For A Summer Monday

Winner of the MirrorMate giveaway:

Top Referrers for the last 30 days~I can’t thank you all enough and everyone

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2. Young House Love

3. Life In Grace

4.Centsational Girl

5. My Sweet Savannah

6. A Soft Place to Land

7. Hooked on Houses

8. Flower Patch Farm Girl

9. Simple Mom

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15. Holly Mathis Interiors

Today I’m hanging out with Beth at the Home Stories from A to Z.  She’s doing a month long series on How to Decorate featuring lots of home bloggers you can see all the posts here.

And if for some reason you’ve yet to meet Beth online or in real life {I got to meet her in real life earlier this year, she is darling and spunky, and talented} then you can meet her here and see one of my most recent favorite posts of hers here.


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  1. Congrats to the winner! Loved your guest post over at Beth’s…you never cease to inspire me:)

  2. Congrats! That’s awesome, you should post what it looks like afterwards

  3. Thanks girly! Love you and all the inspiration you continuously bring to our niche! xoxo

  4. Her series has been phenomenal!
    I am off to see what you have to learn me :)
    HUGS and blessings to you!

  5. Danielle says:

    Where did you find those fabulous horizontal stripe curtains?

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I cannot even tell you how fantastic you are! I only found your blog a couple of weeks ago, but you’ve already inspired me to do so much to my house to make it more beautiful, and for not much money. And I don’t think your style is weird at all…it’s AWESOME. Your post on Beth’s blog is so on the money. It really DOESN’T have to be perfect to be beautiful! Who knew? (Well, you, I guess). And God knows my house is not perfect, what with two big ol’ dogs and a two year old running around. But I think my house looks pretty damn good. And all thanks to you, because before finding your blog, I thought my house was just hopeless, but you made me realize it’s not! Thanks, Nester. : )

  7. Dear Nester, I would love to join you here in Charlotte on July 9. I am no expert at thrifting, but I would love to learn. Do we just show up? Is it okay not to invest in a T-shirt?

    PS…we met once at your garage sale a few years back. I am not a crazy stalker or anything.

  8. aw thanks for posting links to all those awesome blogs! I LOVE your drapes! :)

  9. Because I am a hockey freak all I see is the Ovi t-shirt in the picture. NO!!!! ;-) Feel free to sneak some Hurricanes and Checkers gear in the next shot!

  10. Hey, Girl, you were one of my Top 10 Referrers for the month, too, so thanks backatcha! I truly appreciate BFs (Blog Friends) like you. :)

    P.S. Loved your post over at Beth’s place!

  11. Thank you pretty lady! Pretty blog too. I like the new look and avatar and all of it! Good job. ~ karen

  12. Luv you lady!! Thanks for all the love you send my way too!

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