Lately we’ve been talking about allowing ourselves to take risks in our home.  On some levels, they aren’t really even risks, I mean, how risky is it to paint a wall the wrong color?  You only lose $25, two and a half hours and you learn what color doesn’t work.  And if it does work? VICTORY! Very low risk.  But, all of us need practice to feel better about taking a risk. My favorite things in my home are all results of taking a risk, and the things that didn’t work out were also results of risk.  Having the things I love were worth having some things that didn’t turn out.  I bet you would agree with that.

Colleen from Red Door Abode talked about how she was done with postponing risk with this chair:

She said:

I thought today was the day. I was going to just get after it with that old chair. I accepted that it may not work out and I also accepted that I may be pleasantly surprised.

Oh I think we all are pleasantly surprised!  She did this chair with NO SEWING~find out more at her blog.

Colleen was willing to waste time on a chair that many of us would pass up.


  • start small and pick a project that won’t take much time
  • don’t invest too much money
  • don’t force perfection
  • be open to changes and new ideas during the process

And risks don’t have to be projects, maybe for you a risk is finally moving the sofa to the other wall to see how it looks.  Maybe a risk is going to Home Goods and purchasing 4 new pillows in bold colors, leaving the tags on and putting them on the sofa simply to see if one of those colors works.  Only you know what is risky for you in your home.

Next TUESDAY, March 22nd is National Take A Risk in Your Home Day.  Actually, it’s not but I’m going to declare it anyway.  I’m going to host a RISK linky party and you are going to share your risk.  This is not a project link up for the cutest project you did in the past year.  Nope.  This needs to be something you did now, like this week.  A new, risky for you thing.  It can be a project, something you purchase that you have been putting off, something you get rid of, maybe you simply make a nail hole in your wall.  YOU DECIDE.  And it doesn’t have to turn out, maybe you show us the risk you took but didn’t like it.  That’s ok too.  The purpose is for us to get in the habit of taking little risks in our home.  I’m so glad that my friend Saul from DaySpring encouraged me to take a risk and have a risk linky party.  Sometimes when you need to take a risk, it’s helpful to have a friend around as well, as long as it’s a friend familiar with risk, be careful though, more often than not, you friend is afraid of risk too. Unless your friend is my sister who is all about the RISK.

what risky thing are you thinking about doing this week in your home?