Some Etsy Favorites

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What’s your current etsy favorite?

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  1. I’ve only recently started shopping Etsy. I placed my first order last week–for a 12×18 Imperial Trellis pillow to go in the chair in my study (It matches my drapes in that room.) I may develop an addiction though…I’ve already planned out my Etsy buys for the next month–a pair of pillows for the formal living room, a table runner for the dining room. And I haven’t even let myself start looking at art…I have too many blank walls and I feel certain I’ll be giving my bank account a workout once I do.

  2. oh my gosh, that darlin garden headband!!! i’m crazy about that. good to see you yesterday, girl!

  3. Etsy is such a brilliant thing.

  4. Ohh, that chair…I love Etsy.

  5. The chair is sweet! And I’m so sad that headbands look ridiculous on me, because I’m loving that one!! I also posted an Etsy fav on my blog… just brought it back from Maui. There is so much beauty on that website.

  6. My favorite Etsy shop is… mine! I just opened a few weeks ago and am having a ball :o) Please stop by!

  7. I really love this bag a ton- so simple with great detail:

  8. Goodness, that chair is lovely! I need another chair like ….. well, you know….. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I love what you’ve got going on here with yours. That fur chair makeover? Wow!!! I have several chairs waiting to be reupholstered and you’ve really got me thinking. :) Happy Monday!

  9. Ooh what great finds!!! I *love* etsy:)

  10. I love these Poloroid necklaces!


    I love these stars on my Christmas tree!

  12. I LOVE etsy!!! We just posted our favs last week. Geometric pillows, funky art, LOVE! I just got an mini aqua canvas with a white moustache painted on!! Swoon!

  13. YAy! Love Etsy!! Stop by my shop sometime…

  14. shameless plug for me…i’m gonna add a new favorite etsy find.

  15. One of my all time favorite shops is I especially love her pendants made with vintage dictionary words!
    I also love, love, love Among its treasures, this shop carries fantastic shirts and pillows with quotes from such authors as Lucy Maud Montgomery or Jane Austen! Plus they carry a fantastic selection of shirts and tutus for small ones. I don’t have any little girls (mine are grown now) to buy tutus for, but I have two co-workers expecting girls and can’t wait to be their Auntie Cindy and gift them with tulle!

  16. Well,I guess my favorite shop is mine – lol!

    We just listed 2 vintage tulip vases/bowls and lots of rustic and vintage home decor.
    Etsy is such a fun place to shop and sell.

  17. i really like those stamped metal charms. and they make great gifts

  18. I’m not sure what it is about this, but I really love it:

  19. Etsy is the best site to use for researching and building an amazing things.. they gave me plenty of details so that i could research each individual parts and they even did video reviews witch proved very helpful. there prices are some of the best that i found and i got everything close to 13 items within three days after ordering and had my new gaming rig up the next day just in time for me to study for my chem exam. Etsy makes everything easy with customer reviews and part details and pictures makes finding everything you need quick and easy and the wish list option makes shopping around and keeping tabs on everything so much easier . This made me a very happy man .

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