Totally Random Bird Watching this week, for even more great links, check out the Nest Files.

We’ve had a stump sitting around in our garage for over a year and I’m ready to have a stump side table like this

Sometimes things make moments
@ The Redesign Company.  Our family had dinner with the Lewis family last night.  You will love how she thinks about home.  Her home is one of the most soulful homes I’ve ever been in.  Soon, I’m taking my camera so you can see the magic she works–I think that photo above is a client/friend’s house.

Remember Edie’s birthday post the other day where I was bragging how much she loved me because she made me that DARLING bird?  Guess what, it was a moment of sheer humiliation when Edie told me that she didn’t make it, the talented DENISE made it for me.  THANK YOU DENISE!  Plus, Denise teaches us how to make these charmers at her blog.

Winners of Reluctant Entertainer Books::

Forgive me for such a small photo the winners are Cathy, Nicki, Sandy @ Cottage Style Decorating, Deborah, and Carrie, I emailed all of you this morning, please email Sandy with your info and she’ll make sure you get your book.

Didn’t win?  Reluctant Entertainer is on sale at Amazon right now for just $12 {skip buying flowers next time you have guests over and the book pays for itself} and the Kindle edition is only $10.