Whep, it’s official. My three boys finally have their first full day of school today.  I’m so ready for beef stew and new episodes of The Office and yellow pencils with fresh erasers.  Not to mention three days a week I’ll have guilt free hours all to myself to completely devote to all things bloggy.  You know, since I basically took the entire summer off expectantly.  Anyway, my house is in chaos.  It needs a shakedown and a hose down and a douse in antibac.

Anyway, I thought today would be a fun day to touch on some of our favorite school time tips.

My best ones are::

Start a lunch basket if you haven’t already.

Buy a stack of poster boards NOW to avoid that 8pm night before hey mom, I need to do a project on a poster board and turn it in tomorrow blues.  I just slide them behind our hutch in the breakfast area.  Target has poster boards for 32 cents.

And my most obvious, most hated, most loved, I-finally-have-accepted-that-it-works-for-our-family-secret-weapon…is…at (in)courage today.


  1. Great back to school advice. I also have a table in my eat-in-kitchen that is for the kids only. It is right next to the 9 foot island with stools and the kids do whatever they want on it. They have their meals, do crafts, play with blocks, etc… This way, like yourself, I don’t have to clear the dining room table when it is time to eat. I hate mine (it is a cheap, very beaten up, Pier One table) The paint is coming off and my dog can sometimes be found standing on it if the kids do not finish their snacks. I hate it but love it at the same time. For now it serves its purpose and reminds me that children are only little once and they need a space to play and create. I too will be getting the house back in order after this summer and enjoying a few hours of peace while my “baby” goes to preschool.

  2. I am torn between envy and awe. Envy because you guys are back to school and we don’t even have Orientation until the 6th! Awe because I am going to have to check out this lunch basket idea. :) And two thumbs up for The Office, although I don’t think it will be the same without Michael and his Foreman-grilled foot…

  3. No more homeschooling?

    I hate it when my house is “in chaos” LOL. When things get to that point – I have do something, I just can’t function with anything at that point.

    • I haven’t homeschooled all three of them for a few years, this year they all attend a university style school 3 days at school 2 days of homeschool~best of both worlds!

  4. Ellen Dunaway says

    For years I’ve kept a stash of poster board between our mattress and foundation. Keeps them nice and flat and CLEAN. I’m pretty certain anythingstored between the wall and fiurniture at my house would come out with the bottom edge covered in dust bunnies.

  5. I miss first-days-of-school. And I really like the lunch basket idea. Even though we don’t have kids yet, I do pack lunches almost every day. Hubby and I take food to work rather than eating out, so this good tid bit of advice is definitely applicable for us. I might have to put it into practice as soon as I can find a good basket.

  6. Can’ t believe I never thought to buy an extra stash of poster board. Simply genious… thanks!

  7. Julie Avery says

    smart. very smart. thanks :) And i love the surfaces tip. thanks

  8. Haha I did the same poster board stash behind sideboard for yeeears. I also had a homework supply drawer in that same piece of furniture :)

  9. I would love to know more about the school you found. Is it near you or in Charlotte?
    Sounds wonderful. Love the table idea.

  10. Too funny…that is exactly where I store our poster board! I also have a store’s worth of portfolios, pencils, erasers and glue sticks that I keep in one of our Expedit baskets labeled school supplies. I admit I am looking forward to the back-to-school routines, too!

  11. Stock up on poster board–fabulous idea!!!

  12. Yes! Poster board is stored here behind our bookcase. I really need to clean it out though. I found a yellowed piece sticking out from under it the other day. I’m not even going to guess how old it is. It would be embarrassing to admit I haven’t moved that bookcase in that many years.

    Your school choice sounds fabulous. I would love to have that option!

  13. You are my kind of girl! I love having the poster board ready and on hand. But, even more…that’s my kind of storage. Simple and available. And our secret. Who would guess!

    I thoroughly enjoyed your post at (in)Courage!!1

  14. LOL! LOVE that. So true about posterboard and late night runs to fetch some. My storage spot is between the washing machine and the wall. :)

  15. My kids are grown now, but during our school days I not only stocked up on poster board, (which I kept between the desk and the file cabinet) I also stocked up on notebook paper, pens and pencils, spirals, folders, etc. during the back to school sales. I kept it all on the shelves by the aforementioned desk. Anytime they ran low on anything, they just had to grab some out of the box. It really saved on those last minute runs to the store.

  16. Another good thing to keep on hand is 3 x 5 index cards!

  17. I go to an office supply store and buy the package of poster board. It saves a lot of heartache.

  18. Today is the first day of school here, the lunches are packed, backpacks ready, I’m sipping my coffee and will wake them in an hour. I have such mixed feelings, sad to see lazy days and summer leave, though happy at the thought with a few hours to myself each day life from a work perspective will certainly be easier. Every season has it high points!! Janell

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