My Pot Rack

Pot racks are like minivans with automatic doors, once you spoil yourself with one, you can never go back to not having one.  Which is why I’ve never had a minivan with automatic doors.   I cannot imagine my future self whining and complaining about having to open a car door, how annoying I would be. Back when we moved into this house with the pre-installed hooks just begging for a pot rack I was sure I wouldn’t use them. We have an embarrassing amount of cabinet space.  More than enough to store all of our pots and pans.

But after a few months of living here, the thought of being able to just grab a pot from above instead of unstack it from a pile in a cabinet was just too enticing.  It’s been two years since I dedicated a post to all things pot rack so I thought it was time to revisit.  And my pot collection has grown.

Not only does my Ikea pot rack keep me from whining about having to reach into the dreaded cabinet to get my pots {oh the humanity} it also does something just as important for me.  We are renting and as much as I appreciate a nice newish kitchen, this kitchen is not really my style and it’s all I can do sometimes to not whip out the can of paint.  So, a pot rack is a great way for me to personalize a not so personal kitchen.  So I purposely put white and aqua on my pot rack to help spread the Nester style love.

see the empty pot rack back there?

A few months ago when I was going through one of my purging stages, I cleaned off the pot rack and took it down to see if I liked it better without all that junk hanging up over us.  I asked my husband what he thought and I’ll never forget his words, “It looks like we just moved in and we don’t know what we are doing.”  For some reason I took that as a huge compliment that somehow the fact that I had a bunch of junk hanging from our pot rack that my husband hits his head on because if I hang it higher I cannot reach it which is an even bigger annoyance for him because then he has to walk in and hand me every pot I need–made my husband feel like “we knew what we were doing”.

One of the other tricks I do with my pot rack is make sure to stagger the heights where stuff is hanging.

For me that meant digging in my junk drawer till I found some brown wrapped wire and twisting that up then hanging a hook on that.  You could do the same with ribbon or twine.  But I like that some of my pretty stuff is hanging at different heights.  I even added hooks to those awful chains that hang down.  I know I could cut those chains off but you know one of my renting mantras, if I might use it in another house soonish, why permanently altar something just so it can work better in this house?

My pot rack is still a work in progress, I need about 10 more hooks to really be able to hang everything I want and to balance stuff out~then I’ll really look like I know what I’m doing.

Pot racks….love ’em or hate ’em?



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  1. Your pot rack is well deserving of it’s own post! I used to hate pot racks until we got one and realized how much space it saves. We have little cabinet space…at least for my needs and my overabundant collection of baking pans, so a pot rack has very much saved me! I also get “this must be a short cook’s kitchen” as everyone else bonks their head, but I couldn’t imagine now not having the easy accessibility that I have with my rack. I would like to add some more color pop like you did but need some more hooks for my rack. Okay, I am uncomfortable with how many times I used the word rack, so I will be done with my comment now! :)

  2. I don’t have a pot rack and with three of the people in this house being 6’5″ or taller, I doubt I’ll ever have one. Honestly, I don’t know if I like them or not. I like them as an architectural element, I think. Or a decorative embellishment. After cooking for a family for 26+ years, I’m not sure if my body could adjust to reaching UP for a pot instead of DOWN. Can you teach an old dog new tricks? I dunno.

    What I want to know right now, though, is how many aqua collanders you have. And do you use them all, or are they just for Nesterizing the look? :)

    • Yep, I use all of them, I don’t find myself using the small skillet quite as much but, those are my main pots besides my cast iron and a few nonstick

  3. Hi there! My mom has a pot rack installed in the side of an end cabinet in her kitchen, so it isn’t overhead but I’ve jealously watched her pluck a pot off to start cooking and thought, “Oooo, I’d love a pot rack!!” I definitely hate dealing with the avalanche of pots when I pull one out of a cabinet. My main hesitation would be that I’d want a NEW SET OF POTS! :) I’m all for having stuff OUT so it can be seen AND is more accessible. Count me as a fan! love how you “styled” yours, I think I’d have fun doing that, too!

  4. Mine actually hangs over my kitchen window and has a flat side mounted on the wall. I’m tall (as you know) and I don’t like the idea of it being in my face over my island since our ceilings are lower. I love it! Most of the kitchen is designed around my height. I have mostly drawers instead of cabinets (so I can open and look down), a side by side refrigerator, and a pantry with pull-out drawers. I hate crawling around on the floor while hunting for my pans!

