Bird Watching

Ellen’s daddy made this bed for her. And by made I don’t mean he put the sheets on, he used like tools and junk.

Here’s the whole room so you can drool.

A group of lovely ladies got together over the weekend to hang out, shop and create.  They opted out of a blogging conference and into a small group setting in a home. Does that sound ever~fun or what?  Hosting this kind of get together has been on my goal list for awhile.  Via Under the Sycamore. And if you are like me and can’t get enough of this idea, here’s more about what they did at Meg Duerksen’s.

Looking for enough Valentine’s Day Ideas to last you for the rest of your life?  Jen at Tatertots and Jello has great projects and features. Still not enough?  Then you should check out Tip Junkie’s Valentine page.

My friend Lysa wrote a book called Made to Crave.  You might have heard of it? It’s on the New York Times Bestseller list for the third week now, so yeah,  America has voted and they pretty much are crazy about it. I’m all excited for her and I’ve been telling my neighbors that an actual New York Times Bestselling Author has been in my house. Anyway, back to Lysa, every Monday night at 8pm EST, Lysa hosts a webcast and this week her special guest is Mandisa.  You can listen live or it plays back on Tuesday, all the the information is here. I can’t imagine how entertaining this webcast will be.

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  1. I used your curtains as an inspiration for my new kitchen curtains and thought you may want to take a look at them!!! Hope you don’t mind that I got my idea from you! I LOVE my new kitchen curtains, thanks to you!! ;-)


  2. Do it…have a weekend…invite us…like me and my DIL @!!!!!!!!!

  3. For once I had already checked out all the blogs you mention here! Whatdoyaknow? I’m beginning to be a bird watcher.

  4. Love Ellen’s bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yowza.

    Also, she rocks, too, aside from the pretty bed.

  5. do it. and put me on the list. seriously. i’ll be your assistant in all things planning. what’s an hour and a half apart? nothing! i was just saying something to carrie about having a blogger meetup for our area. also. i should be polite. please put me on the list? but if you don’t it’s ok. because i did get to do slipcover day. not that you need permission. someone needs to take the computer away from me.

    more importantly, thank you! my daddy is the best. ever. i do have to say that when i saw your lovely and serene bedroom i was feeling the need to edit a little. thanks for YOUR inspiration!

  6. hello!
    thanks for sending new friends to my blog. :)
    i was planning to go to blissdom but the cost was so much…..and crowds and new people give me a bit of anxiety….and i don’t like to sit in classes or conferences…..SO i decided not to go.
    then i thought more about what i DO like.
    i DO like people….in small group settings.
    i DO like to make crafts in a talkative happy atmosphere.
    i DO like to eat with friends.
    i DO like opening my home to others.
    so….i asked some friends. and then a few more friends. and then a few more.
    it was great.
    calm and lovely.
    and way more my kind of weekend than a blog conference.
    nothing is wrong with a conference…but i just liked this more.

    have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Love all the ideas here, that bed?! It’s so fabulous!! Gonna checkout the valentines links too, need a fun project to do with little guys on this rainy day. and Lysa is always an inspiration!

    I did a post a few days ago about starting a group that meets every month or two to make fun home decor items. Wanna come in Wilmington and join us? :)

  8. omg I would LOVE a crafty get together!

  9. that bed is beautiful! i want one! I think i might know someone would could make it for me since my hubby’s a carpenter. (wink wink)

  10. I am currently packing my bags so I can move there and he can make me a bed!!!

    Oh so talented!

    Be Blessed!

  11. Made to Crave is the next book on our list for Bible Study. Right now we’re doing Crazy Love, you should check it out. Lysa is fabulous I’ve loved every Bible Study and hearing her speak live is amazing!!

  12. That is a really great bad. Someone is quite talented.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  13. bed…I meant.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  14. I’m with Meg…you should totally do this with friends. I am so grateful Meg invited me for one incredible weekend. I didn’t even realize Blissdom was the same weekend until after the fact. I am sure the conferences are amazing and I’d love one if I ever got the nerve to go…it would help to already know someone going for sure!

    Beautiful bed, by the way.

  15. Oh Nester, I just listened to Lisa speak at a church by my house on Thursday night and I just don’t ever get tired of hearing her speak. I bought the new book after she spoke (it had nothing to do with her speaking topic that night) it just looks so good. I haven’t started it yet because am finishing another book that stilll needs to digest. I can’t wait to have a long sit down with her new book. I am sure there will be plenty for me to digest in it and for God to get in the dark places and deal with.

  16. I love Made to Crave!

  17. Yep…definitely drooling.

  18. I love get togethers with the GIRLS! :) AND How cool is it that Lysa is your friend?! :)

  19. I was so surprised to see myself here. Thank you, my friend. Can I just say that meeting you at Blissdom was amazing. I think you are the sweetest person ever. Love ya!!!!


  20. Oh, that bed and bedroom combo is stunning!! Well done to both!

  21. I can’t believe that you are friends with Lysa! I’ve loved her blog for years and I found your blog recently. When I saw her on here, I was just surprised. :) Love your sensibilities. Now, I’m on the hunt for a dough bowl!

  22. That is so neat that you are friends with Lysa! I just bought Made to Crave last week and I am so excited about reading it!!!

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