Browsing for a Coffee Table

For months I’ve been on the prowl for a round coffee table.  It wasn’t a desperate prowl, we had a big chunky rectangular coffee table that I still love but, it was taking up a lot of precious room that could be freed up with a circle.

There are times when we need something and I take a day and go all over and don’t come home until I find what I need.  And there are other times where I’m not in a hurry and it’s fun to take my time and wait until the right thing finds me.  With the coffee table I was looking for shape, scale and four legs as opposed to a pedestal.  I know I can paint it to change the color but, I can’t change the form.  This table is a little beat up on the top and I’ll use some wood filler and paint one day when I know what I want.  But, for $15 I got the exact shape and style I was looking for.  I never went out looking for a coffee table, but every time I went out, I looked for a coffee table.   And it only took me 6 months of browsing.

What are you currently browsing for?

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  1. browsing for twin beds, wood, matching. I want to paint them navy and use them in my boys’ room that I finally finished my plans for!
    – {darlene}

  2. What a great find! I love the black and if you kept it that color it would be super easy to touch up. I am currently browsing for a buffet/sideboard/dresser…either of them will do. I have found a few on Craigslist, but not one that is calling my name just yet.

    I am also browsing for 2 shallow tables to put in my hallways…they need to be pretty thin, thinner than a sofa table so I might end up having to make them myself.

  3. It took me about that long to find our round coffee table and I love it. Can’t wait to refinish it though. We have a long line of refinishings (is that even a word?) to do right now as we re-do our family room. I am content to live with it just the way it is until we get to it.
    Right now we are hunting for kitchen chairs, either one set of six or two sets of four. I refinished my Grandmothers table and it is waiting for chairs so we can get rid of the benches. I almost found a set at Metrolina this month but she wouldn’t budge on the price. Been looking for months… nothing yet, at least that I am willing to spend what they are asking for. I want a deal! Also been searching for a jelly cabinet for the kitchen because our pantry is not a real pantry. I have been looking or this for a year.

  4. Right now I’m on the prowl for a new/used sofa (sleeper sofa would rock) and perhaps coordinating loveseat with a skirt on both. I have the picture in my head but the pricetag on Crate and Barrel is so sky high that I’m praying for a Craigslist find, although in our neck of the woods, there aren’t too many of these kinds of items available.

  5. I am in search of an affordable, sturdy, good condition sofa. We gave our sofa to the church to put in the youth room about two years ago. We have still not replaced it because we could not afford to buy another one. Sometimes I wish we hadn’t given our away but the youth group love to squish as many people on it as possible. We will find one, we are determined. It may just take two more years.

  6. Nester, where did you find your “rooty bonsai tree” and the bowl it’s in? It is precious!

  7. Brooke greene says:

    Me too, I was searching for round when I went out, slowly but surely, I found a perfect round beauty after 6 months for 4.98
    Yipee I’m happy, painting now!!

  8. I love the table! It will look fantastic in any color! I am still in search of the “perfect” coffe table for my formal living room…I’ll eventually find one that will jump out at me! Congrats on your find!

  9. I’m looking for a few things. Bedroom end tables in dark wood. Rustic wood frames. Castle inspired things that fit a Harry Potter/Hogwarts theme – like tapestry patterns, jewel colors. Diner kitchen ware.

  10. um, i am browsing for the exact white slipcover for a wing back chair that you have in your picture!!!!! have any idea where i can find that??????? i’d love you forever and ever if you could tell me!

  11. love your new table! We’ve been on the hunt for a new dining room table since we got married – 11 years ago. My parents gave us theirs so we never had to buy one. Recently it has started to have issues with one of the legs so we’ve had to get more serious about buying one! We’ve been homebound from the snow and finally found a table and ordered it! I am so excited!!

  12. Love your coffee table! We’re browsing for a dining room table and nursery room ideas!

  13. I would love a round ottoman about that same size. We currently have a rectangle ottoman that I recovered at one point but the space really needs something round. I’ve been hunting for a while now but can’t find the right size. It may not exist. LOL.

  14. LOVE your table!
    Why are all those shoes on the mantel??

  15. Anonymous says:

    $15.00? Wow!! I’ve been looking for a round one for a while too – and still haven’t found one. Not one in my price range anyway!

    My living room furniture is not old at all and I really do like it, but we built a house two years ago. The coffee table is a long, rectangular one and is just too big for the new area. My couch reclines on each end (a necessity according to my husband) and because of where the table sits, your feet brush up against the table when reclined. It drives me crazy! A round table would be the answer to this problem. I’ll keep looking until I find what I want. I will know it when I see it.

    I enjoy your blog….very inspiring :)

  16. Ooops! I hit send too quick and left off my info.

    The anonymous above is me :)

  17. I’ve been on the prowl for a year + for two little tables to use for nightstands. Matching is not essential, condition is not essential because I can paint them, but they must be inexpensive and a style that ‘speaks’ to me1

  18. A sectional. Not like time investment, just an affordable sectional with decent lines and fabric.

  19. Good things come to those that wait. It’s the perfect coffee table for your space. But what I really LOVE are those shoes on the fireplace. :) Boys are so fun, aren’t they?