  5. got the same pot rack last month NIB @ my favorite…..Goodwill! I installed it and have fallen in love with my kitchen (well…new paint and tile doesn’t hurt it’s look, either!) but the pot rack is my fav!

  6. My problem with ours is that it’s round… and hangs from a single chain. Which means you have to balance things on each side of it… with 3 kids unloading the dishwasher, that just ain’t gonna happen!

  7. I am short. I will have to drag out a step stool to get a pot each time.
    I have pull out drawers for my pots and pans. I like that very much.

    Yours looks very nice. If it works for you, Great. Roxie

  8. We have the same one from Ikea and I don’t know what I would do without it. I’ve hung a fruit basket in the middle. I can’t reach things on the top without a chair and it’s more fun to make my boyfriend get up and come get the big pots for me instead of me getting on a chair.

  9. You have officially inspired me to make a pot rack for our teeny tiny kitchen. Our hooks are above the sink, and now they have a purpose!

  10. I had a pot rack in my last home…I loved it especially since my kitchen was very small. There is something about a pot rack that makes it seem like you are a better cook then you really are. If you ever get to go into a professional kitchen…like at a really nice restaurant…sort of like the one they have in Ratatouille movie. Did you notice they don’t hide anything…you see every pot and pan. Cabinets are for home cooks but pot racks are for professionals!

  11. I like the idea and casual look rather than the reality. I prefer neat – and would have to clean each one before use. Maybe for displaying old copper pans or china jugs though…

  12. I’m rather short and my husband is rather tall. No pot racks for us!

  13. I finally (after 13 years) designed and installed my own homemade potrack in our tiny kitchen just this July…or was it August? Anyway, I had to specially design it because of the odd space it would occupy. My husband and I LOVE it! It really warms up the kitchen, and as you noted, there’s something a little exciting about being able to just reach up and grab a pot off the rack. Ah, the convenience! My morning tea ritual is now just that much more satisfying! My vote for potracks is LOVE.

  14. I’ve never had a pot rack, but I do have some great pans to hang on one. I think I would very much enjoy having one, as I am a huge fan of efficient movement :-)

    Forgive me – but in looking at that first photo, it struck me that your bar stools would look absolutely amazing painted blue – maybe a shade darker than your colanders? or maybe the color of your coffee table….

  15. I’ve always wanted a pot rack so I wouldn’t have to dig under the cabinet but never had the space for one. In my new home I have a center island and 15′ ceilings so I think I may have to put a pot rack on my shopping list. Love the aqua colanders.

  16. Can’t stand them …. to me they are way too country and an eyesore… you would have to keep everything shined up for it to look even remotely appealing & clean. Besides who wants to look at all that junk hanging in front of you… not to mention hitting your head on it if you’re tall. That’s why God made kitchen cabinets to “hide” all of that junk from view!!

  17. Elizabeth Smith says:

    Oh i LOVE LOVE LOVE them… esp yours with all that beautiful aqua & white :) But how do you know it won’t fall?!?!? Maybe I’m crazy & paranoid, but I’m terrified of the pots being too heavy & ripping from the ceiling!!

  18. I can see a hint of your laundry room…I would love to see more!! It looks like maybe I wouldn’t mind doing laundry if it looked like that…

  19. Where did you get your counter height chairs???

  20. Worse then the whining that goes on when one has and then doesn’t have automatic doors is the whining that goes on when one is used to just pushing a button to unlock the back hatch on the car to put groceries in, etc. and then the remote quits working and one has to stop the grocery cart in the back, go to the driver’s door, unlock it manually, push the button to unlock the back, and walk back to put the groceries in..sometimes in the rain. Not that *I* would whine about that …but some people might.

    Anyway, your pot rack looks so good. I agree with your husband that the kitchen looks not quite lived-in with it empty/gone. It looks pretty full to me though..I wonder where you can hang 10 more hooks.

  21. i’ve never been a fan…
    i mean, the very name POT RACK just doesn’t sound like something you’d want in your house~ ;)
    but. seeing yours. i’m thinking pot racks might have some coolness to them afterall!!

