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I cleaned our room this week.  Royally. {suddenly, I’m using that word every chance I get~I think we should bring it back} I don’t think I’ve swept or mopped our bedroom floor since 2010.  I’m not trying to be funny.

I’m officially hooked on I think my user name is nester, if you are on instagr dot am, tell us in the comments.  You can also follow people here if you don’t have an iphone but, it’s not as fun.

Our 13 year old son {that’s him in the center} is officially Scuba Certified.  I was Scuba Terrified the night when I knew he was doing his night diving.

Also, Bebe Gallini’s in Cornelius, just north of Charlotte, NC, {I wrote of my addiction, devotion, and undying love for the shop a few weeks ago} is hosting a little get together at their place THIS Wednesday.  Angela and I will be there around 6ish for an hour or so and I’d love to meet you there.  You can visit their facebook page and RSVP here.


And have you SEEN this (in)courage video?



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  1. um, i’m marrying instagram first.

    plus, i think you need to do instafriday.

    the end.

  2. I’m addicted to instagram as well. Just took a few this morning at the farmer’s market where there were some live chickens. I’ve wanted chickens for forever. My instagram id is cbapple.

    I’ll be at Bebe’s. I’m hoping they no longer have a gorgeous white lamp anymore. Otherwise I’ll be forced to decide whether it should be mine!

    Congrats on the certification! That’s incredible. Just the thought of diving makes me claustrophobic. And I’m not normally.

    Enjoy the beautiful weather!

  3. I use instagram too (kjrichards). I love it! It makes me feel like the photos I take are worth looking at.

  4. I’m so happy to find other instagram lovers! My username is lilsuzy. I’ll see you there!

  5. I just discovered as well! it’s so fun and addicting! :) i’m Kimpson if anyone cares. :)

  6. instagram is so cool! love following you there.

  7. LOVE instagram! I am viewfromfivetwo. I wish I could come down from GSO to the Bebe Gallini’s event!! I have to get that dresser, you know! :)

  8. Love your blog, Nester. I too am instagram hooked-jgrimsley
    See ya there!

  9. Where you royally certified terrified?


  10. i think you already know I’m (reeverb) obsessed with the instagram :)

    so love following yours, I think I “like” every one!

  11. Love instagram! (@pacarlson) Almost as much as I love Nesting Place!

  12. Shopping, cupcakes and wine – what else could we ask for?!

  13. Love instagram! (katieroper)

  14. I love instgram! i’m mandiegirl!!

    SO wish I could go to that lovely place for cupcakes & friends!

  15. Instagram is sooo fun! Who needs a real camera anymore?! I’m kristyinez.
    P.S. Loved that Incourage video. Love what they stand for!

  16. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who royally neglects her own bedroom floor. ; ) Really.

  17. An Easter Egg in the toilet?!? I’m betting it was one of your boys. :)

  18. My husband was certified when he was 12 and my son 13…the thought of it still freaks me! If God wanted us to go that deep wouldn’t we have fins…of course I try and be supportive and keep my thoughts to myself…especially since I’m getting on an airplane this week and I don’t have wings.
    PS. no instagram for me:( I have a droid

  19. I need encouragement with my affiliation with dayspring, how do you work with In(courage), I love it and want to get more involved. Any thoughts and advice would help. Thanks in advance for your efforts.

  20. Claire says:

    I scuba dived once, in the bottom of a swimming pool with my first boyfriend as my instructor. It’s amazing. Congratulations. I am sewclaire on Instagram.

  21. Hurrah for instagram! I have just started loving it and have been looking for more people to follow! Love your blog, so I am sure I will adore your pictures!

    I am Mamabowers on insta, so you don’t think i am a crazy photo stalker!

  22. Love instagram! My username is atd527.

  23. I laughed at your random thought about your floor. I dusted my office today and thought I can not remember last time I did this. And I am not kidding either.

  24. I LOVE instagram… SO hooked! I even got a tumbler account and linked it to my twitter and that to facebook so that my pictures show up on all 3 forums with no thought at all! It’s absolutely THE BEST app out there! I am going to follow yours right now! I’m lesliehgilbert in all 3 places :)

  25. Had no idea we were such close neighbors! haha.
    Thanks for the heads up. I have GOT to go to that on Wednesday. Oh, my husband is so not going to appreciate you telling me about this. Maybe I’ll just leave the credit cards at home. Just in case. :)

  26. Hi, Nester! LOVE YOU! QQ. What is the size of the rug under your bed and if you’re so inclined to answer, where did you find it? I love it. I have the exact same bed as you and need a rug :)

    Birminghham, AL

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