At Christmas I found these stunning flowers.  Who cares that they aren’t red and green.

Injecting color into even the neutralist of homes is one of the easiest ways to liven up a space.

A pair of yellow knobs from Anthropologie completely changed the feel of my second hand painted armiore.

That can of spray paint refreshed my tired urns to the point of making me fall back in love with them.

After noticing how much I liked this color in my Christmas bouquet, I bought this pillow.  Even though most of the colors in our home are blues and greens, I love this pillow on every chair in our house.  It’s like a shot of collagen only for your house, not your lips.

Even my cast off sweater adds to the fun.

When I went white with my slipcovers last year, people warned me of the perils of removing color from our home.

For me, the neutral backdrop was the one thing that freed me to add even more color when I wanted and where I wanted.  I’m looking forward to adding some super bold patterned pillows to our sofa.

It doesn’t take much color to make a statement.

And I’m not picky about matching exact blues or greens or any color for that matter.  If I like it, I invite it in.

Just because I used the words inject and shot, doesn’t mean this is a painful process.

I simply shop the house and place a few things around that add a pop of color.  I don’t follow rules of three or hold two shades of blue up together to see if they are perfect matches.

My personal color muse right now is Ashley from The Handmade Home. She can work any color into any room seamlessly.  I especially love it when she adds in yellow, it always seems to be the finishing touch.

And if you are at a loss for adding color, Centsational Girl, Kate, pretty much covers all sorts of ways to baby step yourself into a colorful home.

Color.  Get some.