2011 Home Goals

I’m starting this post with one of my goals from last year.  Our bedroom.  I cannot believe I haven’t told you all about this room, we worked on it in October during the 31 day series and then the holidays happened and now it’s next year.  I’ll tell you more than you ever want to know about this room next week.  But for now, I need to enjoy this photo before I show you the carnage of my before photos of my next projects.

Also, let me preface my goals by saying that I take great joy in doing projects in our home, my main hobby is my house.  It always has been and always will be.  Plus, I have a blog where I write about my house, not only do I love doing house stuff, it’s kind of like my job, so you know, it’s pretty normal for me to have many projects going on at once.  Many years I’ve done nothing but unpack boxes and see how we live in a house.  This is the first time we’ve lived in the same house for more than 1 year in the last 4 years.  Did you get that?  It’s been FOUR years since our family has been settled in a house for more than one year.  And even though we are renting I finally feel at ease and somewhat unpacked enough to start doing things.   For this house project loving girl, I feel like I can finally catch my breath and have some fun.

1. Three Boys Rooms

{updated to add a picture of the lego table}

  • window mistreatments
  • walls {paint & something interesting that he likes}
  • lampshade

We just separated our 9 and 10 year old boys so they have their own rooms.  This boy now only has a tiny dresser.

  • larger dresser
  • new rug {this one smells like burning rubber?}
  • lighting

This room drives me insane.

  • declutter
  • rug
  • bedding
  • window mistreatment
  • organize wall stuff so it’s not just papers taped to it
  • lighting
  • storage
  • a chair on wheels

I want their rooms to be all about them and show their unique likes and personality but we can do better than taped up papers on the wall and a rug that won’t stay put.

2. The Bonus Room

The playroom doesn’t even have toys anymore.  It’s more of a bonus hangout/guest room.

  • bedding
  • wall decor
  • window mistreatments
  • fix/replace tv stand
  • paint

Here’s the other side of the room.  We have lots of extra chairs since we use our dining table in the kitchen now.  What do I do with all of these chairs?

3. TV Wall

TV wall in the family room.  This wall drives me and my husband crazy.  We LOVE the TV on that wall but I can’t figure out what to put next to the armoire.  Plus those two boxes high on the wall–the doorbell and ? Plus….

You can see the guts of the TV from the side.  When you walk in the front door.  I’ve hung a drape on that wall, put bulky things on the wall and on the table but so far I can’t find a combination that I like.  My husband has a solution that of course involves a new TV.

And I have a few other things I’m wanting to do:

  • Add pops of color {incorporate more shots of color I can easily switch out}.
  • Finish mistreaments {those striped ones need to be finished at the top and bottom}.
  • Paint the kitchen {it’s 90 percent done, why don’t I just finish it already?}
  • Get a sailfish {I’ve been wanting one of these for too long}.
  • Incorporate more handmade items {my pet peeve is when an entire house looks like it was purchased from Kirkland’s {not that there is anything wrong with Kirklands} or any store for that matter, I want to make sure I use things I’ve made, things from nature, items from etsy shops, things my boys made and the imperfect and unexpected}.
  • Get a round coffee table for the family room.
  • Continue to be content living with imperfection, I feel like this is my strongest quality and the most important thing that frees me to be able to do things in my home.  You should try it.

Those are my goals to help keep me focused this year, what are yours?

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  1. Those are some great goals! My list is huge – but at least I have a list :)

    Thanks for hosting!

  2. All of your goals are great! I love your last bit of advice, about living with imperfection. That is true not only around your house, but of life in general! Wise words :) Thank you for hosting such a fun link party!

  3. I don’t have a list, but you’ve inspired me…again. My youngest is 8 and he’s in a room that was painted and decorated for his 19-year-old brother when HE was 6. Is that pathetic or what? I love the color, but it’s Ethan’s room now, not mine. So I need to find a way to make that room feel like his and not his brothers.

    Is that the antelope/elk head on your son’s wall???

