White Walls and other misunderstood things


One of the questions I get asked often is about white. White walls to be exact.  Some of us renters have white walls and unlike me, you don’t want to risk the wrath of the owners and paint your walls a color-good for you!  So how does one pretty up a plain white wall? I’ve started a collection of white walled inspiration photos over at Pinterest.   I like to look at the photos and figure out why I like the white walls and what makes it work.  Large signature pieces are allowed to speak or take center stage within the white walls.  White also helps balance neural, rustic pieces, kind of like wearing a white T-shirt and old jeans~timeless.  Or maybe white is the backdrop for bold pops of color.

Currently, my favorite room in our house is our breakfast area that’s painted Simply White I think it’s a Benjamin Moore color.  This photo is with pretty poor lighting and I had to tone the color down a bit, in real life it’s a pretty white, not a green white but I’m on vacation and too relaxed to look for a better photo.  Anyhow, I’m really enjoying white paint and all that it has to offer.

In other news, if you are looking for a little laugh,  Rashon posted a little hideous, funny accident that I sent him.  I read where he wrote about not being sure he wanted to figure out how to post a linky party so I offered to be of assistance.  With his party.


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  1. I hate auto correct, i dont know how many times that has happened to me. You are not alone.

  2. Truth is that ANY wall color looks less than stellar if there’s nothing else added into the room. I think the best rooms have interesting things placed throughout them and don’t rely on the walls as the statement. Our current house has mostly beige walls but LOTS of great accessories and art and lamps etc… Trust me, boring is the LAST word anyone would use to describe it and yet the walls are totally and completely understated. :) Taking the time to analyze what makes a space work is always a valuable thing. :)

  3. Aimee S. says:

    Love the white wall inspiration! AND….ohmygoodness LMBO at auto-correct!

  4. White just says ahhhh… to me. We lived with white primed walls for about 5 months while I battled indecision and procrastination with paint colors and I kind of liked it. It’s warmer now with SW’s Kilim Beige, but with Northern facing light, I kind of miss it.

    Great post. Love those images.

  5. We don’t have white walls, but they are a light, neutral color. It is my preference for our home as we have wood floors and alot of wood (stained) pieces of furniture. We love antiques and while I have a few painted pieces, the patina of old stained wood is something we love. I think of our walls as the backdrop. Our furnishings and outside views (lots of lush greenery) are center stage to the neutral walls. Will check out your white rooms!


  6. Our entire house except the nursery is the color the builders painted it- antique white. I am ready for a change in at least a couple of the rooms, but I’m pretty sure at least a couple will stay antique white for their entire lives. I love how it makes the other colors in the room pop out.

    I really like the plates above your window. What are they held up with? I don’t see any of those metal hooks peeking over the edges.

  7. Kinky baby! Reminds me of Austin Powers, love the white examples!

  8. I adore white walls. I don’t have any in my home because my sweet husband really wants color on the walls. I have one beige room and he can barely stand that!

    Great picture. Inspiring as usual! I have BM’s Simply White on the trim in my recently redone playroom. I think I’m going to use it on the rest of the ground floor. It’s such a great in-between a blank white and an off white.

  9. ROFL!!! my new phone does autocorrect. I DOUBLE DOUBLE proofread :)

  10. I’m in love with white walls right now because white paint looks fantastic in pictures. The walls in the main area of my house are a yellow-y neutral that look just plain yellow when they’re photographed. I painted my son’s nursery white (it looks great in person and in pictures) and I think I’m about to white wash the rest of my house.

  11. Nester, love the examples you chose. I’m becoming more in love with white or softly neutral walls, too. Allows for some many wonderful choices in a room. You are always so much inspiration!

  12. I love white. It lets all of your pieces speak for themselves. I am moving soon and looking at all whites, off whites and greys. SO excited. Love you Pintrests

  13. Greetings from Auburn, Alabama!! Ok, so shoot me. I’ve been lurking for almost 2 years, and I just love you/your home/your writing/your whole kit and caboodle. Anyway, I finally have something interesting to contribute after all this time :) I can’t believe no one has posted a comment about a brilliant/hysterical website called http://damnyouautocorrect.com/

    You have GOT to read at least the first couple pages…very very funny. It takes a lot for me to laugh (and I’m not really into vulgar humor–warning, there is a little on there), but some of these, just wow. You have GOT to submit your iPhone text on there. I’ll bet it’ll make the site!!

    Much love and gratitude for your inspiration both in life and in the nest,

  14. And a grand contribution at that!! I’ll be looking forward to your next comment in 2013, and I know it will be worth the wait!!! Thanks for joining in the conversation~

  15. Lauren, you totally made my night with that website. Tears, actual tears, rolling down my face. Hilarious.
    Nester, when’s this kinky party of yours?

    • Kimberly…I know!! Like I said, it takes a LOT to make me laugh, and this website had me in tears, too. I love it. I have to keep away from it or I’ll find myself trying to click through every page!

      Nester…you have to submit your text, and then put it on the blog WHEN your text makes it on the site!! (It will, I guarantee it; it’s too funny for it not to!)

  16. I’m a color on the walls, leave the objects white kinda gal. BUT…i think I’m ready for the switch. White walls and lots of fun pieces that pop. Heck, I might even let orange in…that orange is really starting to grow on me.

