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I’ve been a blogger for three and a half years.  But I’ve been rearranging homes since my Barbie days.  When my husband and I got married I assumed it was normal for a person to try the sofa in 12 different places in the room.  And my husband just laughed about it. Over the years he’s put up with me painting and repainting and changing furniture around and bringing orphaned chairs in our home. And he’s encouraged me along the way.

Today I’m sharing a little more of our journey over at (in)courage.  We’ve just started a new adventure and it’s been a long time coming~it’s taken us 16 years but, finally my husband and I both are two of the lucky few who actually get paid to do what we love.  Neither one of us set out to make it happen, but we did notice a trend in how it happened.  Come join in the conversation…


  1. really great post over there! congrats to the hubs and to you for following your hearts. :) i’m on the edge of that myself, pretty scary, but exciting place!

  2. Heading over right now!!! :)

  3. My friend emailed me the original post. What a precious and timely word! Our family is in the throws of jumping into full-time ministry. It’s messy and it’s clumsy. And we have four kids. Additionally, I blog. Many parallels there. Following your passion is messy and freeing all at the same time. Thank you for your pure and precious testimony. For His Name, mc

  4. enjoyed reading your post and read it to my husband too!

  5. I have just started reading your site and reading In Courage and really enjoyed this post today. These are all things that have been spinning around inside my mind and heart lately but I love how you tied it together and painted the picture of a marriage of mutual love and respect and sacrifice for each other passions. Thank you!

  6. Congrats on the job for your husband! You remain an inspiration to me. You don’t know it–well, now you do–but you’re my mentor.


  7. Just wrote a post myself on why I’m doing some work for free, so it was nice for me to see someone else’s take on the same topic. Even nicer? Seeing that following your passion is doing for someone else what I hope it will do for me. I’m just at the start of beginning, of even figuring out exactly what that passion is. People like me need to see it working for others who are ahead of us on the road. Thank you for being one of those people for me.

  8. Funny, I am the same way, a few weeks ago my husband walked in the door and said, ” I thought today I would come home to a changed living room, I was just thinking this was your day to do it.” I rearrange every time I want a change in the house but no $$ in the pockets. I drag things from room to room seeing how they work. Check out my blog sometime, I hope to do it soon. I am feeling it coming on! LOL!

  9. Thanks for this – I really needed it today. My husband constantly encourages me to seek my passion and I (Type A Me) constantly pull back for fear of failure, fear of success, just plain old fear. Sometimes I need to just let go and know that God has plans for all His children if we only will listen to Him.

  10. Yay! That is awesome! My husband is a full time youth pastor- what a wonderful and crazy ride it is!

    Can you tell me about this discipleship program your husband used? Is it online?

  11. I loved this. We have a similar story. My husband wasn’t always on staff at a church, but worked there anyway! Now we are so thankful that his job is also his passion and calling! Also, I love your chalkboard. I recently discovered chalkboard spray-paint…

  12. This was exactly what I needed to read today. I’ve been contemplating and praying about taking a plunge into starting my own redesign business, but constantly talk myself out of it and allow myself to become totally overwhelmed and discouraged. So much of what you wrote spoke to and encouraged me today. God truly used you to give me the extra push that I’ve needed. Thanks! :)

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