  4. I have a pretty long list here, and as for those chairs, I could use them at my house. I am looking for some just like those to go around my table in the breakfast room, however I need them on a budget. My son informed me, when he came home for Christmas, that we have too many tables in our house. I will be looking at that too. Thanks for sharing.

  5. A list…what a great idea. I always have a bunch of projects going on at one time…but a list would be awesome. I have to tell you… I love your blog. So much so that I have just added it to my sidebar…that way everyone will know that I am a fan and more importantly, I won’t miss a post.

  6. I totally get your frustration with the tv sticking out the back…it would bug me too…BUT as an outsider, I wouldn’t have noticed it :)

  7. For the TV Armoire area, I am wondering if you can do a fake window with a TALL treatment (box) to cover both the doorbell issue and the side of the TV issue. Like make it look like there is a big double window and one of the Curtains would come just to each side of the armoire and the other window would fill in the space to the right of it and you could just put a desk or something ???

    Just a thought. Also keep eyes for a Craigslist TV that isn’t as deep, people got even BIGGER ones…than their previous too big TVs…LOL and are maybe finding new homes for the “OLD”.

    Happy New Year!

  8. Thanks for posing such an interesting question. I had never thought about having goals for my home. I hope you will have a follow up to this later in the year where we all can update how we are doing on our home goals.

  9. If you would like to get rid of your arm chairs for the dining table, I will buy them from you!! We just built a dining room table and have zero chairs!

  10. love your list.

  11. I just have to know, where are all the Legos? I have a love/hate relationship with the menacing little bricks. Both of my sons are fanatics.

  12. I love your list! And I love your bedroom. Can’t wait to hear more about it! :D

  13. Thanks for the link up!! :)

  14. I love your goal list and can’t wait to see it come to life!! I know what you mean about moving. Although, we haven’t moved as much or as often as you…(our moves have been about every 2 years) I still feel the same way! As soon as we get settled and comfortable in our home…here we go again! Anyway…thanks for sharing your goals and encouraging us to share ours. It helps to have that accountability!
    Happy New Year!!

  15. Really enjoyed, and was inspired by your post. We sold our last home in October, 2007 and are in our third rental since then. Not owning a home has been freeing in some respects but I think I’ve gotten lax in the area of making our rental a home. I’m thinking and planning and may have a list soon. Thanks for the inspiration.

  16. Your bedroom look incredible. I would love for my whole house to look like that, but it’s been eaten by toys and heavy wood furniture that my mother in law can’t fit in her (other) house.

  17. I love your house and your style! What great goals! I can’t wait to see how the boys rooms turn out. I still have little kids, but am already thinking of how we’ll design rooms once there aren’t toys scattered all across the house. (And I too agree with your husband. It’s time for a new tv.)

  18. Lauren Bowman says:

    I was wondering what color of paint you used in your bedroom? Love it!

  19. Nice way to start the new year and I look forward to the reveals. One suggestion, in regards to the chairs is there room in the bonus room for a small table. It would be a great place for games, crafts and family interaction. Just a thought. Happy New year Nester.

  20. Looks beautiful! I was thinking about the TV armoire, a wall of shelves from floor to ceiling may do the trick. It would take care of the boxes, the side and easily hold your tv. Then move the armoire to one of the boys room, paint it black and add some shelves where the tv was. Just a thought.

  21. we have the same problem with our tv, flat screen and big hiney {the tv man sold this to my husband….} anyhow, I ended up going to target and getting two shallow bookcases on either side of the unit, and now you cannot see the tv rear end, and you can paint them whatever you like……also I had to get books and fun stuff to pimp them out with! Love your posts!

  22. Thank you for showing us that every room is not perfect and for reminding us that your home is both your job AND your hobby. I am a homebody and I could work on things here 24 / 7…but we have decided for now to homeschool and there is little time, energy, or budget left for the home. I have to remind myself of that often. And it’s like your wise sister said recently: every time we say yes to one thing, we’re saying no to something else. That was such a necessary truth for me to grasp. Still, your easy projects and frugal ways inspire me to make tweaks here and there and to accept imperfection.

