How to Shop at One Kings Lane and Get Great Things but Not Spend All of Your Money

Remember how I promised to tell you how I shop at One Kings Lane? Last fall my sweet friend Jessica sent me an email about One Kings Lane and introduced me to them.  OKL {can we call it that from here on out?} is kind of an online sample sale that’s open to the public.  Their deeply discounted {up to 70% off} many times luxury items are listed for 72 hours and often sell out before the sale ends.  The only thing you need to do to have access to the sales is join by entering in your email address so OKL can send you sale emails {no worries, you can set your email preferences to get them less often, but I like to be reminded to check every day}.

OKL carries ALL sorts of items all relating to home.  These bakers seem to be one of the most popular~they always sell out within hours and see, only $18. But they carry much much more than $18 bakers.

I use OKL a little differently than most people.  I study it.  To me, OKL is like a home magazine/encyclopedia/home textbook that’s updated daily.  I feel like after looking at OKL every day for months, I have more of a handle on what my style is and I’m also better at spotting a great deal.   For example, see that vintage English laundry bin on casters up there for $549?

It reminded me of this one I found two years ago for $5 at a thrift store.  This has been sitting in the garage forever.  Thank you OKL for reminding me to use this.  Now I’m putting it in our family room.

You know how I’m all into the classy taxidermy because I live in North Carolina and my boys think antlers and horns are cool and don’t tell anyone but I do too so I want some but I’m not going to shoot an animal and I’m too cheap to pay hundreds of dollars for some of these?  I kept seeing them on OKL and I got familiar with their price point.

Well, back in November when I went shopping with Eddie Ross, there was a booth that carried all these mounted antlers and I got this little plaque for under $40.  I knew it was a good price because I had studied up at OKL.  Passed that test, right?  I feel like I’m getting a free edjumakation.

I also actually purchase things from OKL.  So far I’ve bought four rugs and I love them all.   It can be VERY scary to buy such a big expensive item that you can only return for store credit.  I have some tips.

First of all, I knew I was in the market for unique rugs so I kept my eye on OKL and watched a few of their rug sales.  There was one time when I missed a rug and I really regretted not buying it.  You can look at the upcoming sales page and find the name of the company for the upcoming sales.  So, the next time I saw a rug sale, before it even went live, I  googled the rug maker and got familiar with their items and the price points.  You don’t know exactly what items will be for sale but, you can get a feel for what might be available and if you might be interested in something this research can save you precious decision making time.

Like this Rug Market “Rome” rug I ordered for my son’s room.  First I googled it and found this image from Studio 10|25 .

This is a much better photo of the rug than the one OKL provided {a different colorway but that didn’t matter}. I could see that the rug had lots of raised texture and that was something I wanted.  I also found some of the retail prices of around $300.

When the rug went live on sale at 11am at OKL I went ahead and bought it.  Two hundred dollars for a 5 x 8 rug that I get to pick out that is graphic and that can act as a car maze for my 10 year old and also still look fine when he is 18 years old, is a great deal. Plus, one of my goals this year was to liven up our boy’s room and this one needed a rug.

As you can see, all of the wildest dreams that this rug has had about living in a fabulous immaculately decorated home with attention to every detail have clearly come true.  I think this rug just enrolled in counseling.

Another rug that I purchased through OKL was my Amy Butler Georgia Rug.

Layla Grace sells the same size rug for $676.  Again, the photo at OKL wasn’t all that telling so I did a google search and found many photos of the rug in real rooms and I knew this would be a rug that would give my office the personality that it needed. And, since my office was basically neutral but for the window mistreatments that were a dirty robin’s egg color, I took a gamble and decided that no matter what shade of robin’s egg blue this rug turned out to be in real life, I would be able to use it.

I think this rug makes the entire room come alive.  It was a great deal at $400. And it really needs to be vacuumed.

Let’s look at one more example::

Say I was on the lookout for a glass end table.  I would be able to see that an upcoming sale was being hosted by World’s Away.  A quick google image search would take me to Matthew Izzo’s site where you can see this pretty World’s Away table.

