Make the Bed You Want to Get Into

I used to formally make the bed every day~especially when our room was downstairs in plain view for anyone who came into our house.  But, over time, my bed making has changed.  Now, we get out of the bed, pull the sheet up and lay it over the down comforter, each plunk up a pillow sham, and if I’m feeling fancy I put the big bolster in place.  It takes about 8 seconds and not only looks presentable, but just disheveled enough to invite us back into it.

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How do you make your bed?


  1. I so agree, I just made over our bedroom and I chose to keep my beautiful comforter, and purchased a few new pillows to get the look I wanted. IT’s so comfortable at night and making the bed the next day is not a chore. I love that movie clip, we were just talking about this yesterday! Funny….

  2. We make our bed pretty much the same way. Pull up the covers and comforter. Add the shams and the two small pillows if we are feeling fancy. One thing we did establish not too long ago…the last person in the bed, makes it. Seems fair to me. It should also be said that if it is my dear hubs that is last up I am the one that adds the pretty pillows. He doesn’t care for them and doesn’t want to take the time. Seems fair to me. I add them if I need to and don’t if I don’t.

  3. I want a big bolster so badly! We need some decent presentable bedding first!!!!!!!

  4. We usually only make our bed before we get back into it! We pull up the blankets so that the heating blanket has time to heat up the sheets while we get ready for bed. It seems silly but it works! Plus, I hate sleeping in a bed with messed up blankets…

  5. I make my bed on the weekends because I don’t have the time in the mornings when I’m rushing to get off to work.

  6. Oh Lord- I can relate to “Along Came Polly”! I just can’t pass up a good pillow! I am more casal during the week- but really stack up the pillows on the weekend!

  7. Oh i so wish i could leave a bed that way! I confess to being a total perfectionist when it comes to my beds..yes, even the childrens! It drives them nuts, especially when I go back up 2 flights of stairs because i just can’t ‘move on’ knowing my pillow is slightly off centre!
    I’m not like it with anything else, just the beds.
    OCD? Who cares, it’s me!!! Lol

  8. Our master bedroom is in plain view for the world to see, so I always make the bed. It doesn’t take long, so, eh. I still can’t get over you painting your sleigh bed. After seeing yours, I considered it, but after I bought the new bedding, it looks much better so I’m gong to leave it alone. For now. OK, mainly I didn’t paint mine because I was pretty sure my husband would divorce me over it.

  9. i just love to get into a made bed. not too “made”, but made just right. enough so the sheets aren’t hangin’ out all over the place, and the pillows are fluffed and tossed just enough. But there’s nothin’, NOTHING that beats freshly washed sheets! made or not!
    Everybody Loves the nester!
    -d e n i s e

  10. My husband thinks I’m nuts, but if the bed’s not made, the whole house ends up a mess. It’s a psychological thing with me. Strangely, it’s just about the only thing in the house that can be a mess and it DOESN’T bother him.

  11. My husband and dog are always sleeping when I leave, so I only make my half. :) Is your bed a queen or king? Your bolster pillow looks so nice. Mine always looks out of place.

  12. Confession: I hardly ever make my bed. My husband does it… almost the second we’re both out of the bed. He draws the line at the “decorator” pillows, so I plump and place those bad boys, but he’s the man otherwise. :) Don’t hate me, ladies.

  13. it’s so true…i mean, when i make up the bed all pretty, i won’t even lay down to take a nap on it! it’s like it’s untouchable or something. i’m like you now on most days, the comforter comes up, shams on, and a maybe a throw pillow to make it look like i actually spent time on it. ;) have fun this week, girl!

  14. cannot leave my room without making the bed. it just makes the room feel so much cleaner. i love it. i cant wait to change my bedding and get some crisp white sheets instead of the lint clinging black ones.

  15. I sleep in the recliner so everything that hurts is supported–so I sit up& throw the “throw” over the back. How ez is that? :D That will change if/when few things heal….or I can get ma&pa “helper” rails upstairs,then back to the orthpedic&the “U” pillow, which also supports owies,except bustd knee. Hence recliner. Otherwise? Sheet up,quilt up. Fluff1,2,3,4,(U is big),pat,pat. Done.

  16. when i was working i never made my bed. WHAT A MISTAKE. making my bed is the single most important thing i can do in our tiny house to make things feel put together, clean, and orderly. even if there are piles of laundry to be done and dishes in the sink. making my bed is critical. sometimes your simplest posts are the best… it drives home the “basics” thanks!!

  17. I think it’s hilarious that I rarely put the pillows on my bed without thinking of that Ben Stiller bit. It’s only a few pillows, but it SO makes me laugh.

  18. I have recently gotten a lot better about making our bed! Used to be, I’d dread making it “formally” because that takes time that I don’t have (or rather, time that I didn’t want to spend making the bed!) but now I just fold the comforter down, stack some pillows on and we’re done! Not only is it easier and faster, but it’s better looking too :)

    More on my process here:

  19. I agree with Stephanie! I am newly retired (early) and never made my bed before leaving for work, mostly because I was at work by at least 7 a.m.! ug! But, now it’s a wonderful thing I do for myself and my husband! Makes the day start and end in a lovely way. I do the same process as many of you and Nester as well since making over my bedroom. So very easy peasey and fun!

  20. I have gotten so lazy about making my bed! It’s a king and it just takes so much time sometimes…but thanks to you, I will give this a shot :)

  21. I once taught cooking at a live-in facility. I insisted that all students make their beds in the morning. After a 6-month course of study one woman told me that she learned more from the bed-making exercise than she did in classes. It gave order to the rest of her day.