  17. I’m an army brat so I grew up with all the walls in the many houses we lived with painted “army white.” First thing we did when we moved into our first home was paint most of the walls. The kitchen and dining room are still white but we are about to remodel those and color will be added. But who knows, maybe when we finish the basement I will keep it white – maybe not :-)

  18. haha about the dumb phone auto correct. on twitter a couple of days ago we were talking about getting a thrifting party together and Kelly volunteered Carrie to head up the ‘thrusting’ party! and while I’m dreaming of white walls too…I think I might go light grey with white board and batten 3/4 of the way up the wall. best of both worlds. white and a little color!!

  19. I hate the auto correct too…it trips me up all the time! Love the white with pops of color – it is soothing, but I must say that it wears on me in the winter when it’s cold and snowing a lot.

  20. Samantha says:

    I wonder if part of the problem is the shade of white – from what I can tell, these pictures all show a really nice shade of white, not that awful standard rental issued off-white that leaves you wondering whether the walls are just dingy. I speak from experience – we just moved into a new rental three months ago and the first thing we did was paint the walls (yep, another painter of a rental). A nice shade of white I might have been able to handle, but seriously, that dingy off-white? It had to go.

  21. I used to love to visit one of my friends at her mom’s home….. all the walls were white, the furniture was white, BUT…. the walls were covered in oversized, bright, vibrant prints and posters. Truly a happy place! It was like a comfy gallery. Loved that home! Blessings!

  22. our entire downstairs, apart from one room is white. Then I have added splashes of colour, as its all open plan the white works so well

  23. loved browsing through your collection of white walled wonders! :)


  24. I also love the place every morning where the sun starts to rise.. white walls is perfect.

  25. Sing with me now….”She’s a very kinky girrrrllll!” The kind you don’t take home the mother. ”

    Love it. Thanks for the laugh.

  26. Loved all the white walled photos & input on it…and the text faux fas! : )

  27. This post is so timely for me–I have lots of color in my house, especially blues, and I was thinking of painting the guest room white. I actually have that picture with the yellow headboard marked in my OWN Pinterest.

  28. Kimberly,
    White has an easy-to-live-with vibe, your breakfast area is charming as ever.

  29. I’ve been a renter all my life. When I started painting murals 15 years ago, I asked my landlord. Every home I’ve lived in since I’ve painted all the walls – some w/murals, some glazes, some just color. But that’s just me. I do have clients, one this week in fact, that love white walls. I used to try and talk them into color. Now I know it’s their house and they live there, not me.

    But I’ll definitely check out your boards on Pinterest!

  30. I can’t live without white walls. I find them tranquil and soothing in any room whether it’s one injected with lots of bright color or one with soft grey and pale blue accents. I need white to ground everything.

  31. This is a very helpful post. We are in a rental right now and our living room has white walls. We can paint, but the room has dark wood paneling along the bottom half, so any color you paint (even light ones) makes the room feel like a dungeon. Been there. Done that. Went back to white. I have always loved the look of white walls, but I am having a hard time making it work completely, so these photos are vey helpful.

  32. I was showing this post and other archives to my eleven-year-old daughter tonight, and she asked, “Is she some sort of furniture prodigy or something?!?” Made me laugh! Then she said she wanted you to come decorate her room. She would have to get in line behind me.

    Honestly, though, I think I’m going to have my girlie start looking at Nesting Place. She has more style in her little finger than I do in my whole body. I think looking at what you do will be a great way to educate her on how to use and develop her talents and gifts. She can learn from you just like her mom does!

  33. what happened to your dad’s blog? please re-display it, as his story was inspiring and much needed for me :) Thanks!

  34. Lauren, I have had a blast at that website you mentioned!

  35. Nester, I love the look of your new website, but please bring back the practical, beautiful ideas, chock-full-of-decorating advice posts. I miss them.

  36. Okay….that was HILARIOUS! By the way….great post on “White Walls”.

  37. I have a question for the experts. :) I know you get lots of questions…but I have to try anyway as this has been eating at me and eating at me. I have china that I received from my wedding – I actually do like it (Lenox Lace Point) but I never use it. And the China Cabinet that it all sits in is ugly. And it’s my grandmother’s. I have many thoughts about this. :) I’d love to make some money and try selling the china – but I’ve looked around and I think it would be a LOT of work. I would love to re-paint the china cabinet, but again, more work than I think I could ever tackle?!!? So, what say the experts? I don’t love it, it makes that whole area of the house not feel like “me.” So, do I just get rid of it all?? Thanks…love, love your blog!!

    • yes, I’m replying to myself! :) problem solved…I guess I got super motivated yesterday and finally emailed some family members and one of my cousins wants the china cabinet! YAY!! This just relieves me so much, why did I not ask before? I am going through my house and getting rid of stuff I don’t LOVE. I’m just over all the stuff. :)

    • Do you still have your Lace Point china? That is my china too, now I want to get a few more pieces to add to my collection. If you live near the DFW, Texas area we might have a deal.

  38. can’t beat white. your breakfast area is too lovely for words!

  39. It’s funny b/c I’ve been renting for about 8 years. Always had white or beige walls. My new rental has hideous wall colors, like an orange beige, coffee color and mustard in the bedroom.

    At this point, I am in LOVE with white walls and it’s bright simplicity.

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