Now we have an idea of the items that might be listed and their retail cost.  When the sale goes live at 11am EST we see this

Wow!  It’s the exact same table for almost 50% off! Now, personally, if I liked this table, I would probably keep an eye {or two} open for it at Tuesday Morning or a local shop Black Lion.  Plus, if this were an item that I DESPERATELY thought was the only and best choice for a place in our home, I would know a good deal when I saw it.  So if I were at Tuesday Morning the next week and saw something similar  it for $59, I would know that is a good deal for that style of table.  However, if I saw it at Tuesday Morning for $200 I would know to be mad at myself for not purchasing it from OKL.  And, I’ve noticed that many times, the brands seem to relist every few months.  So if I were patient, I might find this deal again.  Ideally, I would know ahead of time, what I’m looking for and what I’m willing to pay, that way as soon as I see something at OKL that is a good deal, I could grab it up.

Now, remember, OKL services HIGH END designers as well as us normal folk.  So you will see some things that will seem outrageous in their prices.  Like pillows for $200-400.  And a pair of drapes for $1800 and a sofa for $12,000.  Yes you read that right.  But don’t throw the sofa out with the bathwater, there are deals to be had.

Remember my bedroom makeover? This chair was about $400, the side table back there was $169 and that huge 8×10 rug was less than $400.  All from One Kings Lane.

And at least once a week there are some really amazing finds at low low price points {I promise to try to tweet or talk about the great deals on facebook when I see them}.  And there are always great deals at higher price points, I’m just slower to make more expensive decisions.

And this is the part that makes shopping at OKL fun.  When you refer friends, you get a $25 credit after they make their first purchase.  Some of you made a purchase at OKL after reading about it here a few months ago, thank you so much!  I’ve definately used my own cold hard cash to make purchases but, having some store credit helps too.  Once you are a member, if you think your friends would like OKL, you can refer them with the URL they give you on “Your Account” page.

You can even personalize your URL and change it to your blog name or something fun if you want.

Here’s the part where I give you a link that is MY own referral code if you want to sign up at OKL and browse around and start your design education.  New sales go live at 11am today and it’s Tuesday so the are new twilight sales tonight! I’ll try to remember to post on the Nesting Place facebook page when there’s an extra amazing deal at OKL {right after I make my own purchases thankyouverymuch because the great deals always sell out super fast}. Good luck and hang in there!

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  1. LOVE LOVED LOVING this post!!

  2. I love OKL. But I love you more.


    • You had no idea what kind of monster you were creating by telling me about this shop! Thank you!

    • Love your site. After morning devotions I reward myself with your visit. Love your post. Pass it along to all the nesters that they sell the baker at harris teeter in 3 sizes (cheap too!). I love mine, but they onlyl come in white. The mpst expensive one is $29 i think.
      Have a great day.

  3. Your office rug is GORGEOUS!

  4. is this your longest post ever???

    it’s a good one!


  5. Thanks for the lesson….such great tips to use when shopping!


  6. Thanks for the info…I signed up! FYI – those bakers are great. I have several. Bought them from Amazon for less then $18!

    • Exactly, because One King’s lane counts on people who don’t know they are getting ripped off. $18 for bakers plates are no bargain.

  7. Great post! I’ve loved looking at OKL since you posted about it a while back. Thanks for all the info!

  8. Thanks for the tips on shopping OKL! Sites like that can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t know how to shop. :)

  9. Just discovered OKL about a month ago and love looking at their stuff. Love, love your blue flowered rug and it goes so well w/the blue dresser. Thanks for blogging!

  10. Thanks for doing this post. I signed up for OKL months ago and even though I haven’t purchased anything it has taught me so much about design. You have also taught me so much, thanks for the daily inspirations!