    As for the problem with your TV guts, my husband’s solution finally won out. Santa brought a Sony. I would have picked a sofa but you know, the man is happy so that makes me happy. We put the armoire and old TV (guts included) on Craigslist. : )

    • And amen to that.

      Three years ago I was homeschooling 3 fellas every day and was lucky to get to make my bed. Now, they are all in school {two that I pay for with the money I make from the blog–doing projects in our home~if I didn’t homeschool then I needed to pay for their school} Right now it’s a much better fit for me to move furniture than schooling boys, each season brings different amounts of time for different things.

  23. I loved this post. I feel like there are so many times that bloggers post only “perfect” pictures. I love to see that you actually “live” in your house. Thanks for sharing that.

    I to have a long list of goals, since we just purchased our house 3 days before Thanksgiving.

  24. Nester, I just love you so much. You are so wise to implement {and encourage us} the imperfect in our homes :]

    One of my favorite things right now is to see dog toys all over the living room rug when I wake up in the morning. Since having Bauer I’ve learned so much — it’s seriously FUN to see how he loves life and plays and is now a part of our family. Why pick that up??? Why put that feeling “away”???

    No more.

    Also, I love the creepy animal head on the wall in your sons room. Haha! A good place… but do you wish it was still in your office? ;]

    XOXO. see you in a few weeks ♥

  25. Your bedroom is stunning!!
    My goodness!
    I thought I had my work cut out for me!
    What’s so cool, though, is I can probably steal some of your ideas as I work on my goals–thanks!!
    I pray that the Lord provide us all the means and the energy to make our homes!!
    P.S. Yes! As some other nesters have said, shelves on either side of the armoire is an excellent idea. I am putting shelves on either side of my TV console in our theater room to give it more of a “Unit” feel. Of course, a flat TV does have it’s advantages…

  26. I am slightly freaking out because I just finished our master makeover again. And um, it’s really similar to yours. And, I have that same starburst mirror on our staircase wall, but a diff starburst above our bed. I wish I had that big fluffy rug for our room though. :)

    Thanks for the home goal party. It was nice to be forced to put them in writing. :)

  27. I have a similar problem with my TV cab,,,,except on mine, it that you see a small portion of the back of cab(which is ugly) in my kitchen,,,My solution,,,,which would totally work for you,,,SHUTTERS! I had a white shutter that matches my cab perfect,,just slid it in behind my cab, and now look at a cute shutter that blends in instead of particle board!! Just paint a shutter to match your cab and put it on the side covering you wires! It takes up no visual space, and looks cute!!!

  28. still working on your imperfection tutelage!! Can’t wait to see your projects develop. Hmmm… wondering if I bit off more than I can chew?

  29. Oh,, and our TV is on a weird little wall like yours and I put a small chest beside it,,full of dvd’s and over it the only way I have found is staggered stuff…right now there is a cute clock directly above the tv cab and a big mirror over the chest..works pretty well..

  30. cassandra says:

    Sounds like fun! How about a trailing plant, like ivy on top of your tv armoire? Maybe you hate plants, or ivy….but the leaves would hide that gap. And, I didn’t like the mirror next to the tv, but it looks like you moved it…too many squares with depth….
    I know that feeling of settling it….it takes time as a renter.

  31. I think a large potted plant, a ficus perhaps?, to hide the TV guts would look great.

  32. We also have an overabundance of chairs. It is nice when we need extra seating inside and fabulous outdoor baby showers that look so homey with inside chairs instead of folding chairs…yet they take up so much dang room! We have chairs everywhere and no garage to store them in. At least they are pretty?

    I am probably one of few women who would have to agree with your hubby…I am all for a new TV! ;) Once you go big you never go back!

    • OH my gosh, you all just about have me convinced, I mean, he probably would have gotten one anyway but now I feel much better about it since you all think ours is ludicrous. THANK YOU! I’m already moving that armoire to my office {in my head…}

  33. gorgeous pictures. please tell me where you got the boys beds? =)

  34. Denise C. says:

    First & foremost a new desk chair for me. Mine is 15+ years old, & is on it’s last leg. I *love* the slipcovered chair in the photo with you armoire, where did you get it???