  22. I have to be honest, I thought Pot Racks were too “old lady” or “farmey” or cluttered looking for me, but I never thought about them like you described here. I totally love yours and I might have to copy it for my new apartment! We move in next Friday and I can’t paint the walls (Ahhhh!). It could be the perfect way to personalize the kitchen!! Thanks for posting this :)

  23. I long for a pot rack. Every time I go to IKEA I look at them and think “oh, how I want you!” I doubt the ceiling in our cinder block military housing will hold one up though. Sadness. When we move back to the States though, I’m all about the pot rack. BTW, I agree with your dh about the empty pot rack.

  24. I have a great pot rack. My husband always says, “You have a great rack!” Anyway, it has some really pretty new pots on it, and some really old, very obviously worn pots. My friends say to me, “Wow, you must cook alot!” Yes… I do! My pots come from Emmrel, Rachel Ray, Calphalon, and Grandma.

  25. Funny how there are such strong opinions on this subject! We’ve been in this house a year and your post got me longing for our old pot rack. I loathe digging around in our pots and pans cabinet. The rack has been sitting in the closet because we just couldn’t find the right wall to put it on. I finally took the plunge just this morning. Won’t my husband be surprised?

  26. Love the pot rack. Don’t have one and I have a kooky ceiling that does not allow for one. But I about cuss every time I’m wrangling heavy pots out of the deeply-recessed corner cabinet and hit my head on the trim or smash my fingers under the cast-iron skillet. Just talking about it makes me want to order take-out. Also, I have automatic doors and my 3-year-old thinks it’s hilarious to push the “open” button with his toes right as I’m getting ready to back out. Yet another reason not to have them. : )

  27. I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to have one of those!!! Right now though I’m making do with a multipurpous wire organizing I have hanging on the wall with S hooks holding my pots. It doesn’t hold as much but it’s enough for now. You’re right about not being able to go back, though. I hate the thought of digging into my cabinets for the right pot, lol!

  28. I love my pot rack. It’s actually an old wooden sled!! It’s an awesome use of a found object and a conversation piece! I’d love to take credit for the idea, but it came with the house when we bought it 3 years ago!

  29. I love love love my pot rack. It is actually a chandelier with lights/pot rack and it hangs over our island. It was one a few splurges I made (from Ballard Designs) when we moved into this house. I wouldn’t go back to a non pot rack kitchen, ever!

  30. I love pot racks. Number one, it’s FUNCTIONAL. Yes, my pots (calphalon) look great hanging from it, but it’s so easy to grab what you need while cooking. Mine was custom built by my cabinet maker. Then I have two more. yup. one in the pantry; a half circle style that holds my common utensils (grater, microplane, avocado slicer, meat tenderizer,etc) and mixing bowls. I have another half-circle style in my craft room that holds scissors, rotary cutters, rulers, little metal buckets that hold glue and adhesives and all of the other frequently used items. to the people who say it’s “granny” or “country’. No. It’s functional, practical and also aesthetically pleasing.

  31. love them and LOVE yours especially those colanders!! I’m trying to decide if a pot rack would help in our kitchen or just make it crazier…hmmm.

  32. I am so short that I have never considered a pot rack. I would end up being Buttercup having to call “Farm Boy! Fetch me that colander!” to my 6’6″ husband. I would love to look like I knew what I was doing, however.

  33. I love my pot rack but I’m always struggling to keep it clean. Any advice? Also, where did you get that sweet tea pot on the top of yours?

  34. I love pot racks but have never been able to have one. I made my husband promise that when we bought a house, I would get my pot rack :) Well just yesterday, we made an offer on a house and had it accepted (!!!) so then of course I am thinking POT RACK! One problem though, is I don’t know if there is a good spot in the kitchen for a pot rack, but the other problem is I can’t find IKEA’s pot rack anymore! Did they stop selling them???

  35. Being a seller then you know we love this site! It’s nice to see pro-pot rack people and we will bookmark this page and check it often. Thank you for your love of pot racks.

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  37. I’m so happy that I found this post! I am not loving our rental right now and a pot rack would be a great way to personalize the space, without ripping out the hideous white tile or painting the fading, sad cabinets.

  38. We also have an embarasing amount of cabinet space and i just purchased a pot rack…im a little excited to “look like i know what im doing”

  39. Beatriz Franco says:

    I just finished my very first pot rack. I used a premade wrought iron window cover and imho it looks great! Thank you because yours was my inspiration!

  40. I would love to get the same rack but I can’t find it on the web. Could you tell me the product name of the pot rack? That would be very kind of you.

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