They Lie

I received a little catalog from a reputable furniture company the other day.

It’s so easy to see pretty pictures and read words and find yourself thinking that all you have to do is simply agree to pay $271 measly dollars a month for 3 short years and you’ll have your one room full of 3 year old furniture paid off.  See? Clearly, obviously, any fool knows that IS the definition of “Style You Can Afford Now”.  By the way, if you are late on even one payment you’ll also have to pay a 29.99 % interest rate.

Suddenly it doesn’t seem quite as glamorous.

They want to trick us into thinking we can afford something even if we cannot.  I mean, if we could afford it, why wouldn’t we just pay cash for it up front? You can have a pretty house without destroying the family budget. And you know, I’d rather buy things over time anyway. If you buy everything for one room on one day, then everything kind of dies out at the same time.   Replacing things over time {a chair today, the sofa next year, a table in a few months, in two years change the wall color…} seems like a more natural way to update a room. Adding items slowly keeps the room fresh and alive.

There are lots of ways  to get pretty things for your house without becoming a slave to your debtor.

During the month of June, we’ll discuss 10 debt free decor ideas that credit cards wish you didn’t know about.  I’m not organized enough to write on every odd-numbered day or every Wednesday and Friday, I’ll just sprinkle the posts in and surprise us both when they show up.  Beating the credit card system is easy if you know where to start and then take the risk and use your creativity to actually make it happen.  You can do this.

I’d love for you to check out Content to Rent today {it’s conTENT not CONtent~you know, like [kuhn-tent]: satisfied with what one is or has; not wanting more or anything else}.   I know I haven’t been really good at announcing the sister sites here at the Nest.  I’m still trying to figure out my mojo before I send a crowd of people over there.  But, today I have a guest post from a contented renter and I think you would really enjoy reading about her journey.

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  1. ” Adding items slowly keeps the room fresh and alive.” I couldn’t agree more that a little bit at a time makes a place seem new over and over again. Thanks for the post.

  2. FAB ideas! Those ads are so deceiving.

  3. I’d MUCH rather do it your way! I’ve tried it both ways (to a certain extent) and it just stressed me out each time I walked past something knowing I was still paying for it!

  4. Yup! Well said…it’s not worth the stress of not knowing how to pay it, and you’re right, with a bit of creativity, there’s so much that can be done to decorate on a low budget – not to mention that you get a kick out of finding a good deal- which releases endorphines rather than cause stress…

  5. This reminds me of a conversation we had with my husband’s grandparents (of course we think they are the smartest people in the world) – They told us when they were married they made $38/ week, their house payment was $36/ month and they financed furniture for their whole house for two years- that payment was $36/month. His grandmother told me, “we learned some wonderful, hard lessons during those three years”. They have been debt free longer than I have been alive, they always have saved 10% of whatever they made. Sometimes it is so much easier to learn the lessons that others have learned instead of learning them ourselves. I think it is fantastic that you are reminding us to live within our means and that it is ok for us not to “have it all” at once!!

  6. Thanks for sending us there….I so needed this post.

  7. The ads are deceiving on purpose and I try to ignore them most of the time not to get caught by their practices. Thanks for the post

  8. i think insta-rooms also take away any meaning. my entire house is decorated in hand me downs. but i am also surrounded by things that are markers for people i love. i wouldn’t trade being surrounded by them for anything in the world.

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