How Our New TV is Paying For Itself

Remember how I hated our TV wall?  I like it much better now.  My husband got all mathy on me and showed me how if we canceled our cable we could still watch our favorite shows and in about 9 months, the new TV will pay for itself with the money we save on our cable bill.  By the fall this TV will be earning money for us.  Simple Mom did a great post last week explaining all the tricks of watching TV on the cheap.

I’m glad she took the time to write all that so I could lay around with my sick boys and enjoy our new TV.

updated:: someone asked to see the side view comparisons

Here’s the side comparison so far, bad lighting and the tv is now moved back a little and the wires can be flattened but, now you don’t get smacked by a huge blue armiore {it ended up in my office} and tv guts when you walk in the front door.

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  1. That was a smart man to get the tv! I have been considering canceling our direct tv to save over 1,000 a year. I think I may have to follow your lead. My hubby wants a new TV too!
    It look great also!
    Have a pretty day!

  2. You got your fish!! Congratulations!! It will pay for itself, as well, no doubt!!!

  3. Yay for flat screens! My mom bought us one for Christmas and I have never loved a t.v. more. It looks so much better in my living room AND in yours! :)

  4. Looks great! You have developed your style very well.
    Did you mention where you picked up the dresser? How do you like the tv showing vs. hidden behind the blue doors?


  5. I have this same problem only it’s in my sons room. We put a DVD player and X-box in their room, they use it on the weekends. They don’t really use it much since their X-box and Kinect are now in the living room and get used maybe three times a week.
    We had a huge 36 inch TV when we got married, but it quit working. So we bought a much smaller TV to replace it. Lo and behold my dad managed to fix our monsterous 36 incher and so it got put in the kids room for their use. You know, don’t throw it away, it’s still good. The thing is HUGE and has no cabinet so it sits on their train table since they no longer play with trains. But it is right there when you walk in their room, takes up about 1/2 of his floor space that isn’t covered in other pieces of furniture.
    It is my dream to buy a new flat screen, move our smaller TV and it’s nice small cabinet to their room and then sell or give away the the gigantic TV. My husband keeps saying how nice the TV is and how big the screen is. But the kids haven’t been using it much and it is such a waste of space in my opinion. Heck! I wouldn’t mind just getting rid of the two extra TV’s if it weren’t for times the kids have their friends over and just want to watch goofy kid movies or play x-box!

  6. I love how the flat screen solved the problem.

    I wonder how the fish would look painted white?
    Sort of modern and sculptural?

    I’m just wondering out loud. Not really sure,tho.

  7. Girl, we did the same thing. We cancelled our Direct TV a year ago and my husband paced the house and mourned for months…but he had figured out that within a matter of months he could get a flatscreen with what we saved on DumbDirect TV. For Christmas he brought home a new Sony and I sacrificed my bookshelves / nightstands to hold the Sony and now my bedroom is ghetto. Patience, right? So we do Netflix, Hulu, and get the other stuff with an antenna. It’s piecemeal but it’s cheap. : )

    Love the new look!

  8. Hi Nester,

    After all the wonderful things I read and see on your blog, the best bestest ever is the photo of your boy and his dog. Joy to my heart.


  9. OMG!! Where did you get the giant sword fish from??…My friend has the exact {not a word of a lie} same one! Too crazy?! I honestly thought that it was the only one of it’s kind!

    • Elizabeth says:

      We used to have a sail fish that my dad caught deep sea fishing. They’re out there in the ocean, apparently. I think it’s just a lot of work to catch them! Our’s nose eventually broke, though. : (

  10. Ashley @ pure + lovely says:

    Adore the new tv wall & I’m super glad you found your swordfish. He is fabulous. I can’t believe you’re parting with the terrarium! Be still my heart!

  11. Where is the adorable dog bed from? I need one of those!

  12. I adore the photo of the sweet little sick (sorry) boy laying on the the floor on sofa cushions, snuggled with the dog-that is SO! true life :) AND the little smirck that tells ya, “Yep, he’s feeling better!” But, I do get a bittersweet, little tear in my eye everytime I look at it-as my girls are all grown up now :) Real life-that’s what it is all about. I enjoy your blog. It may reach 40* here today! I have spring fever!

  13. Just found your blog and I have to say kudos for getting rid of cable (oh and I think your new tv wall is great). We got rid of cable a few years ago and I think it’s wonderful without it. Any shows we watched were on network tv anyway. Once in a while I’ll go to my sister’s to babysit and I flip through all their cable channels and find nothing to watch. Hundreds of channels and I can’t find anything worth watching. The best part is my kids don’t have access to cartoons 24 hours a day. It’s so nice when they ask to watch cartoons and I can say, sorry honey, there aren’t any on right now!

  14. Elizabeth says:

    So Nester. This has nothing to do with T.V.s, but how in the world do you keep your dog’s bed so clean?! Especially with such a big dog? Do you wash it all the time? Our dogs’ beds are in a constant state of hairy nastiness. Granted, we don’t wash the beds that much, but that’s because to keep them actually clean, we’d have to wash them every other day, which I don’t really feel like doing.

  15. We are finally parting with our huge red armoire and replacing it with a dresser to hold our flat screen too. Would love to know what you did with the component pieces, like DVR, etc… I’m thinking I’ll remove some of the drawers from a dresser we have and turn them in to shelves.

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