I’ve shown these urns before but never really talked about them.  A few months ago I was ready to get rid of them.  I had them for ages and they were boring and I wanted an unboring porch.  Or at least a less boring porch.  I was just about ready to dump out the dirt and sell them at a yard sale when I figured I should at least try to spray paint them.   I didn’t have much to lose except for the few dollars I could make at a yard sale.

I bought some RustOleum gloss spray paint in Night Tide which sounded like a nice color.  My son hosed down the urns and dried them off and I put down some plastic and spray painted the first one.  At least if it turned out looking like something a clown would use to decorate his clowny house I could salvage the other.  After the first one I wasn’t sure if I loved it or hated it.  So I sprayed the second urn.

Once I put them on the porch I decided they were good.  So far no neighbors have walked by in hysterical laughter and now I’ve deicided that I really like them.

I’ve learned if I have something I really don’t like, it’s always worth the risk of destroying to to see if I can make it better {unless it’s a real antique}.

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