept getting emails that I was making it hard for people to “respond.” But. I don’t {usually} blog for responses, comments….whatever you want to call them. With this many posts in a row, I don’t want to have to worry about getting back to people in a timely manner. What d’ya think?

  50. Yea!! I’m doing 31 Days of Building Your Marriage. I’ve already been learning so much just in picking other people’s brains for this!! So excited about it…and I think my hubby is looking forward to me learning a lot too. ;)

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