Encouraging Words

We all do it.  You know, save those cards, notes and little kind words that people have given us over the years?  Here’s a some of my personal stash and I admit, I’m not that much of a sentimental person.   Join me at (in)courage today and you can see a little of my encouragement stash~do you have one too?  Plus, there’s a surprise once you get there…

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  1. Heading over to incourage but two things first–

    a) I *recognize* lots of pieces of your pile! How fun :).
    b) My in/July post? Ummm, we were on the same wavelength, a month apart.

    Off to see how similar/different our thoughts are!

    Happy Monday!

  2. Your pile looks great. I love saving cards!

  3. Heading over right now. Love your personal stash. I have a pretty huge stash, but it’s not all put together. It’s sort of all over the place. :)

  4. Yea, I do… ashamed at how long I have kept some of them but I keep them on a display across a home made french memory board in my guest bedroom. I like how almost themed it looks!

  5. It’s hard but I keep them a little while and then finally toss them. Would be nice to find a way to display them. Off to read at (in) courage. Nester, you always in-courage! :)

  6. I’m honored to see my card there! That was my first ever business card for my first blogging conference. You were so nice when I nervously edged into your circle of friends and introduced myself! Thank you.

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