  11. Great tips! THanks for sharing!! I adore the Amy Butler rug in your office….just perfect!!

  12. Fyi…real klassy people spell klassy with a “k” It’s way klassierest.

  13. I love the color on your office walls, do you mind sharing?

  14. An excellent tutorial on how to use a shopping site to educate as well as to buy! Brava, and thanks, Nester!

    I’ve bought rugs and small accessories online, with very decent success rate. But my requirements for seating are so very particular that I could NEVER buy a chair, sofa, or dining chair over the internet. I know that’s how I work, and I’m okay with that. So while I may envy your purchase of that gorgeous club chair, I personally could not (and should not!) risk it.

    Sometimes successful online shopping consists of knowing what you *can’t* comfortably purchase online.

    • yes, I meant to talk about that too. Normally I could NEVER buy something like that online but I had 4 different spaces in our home where I could potentially use it~all of which it wasn’t going to be sat in more than a few mintues per day. So style and size were the most important things which allowed me to buy without sitting my tush in it.

      I wouldn’t advocate buying lots of sofas and chairs online~but, if you are really patient and can see it in a store first…

  15. Oh man, I need that rug in your son’s room. I love the yellow one you posted as well. Been meaning to check out OKL so maybe I’ll actually do it now.

  16. i have been loving the OKL site since you mentioned it last :) thanks for sharing.

  17. I adore One King’s Lane! You gave lots of great info here, too! I, too, spend alot of time browsing their offerings– so interesting and you learn alot about and from their Tastemaker Tag Sales, too. Just ordered a rug and pillows last week for my family room redo– can’t wait until they get here.

    Thanks for spreading the good word!

  18. So informative! Thanks for clearing up the enigma of OKL. I still have the $10 credit for signing up because I really didn’t know what it was all about, haha!

  19. I have seen that greek key table at I think its about 70.00 on there. If you get a chance check out my blog.

  20. Not available in Canada. :( Too bad. LOVE the rugs!

    • Hi Trina, I found a Canadian site that runs a lot of the same products, but they’re based in Canda – I have ordered a couple of times and the shipping is from Toronto so I didn’t pay brokerage fees. Timelines for shipping were a little slow, it took about 10 days to get my order, but the rug I ordered was perfect.

  21. I’m glad you wrote this post because after you revealed your master bedroom I decided to check out OKL, and after a little bit of poking around on their site I wrote them off as high-end and extremely overpriced. And then I kept getting tons of emails so I unsubscribed. Now maybe I’ll give it a try again, this time with fewer email notifications :)

    • Hi Holly, just was googling OKL and came across this post, skimmed the comments and saw yours. I had a similar reaction to the prices, then saw that you can have each sale filter by price. On my computers, once I clicked on “lowest to highest,” or however its phrased, the website has always loaded each sale with lowest priced items first. That way, once I scroll down to my maximum price point, I personally just close out of that sale!

  22. Great post! I have been a OKL member for several months now but am always overwhelmed. I too have been leary of making such big purchases sight unseen. This tutorial had great tips on how to overcome those fears and make this most of that great discount site. As usual, great post!


  24. Thanks for this post. I hadn’t thought about them since I bought a baker when you offered it. I got the yellow since the others were sold out. Maybe it will look good this summer.
    A thought for another post is when I see you with new items or changing your rooms, my curiosity wonders what happened to the other furniture or did you move it. Would love before and afters and what happened photos. Helps me w/ my house so very much!

  25. I love the title of this post :)
    I joined OKL the day you posted about those baker thingummies, and I’ve bought a couple of things from them. I have wondered how the manage to sell out on tables and chairs that cost $12000…

  26. I too would love to know the color of your office walls! I love them. I remember reading one of your blogs a long time ago about a paint color that you used to get that is discontinued now, But I can’t remember which post to look up or what the name of it was. And, is this the same color? I want to say it was called tobacco but I’m not sure…. Thanks for your inspiration!