  20. Searching for a piece for dishes. All kinds of dishes. Hand-me-downs, new, etc. I loved the all glass, red china cabinet in Pottery Barn last year. But, a little pricey… and with two boys, I’m sure all that glass … is a terrible idea. I will say, I’m very excited about my Grandmothers, small, two drawer mirrored dresser that we recently re-purposed for a table next to my husbands chair in the living room. Minus the mirror of course. We’ve had thedresser since Grandma passed away 10 years ago. Thanks for inspiring me to re-purpose a great and meaningful piece!

  21. Something fabulous to put over my bed like that sunburst mirror you have over your bed in yesterday’s post. (Gorgeous!) I have a fairly new king sized with tall posts at the head of the bed. The bed is a “pretty bed” – it is off white and the head board has a shape and it contrasts nicely with the wall behind it. I just can’t find the right thing (or things) so I have nothing up there. I can’t decide if I need one big thing or two smaller things or three things or what. If you still gave advice, I’d ask you. I will say, I learn SO much from reading your blog.

    BTW, my young friend who had the house fire, is still not in her house. Fortunately they have parents in town to stay with.

  22. Looks like a perfect coffee table for your sofa…I love it! Curious to see what color you paint it too. I am searching for a white upholstered headboard…excellent quality and excellent price…it may take some time ! ~Deb`

  23. Anonymous says:

    currently browsing for a rectangle coffee table..much like yours for another post. I dont care the color and it can be beat up. I want to place it in the new playroom as an activity table for my son. I am also browsing for a round kitchen table that I can cut the legs off and make into a coffee table in our family room…one that we can use to do art and put together puzzles.

  24. Loving that coffee table!!!
    I need/want a lot of things. 1)loveseat for the playroom so I don’t have to sit on the floor 2) chair and ottoman to make a reading space in my master bedroom 3) table/dresser for the entryway (i love the one you have for your man) 4)dresser for my twin boys. 5) sunburst mirror for over the bed in my master bedroom. I’ve been searching CL for a while now but no luck yet however, garage sale season is just around the corner!! cannot.wait!!!

  25. I’m browsing for a bedside table for my daughter’s room. Color isn’t an issue, because I plan to paint it. But I’m being kind of picky on scale.

  26. I am looking for a cubbie style book shelf for my daughter’s room. I’ve been looking for only a month, I have found a couple great second hand spots to hunt at and I look forward to going every week to see if either of them have what I want! Even when I don’t find it, I have fun! :)

  27. I am looking for two nightstands with drawers. (I’m very tired of a big cavernous area behind a door). They don’t need to match, but need to be of similar scale. I will paint them when I find them.

  28. I’m browsing for a bigger house. I’m picky. I think we’ll be browsing for a long while.

  29. Console table currently. Slow going though since I cannot really figure out what I want! Here’s my post from earlier this week.

  30. browsing for a corner nook to use as my studio space….i am in love with the all white Ikea table and am pretty sure we will go with it. however, one project leads to the next…..i will need to move my dining room table to the left of the dining room, in order to create some studio space, which means….i would LOVE to have a corner nook in place of the dining room table….i am struggling with this fact, but so desperate for some creative space in our tiny cottage townhome. sigh….
    always so inspiring here! thank you!

  31. Love the contrast of the dark finish on your new coffee table surrounded by the lighter colors in the room. It provides such a beautiful balance. Personally, I’m browsing for too many items to list—honestly, end tables, coffee table, bed, sofas/couches, chairs, lamps, basically completely new furniture. Our collection of second-third hand blessings are rapidly wearing out beyond hope of yet another refurbishing. Most of the furnishings I’m browsing for need to be larger in scale and quite sturdy all the while possessing beauty. Oh yes, the price needs to be *free* or nearly so. Throw in living in a remote, rural area and you’ll know why I’m still browsing. Oh well, it can be fun browsing until just the right item surfaces. Maybe I’m just addicted to the feeling that accompanies the ultimate find. I wonder…is this how a hunter feels after bagging his game?

  32. That is amazing find for $15.00. Love the lines and 4 legs rather than one pedestal. Imagine it decreases the tip-able factor! I am also hunting for a new coffee table at second hand stores. I am hoping the spring cleaning of others will land me an amazing find!

  33. I am browsing for a new ottoman/coffee table. Our living isnt really big so its a struggle. We currently have to smaller ottomens that have endured 4 years of boys so they are on their last leg and I am seriously considering turning them into one but just not sure. I would love a trunk that could double as storage but hubby is not so sure.

  34. I smiled when I saw the photo in your post. I have the side table and demi-lune table to match your coffee table. After a recent mishap with scented oil, the finish on the top of my side table was damaged… I love the tables too much to just get rid of them, so I am waiting for the right inspiration to refinish my tables, too. I can’t wait to see what you do with yours. It will give me some inspiration!

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