I’ve been looking so forward to announcing this.  If for some reason you’ve yet to hear me talk about this~MY SISTER HAS GONE AND WRITTEN A BOOK, Y’ALL !!!!  My baby sister wrote a real, live, book and I’ve read it and recovering perfectionists like us are gonna love this book.  It has life changing capabilities.

So, to celebrate this huge, huge accomplishment of finishing and publishing this work of art, I want to throw a bash for Emily and her pretty bird out of the cage book and you.  If you read Nesting Place, if you read Chatting at the Sky then we would love for you to drop in on Saturday, September 17th {I live near Charlotte, NC} so we can celebrate together.  I’m pretty much inviting everyone I know, and everyone I don’t know.  Except for killers.

There will be more information next week with how to RSVP and I’ll map out the hoops you must jump through to weed out the potential killers since I’ll be opening up my home and clearly I have killer-phobia I need to deal with.

You can go ahead and preorder your book from Amazon now, the book releases {don’t you picture people holding copies of her book in outstretched hands telling them to fly away} on September 1st but chances are if you pre-order you’ll get your copy earlier.

Stay tuned for further instructions….