  27. Have you checked out The also? They usually don’t have as many sales going at once, but still things I find very likeable. :) I have never purchased, but have been very tempted before. haha. :)

  28. I like your approach to shopping these discount type of sites. I find them completely overwhelming!

    Holly (from decor8) tweeted this article today, and I thought you might be interested:

  29. This post was REALLY helpful! Thanks so much!

  30. Hey there, living right around the corner in Charlotte, Black Lion has certainly proven to be quite to little gem. It great when, you get inspiration all over again.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  31. I, too, bought a rug from OKL. It is definitely daunting to put down money on something (large) you haven’t seen before! I wasn’t sure how much I loved it when I got it…but it’s growing on me. I know some people like the Foundary better, but I love OKL. Thanks for the Tuesday Morning tip!

  32. Thank you for all of this wonderful information. I get the daily e-mails from OKL, but I’ve never actually bought anything on the site because I’m not patient enough to wait for a good deal and just end up deleting the e-mails that come through. I will approach it like you have and hope to get a great deal! Thanks again!

  33. Very interesting. Thanks for posting! (I LOVE the rug in your office!)

  34. Anonymous says:

    I’m discouraged by this site and company. I received a lamp that didn’t work when I took it out of the box. I have asked three times for assistance on returning it for one that works and have heard nothing. My guests arrive in a few days and will be in the dark. Not inspired to purchase more here.

  35. I order more from OKL than similar sites like Gilt because the offerings are more to my taste and budget. But one thing I’ve learned is that OKL colors, as shown on its site, are WAY, WAY OFF. A “deep green” bath towel turns out to be neon lime green in person. A “deep teal” set of fabric boxes is actually bright sky blue in person. etc, etc. Just today I saw a pretty “pink” leather journal on OKL, looked it up at the manufacturer’s site and it was NEON pink. No thank you. After these experiences, I never trust OKL colors as represented on its site and ALWAYS try to find the item elsewhere on the web so I’ll know what I”m getting before ordering.

  36. Marcella says:

    I see way too many people who fall for the phony “Retail price” and believe these items are worth three times what they are paying. They are deceived and mistaken. Many items of similar quality can be found for less than half of this rip-off company! Do your homework!

  37. I had discovery two weeks ago , I have never purchased anything yet , But I will for sure!!!

  38. Horrible site. Overpriced and everything I’ve ordered from there has arrived broken. I order furniture from multiple other online sites and never have this problem. I’m starting to think their “discounts” are due to the fact that they are selling shoddy/broken merchandise.
    Avoid this scam.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you horrible site. I purchased things and half of them were broke and then you only have half of what you want and you may not be able to get it again. Another BIG PROBLEM WITH ONE KINGS LANE IS (TWICE) I won an item on the clearance section they have on sunday and both time I received an email telling me I so sorry but we are out of the item so here is a $20 credit to make you happy and spend some more of your money!! LOL I will never buy again. Tired of that and what really makes me so mad is that that same item will be offered in the next clearance and so I guess that person get the beautiful cheap item and I dont!! So like I said I am done with One Kings Lane . Too much broken stuff and twice not getting what I wasted an hour on sunday monring tyring to win it in the clearance section but then finding out that there was no item. Probably was no item to begin with just trying to get you on the site to do impulse buying!!

      • Oh wow! My friend Jessica from The Mom Creative received something that was broken and OKL replaced it for her, but I can understand your frustration if you order something, it comes broken and then it’s too late to get a replacement, I think that only happens if something is on clearance/Sunday sales but I’m not sure.

        My experience with OKL has been really great. I have ordered LOTS of items from them from breakables to rugs, lighting and furniture like chairs and tables. I did get a vase that was broken but, because of the nature of the vase and the break I just super glued it and you can’t tell.

        So sorry you had such a bad experience!