    Whenever I am tempted to skip making the bed, I remind myself that as soon as I leave the bedroom, my dog will jump up and start rearranging pillows for a nap. She rearranges with her nose, and a beagles’s nose has been in all kinds of places. That thought is all the incentive I need to start making a tight bed every day.

  22. wait!? that doesn’t count. my bed is set up with the exact same gear and I’m proud of myself every morning for making it:)

  23. fitted sheet – white and duvet – pattern – no flat sheet to pull up
    4 bed pillows – white
    2 decorative shams – matches duvet pattern

    SImple, a little interest with the contrast of the pattern in the duvet to the white sheets and bed pillows. Easy to make – love it!

  24. I’m a little crazy and have to make my bed every day, but it only takes me about a minute: re-situate sheets and duvet and tuck duvet into footboard. Fluff pillows, throw on two shammed pillows and one small decorative pillow. And ta-da..I’m done!

  25. You’ve inspired me. I took all the extra pillows off my bed and left only the ones we use every night… I love it! I love the clean and simple look. I even posted about it on my blog:

  26. I don’t make my bed. My ideal bed is with made with crisp, tightly tucked in sheets with military-style mitered corners. My husband’s ideal is to have himself wrapped up tight like a cocoon in all the bedding. So he pulls out any tucking I’ve done. If he’s going to do that, there’s no point in making the bed. It’s like starting over from scratch every day. Maybe I’ll feel different if we ever decorate our bedroom, but so far in 8.5 years of marriage we haven’t even painted our bedroom walls.

  27. Both my husband and I leave the house by 7 every morning so making the bed is not high priority. Sometimes I’ll make it when I get home from work just to straiten the covers up and make the room look nicer…

  28. Ok, so I need help with something, Nester! We have a king size bed, an extra large king size bed (courtesy of my husband’s previous employment at Sealy corporation.) I am ready to get a new duvet and duvet cover for the bed, but I would like it to drape over the side of the bed and actually cover the mattress. Any ideas where I can find something extra large? I’ve looked a little on the internet and cannot see anything as big as I need it. I measured and it needs 115 inches across. Custom making something is an option, but that will require lots of fabric. I know you have some websites to recommend on that area. Email me if you want:

  29. LOVE the “Along came Polly” clip-
    We joke about that happening one day at our house-as I am in LOVE with all sorts of pillows and a made bed every day…MY dear husband throws the pillows on the bed just to drive me crazy sometimes! Oh well- as long as they are on the bed, it has now become our joke…I know if he arranges them he’s trying to get on my good side…:)

  30. Well, I guess I am the exception to the rule. I do not make my beds – any of them. Now – let me explain why, but I warn you, if you are squeamish, you might not want to read any further.
    My kids both have severe allergies to dust mites. Dust mites do NOT like light. So on the recommendation of our allergist – we were told to open the curtains and leave the beds unmade…it forces the dust mites to seek shelter elsewhere, instead of in our beds. So, every morning I carefully make wide folds of the comforters and sheets from the floor to the first foot of the bed and back down with the sheets facing out. It looks like a big white fluffy mountain.
    Along with matress covers, pillow covers and frequent washing of all bedding…it has made all of the difference in the world.
    Sorry to be a little gross there – but think about it. You shed tons of dead skin cells in your bed…and then you wrap it all up while it’s still warm…for the dust mites to have a buffet while you are away. And then they nap and wait on your warm return at night. Eeeewwwww. Until it was explained that way to me – I was a total “make your bed” kind of girl. Never again…

  31. I am very strict about making my bed. Hospital corners and everything. Everyday. Unless it’s sheet changing day – weekly, on Thursdays. Rain or shine. On those days the bed just gets made a bit later after I have washed the sheets. I have been know to iron the sheets, too. I am sure there is some therapy for this! :)

  32. Right now my bedroom is a mess. But preferably I keep it pretty neat and clean. Here in the Netherlands everyone uses comforters. I love them, especially combined with some bed sheets I love. Right now I’m into white ones. The good thing about comforters is that they make it easy to make the bed. I don’t use any extra pillows or anything. I don’t like lots of pillows while I’m asleep so to me it doesn’t make sense to put them on there during the day, simply because it looks nice.

  33. My throw pillows all over my house are such a hodge podge of old tatty pillows mixed with super swank satin pillows and some embroidered with words. Oddly enough it seems to work. My bed gets made about half the time but I at the time have two throw pillows which are currently meant to put one between my knees and the other behind my back to balance out my growing belly. The further I go in my pregnancy, the more throw pillows I have on my bed. :)

  34. I really like that idea. I need to do that. I get so caught up in doing it so it all looks amazing that sometimes I just don’t do it at all. With a baby it is hard so this idea just might work.

  35. Thanks for the reality check and the chuckle :) I am a perfectionist. So much so that I sometimes get overwhelmed and do nothing at all. Your blog does my heart good. It gives me fresh perspective. Bless you!

  36. I love this! I’ve actually kept a similar bed routine the last few years and it works. I wanted to let you know that I linked this on my blog.

  37. Love your home. You have great style. Wanted to let you know I linked this post up to my post titled “The Duvet vs. the Coverlet”. I had to use this as support for the “Duvet side”. Thanks! Sarah @ The Yellow Cape Cod

  38. Love your beautiful room and bed! Where did you find your bolster? did you make it?! It’s very awesome :) I am looking for one but cant find the long ones anywhere. Thanks!

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  40. Love your beautiful room and bed!! You have great style.

  41. Love beautiful room and pillow, such as a sculptural table lamps. For a small bedroom idea.

  42. Need help finding 100% cotton sheets with a small pocket. My mattress measures only 10” deep so sheets never fit tightly enough.

  43. I love everything about that room. so I need all the ideas I can get! Thanks for sharing

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