        • Anonymous says:


          Wellshe is lucky she got it replaced Everytime I called I was told let me check and then of course came back sorry there are no more. Maybe becasue she is from the Mom Creative!! But this has happended five times in three months! Like I said I have been waiting for months to get this karma multi-colored pouf and I finally won it on the memorial day blow-out sale and then second time it has happened to me I received an email saying that they made mistake and there is no pouf. I set my clock around the sales and spend hours tyring to win merchandise that I really wanted andthen come to find out I do not get it. And yes I talked to several people there at OKL and I never Never had anything replaced nor did they do anything about the fact that TWICE i won something and did not get and both times get the email with the $20/credit posted to my account. U have also ordered 100 items from OKL so I am done with them. I posted the emails below for ou to read about their company. After I did receive this email I looked at the clearance section for that sunday and guess what—-that pouf that there were no more well it was relisted again for the clearance section so i guess someone else got this great deal when orginally I won it. So sure you can feel my frustration and it seems like also that a lot of their merchandise is going slower than usual so must be a lot of unhappy customers like me who will not shop with them again.

          Thank you for your recent order 1552940. Please find your order details below. You can also view these details in My Account.


          Kantha Handstitched Pouf, Fortune
          Karma Living
          RETURN POLICY: Final Sale
          ITEM NUMBER: KML21718
          ARRIVAL DATE: Jun 08 – Jun 13
          $119.00 1 $119.00


          We at One Kings Lane are dedicated to excellent customer service and are very sorry that we have been unable to ship the Kantha Handstitched Pouf, Fortune from your recent order 1552940.

          After doing everything in our power to fulfill your order and get it delivered to you in a timely fashion, we were informed that this product is unavailable. Regrettably, we are left with no other choice than to cancel the item(s) from your order. We feel terrible about this.

          Please know that you have not been charged for this item and we will be issuing a credit of $20 to your account within 24 hours. While we realize that this will not make up for your disappointment, we hope it may help lessen it in some small way.

          We look forward to happier shopping experiences in the future.

          Customer Care Team

          • that’s because the draw you IN with the sale item and hope you’ll buy something more expensive

          • yeah, I’d be annoyed too. That happened to me once with Joss & Main but not OKL, but I’ve heard of it happening with them as well.

    • Yeah, it’s really not much different that all those new cheap shoe sites. like justfab they sell only stuff that looks good online and when you get it it is not made of anything that is expensive. If you loose out on an item count yourself lucky. They only do that because by giving you a 20 dollar credit it draws you in to buy something more expensive. Don’t be a fool from one king’s lane.

  39. Thanks for this great post! I’ve been trolling OKL for awhile, and I am especially interested in the rugs, but I am too scared to buy a $1000 one of a kind rug from one picture. I wish they had at least two! It is great when you can find comparables online, and having multiple options for placement is definitely key. Thanks for the pep talk!;)

  40. Loved your comments on OKL. I have bought some things while looking for a rug – reluctant to commit on such a big item, the hassle of reshipping if not right, etc. My big problem with OKL, and I’ve told them, is that the descriptions are lacking detail. Examples: Chandelier with no indication of how many watts it could take. Soup plates, capacity not given (instead they measured their width – no way to tell if they held 4, 6 or 8 oz). Today, a great zebra wallet, shown zipped up! Inquiring minds want to know – how many credit cards can it take – is there a change purse inside? There are people who can write catalog copy – and I wish they’d hire some. I agree this is eye candy for the home decorator and great fun. A lot of the decorative items have lookalikes at my local Home Goods. But not my Porthault sheet buy! The site told me I saved $549 on that purchase. They’re not here yet.

    • Karla, I agree with you. I am especially leery about ordering expensive items that are on sale and cannot be returned and that have a very vague product description. Product dimensions are very important. I would be more apt to order if the descriptions were more in depth.

      • I agree. I don’t think it’s because they are trying to rip us off, I think it’s because they haven’t had a problem selling stuff without a description so why start now. Although I’ve passed up buying things in the past because of lack of measurements. Once I called their customer service for info on an item and they had it there. But normally I wouldn’t go to the trouble.

    • that’s because they are rip off artists and only want your money. They are not giving you a deal. Your paying retail even if it says on sale.

  41. OKL just told me those sheets are “unavailable.” My first disappointment with the site.

  42. Pretty! This was a really wonderful post. Thanks for providing this

  43. Pamela Graham says:

    I really like OKL, however, why so long for shipping. I am waiting a month so far for a pair of book ends? Any clues? Pamela Graham

    • I think they automatically put a one month or so shipping date in every sale because almost all the items are shipped not from OKL or the flash sites but from the manufacturers. I’ve gotten things within two days, and waited almost two months on one item. That’s certainly something to consider.

  44. I too love OKL and I learned some great tips from you. Thanks. Here’s one more tip. Before you buy something from OKL, check to see if it is available for less somewhere else. Usually OKL’s prices are a good deal but there is a “vintage” bird house listed right now marked down from $395 to $195. Problem with this item is its made by Louisville Stoneware, is currently on sale from them for $65, and their CSR told me the item is relatively new, certainly not vintage yet. So, do your homework before buying.

    • yes, absolutely, google the title they name it (and then just the description just in case–and also on amazon). There are for sure good deals and there are for sure not so good deals (just like pretty much every store in the world). It’s our job to shop smart!

  45. Sorry One kings lane is a scam. Unless you know what your buying you’ll be ripped off every time. Anyone can mark up an item and say it’s on sale. If it’s cheap cheap your paying for junk that isn’t worth it. If it’s really high then they make it seem like it’s worth it and say you can have it at a discount.. bull don’t fall for the scammers.

    • You are absolutely right!!! The vintage furniture is the BIGGEST scam of all I just bought 2 “vintage” wingback chairs for $3000 to have them dellivered and find out they are Ethan Allen and so stinky smelly and disgusting, Buyer Beware. Their retail prices are NOT 70% off.

  46. I have cream or taupe colored walls can I do the same, lighter color furniture? I have old furnitirw and getting ready to buy new furniture. Please help! Don’t know what to do.

  47. There is a chair on sale @ OKL, today that is also for sale on the urbanoutfitters site. While it was $20 cheaper, I don’t think I would EVER expect quality seating from URBAN OUTFITTERS. With that being said, I think that discovery gave me all the insight I needed on the OKL site! IJS.@

  48. If you don’t see a real brand that you can find on google, the item is a rip-off, and sometimes it’s a rip-off even when you can find the item (eg, all cuisinart small appliances they list are sold day in, day out for same price or less than OKL). My decorator and I just found the very same garden stools at overstock. Luxe bath towels with no name, same thing. Tag sales are mish mash of junk store crap marked up. Buyer beware. Know the brand, and don’t believe their retail prices until verified. Not how every item is non-returnable? They know simple research after the sale will disclose the lack of bargain. OKL feeds off of the false feeling of urgency…

  49. I AM SO OVER ONE KINGS LANE! They are just selling CRAP now. Every single piece of furniture I have purchased has had a defect. From a new $1500 chair with a hole in it that was an obvious sample and not brand new to A vintage chippendale sofa that was so poorly re-done it looked like “loving hands at home”. Customer service did return the items, but it was a big deal with pictures, emails, wait time, etc etc.

    • Oh I’m so sorry you had to deal with that, it sounds like a nightmare and that’s the worst part about shopping online. I haven’t had anything like that at all happen with things I’ve purchased from OKL, but, it’s been about a year since I’ve purchased something large like that from them.

  50. so, does ANYONE ELSE HAVE THIS PROBLEM???? I purchase an item at Tuesday Morning, then come home and look for reviews of the item on the web, and nine times out of ten, the item exists ONLY at Tuesday Morning. NOT the brand name, but the particular item. So, the name brand Wamsutta, for example, is sold elsewhere, but the particular Bamboo Mattress Pad I just purchased is sold NOWHERE else(I say this after spending a long time googling), and so I can’ find any reviews to know what other customers think of this product. TMakes me wonder, if Tuesday Morning makes deals with companies, who produce for them. They can put $90.00 as a retail price(which is pointless, since no one else sells the items), which then deceives the customer into thinking s/he is getting a steal, when in fact the quality may not at all be worth $90.

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