  35. What a fun linky party, there is some motivation in blogland! Janell

  36. You have inspired me to work on my house. I have read your blog for some time and I just love the “feel” of your home and have longed for that feel in my own home but I could never quite get it right…with a little inspiration and encouragement that it doesn’t have to be perfect I am on my way to getting my house beautiful!

  37. Get the new tv … get the new tv …. get the new tv. Tell your husband your friends agreed. My husband wanted a new tv and I gave in and it sparked a whole lot of other changes including an awesome new Pottery Barn armoir that i adore. I don’t even really watch tv but i sure love this armoir.

  38. I am LOL about the new tv. It really does seem to be the thing to purchase right now, but I can’t seem to talk MY husband into it!! LOL I would LOVE extra chairs. I’m missing a few to sit everyone around the table when family comes. I like the various chair in the middle of nowhere, but I agree with Heather on the table. Especially since that’s a guest/hand out area a small kitchen table might simply be the ticket to keep those chairs in use and yet not in the way until you need them downstairs. I could quite easily make a list of what I want to do in each room, and I may yet. :) Thanks for all the inspiration!!

  39. Ok, that’s it…you have encouraged me! I need to get my house in order and make some home goals. I have a couple of questions…
    1. Where do you keep toys? Or, have you gotten rid of a ton?
    2. We just moved from our dream home to a rental….it’s making me crazy. I have plastic bins/totes holding many of our things (I promis a question is coming…) I’m trying to declutter…
    3. How do you avoid plastic totes? Do you simplify?


  40. Thanks Nester for showing us some messy room pics. Good to see your home isn’t always like a magazine…but probably pretty darn close! Can’t wait to meet you at BLISSDOM (sung in my best opera voice)!!! :o

  41. I love your goals, Nester, especially about continuing to live and be content with imperfection b/c that hits home to my post today too. Thank you so much for hosting! I had to link up late b/c we had MOPS this morning, but I am so excited to go through the links. I wonder how long I can get my girls to watch a cartoon today? ;)

  42. Alexandra says:

    I MUST know what the color of your bedroom is!

  43. Rebecca O'Neill says:

    Is it just me or does the reflection in the mirror abover your bed look an awful lot like the satanic goat head in your office??? He just won’t stay out of your room!

    Love your style! Love your blog! Thanks for all of the ideas and inspiration!

  44. I have a question: having moved so many times in recent years, do you have fabulous advice for someone who is about to move into her second rental , after just having moved 9 months ago? Packing tips? Quickly feeling at home again tips? Sanity savers? If you’ve already posted on this, could you point me in the right direction? Thanks so much. You are awesome – I find you and your attitude about your home so inspiring.

    • moving close, drive lots of stuff over in your car and let your kids carry it in, pack it in laundry baskets and don’t worry about packing everything just so~that helped save me some sanity

  45. I love your ideas, but I have to go with your hubby on the TV. You can get some pretty great deals now (& near superbowl) and it really will free up some space. I was begging for a TV b/c when we married I inherited my husband’s 57″ big screen – the kind that was on its own base and was as big as a chest of drawers, NOT including all the DVD & stereo equipment that came with it! Now it all fits neatly on a coffee table-turned-entertainment center.

  46. Can you hang a wall-width curtain behind the wardrobe that would hide the boxes on the wall? Find a two boards the width of the gap behind the wardrobe (either top of wardrobe to floor or to the first half of the wardrobe) affix them somehow and paint to match the wardrobe?

  47. How do you keep the dog hair out of the house? Our lab sheds EVERYWHERE!!!…but he’s so cute and precious! ;)

  48. Hello, Long time lurker here. How fun to see more pics of your beautiful house and hear about your plans for this year. I love your master bedroom. Can I ak where you got the mirror over your bed? I love one and want something similar for over my mantel.

  49. Shannon Roberts says:

    Okay, so I’m NOT a designer…nor do I have the creativity to be a designer. I do however, make a great design thief. I love seeing what you’ve done and imitating it. I have especially enjoyed this post because it shows that as gorgeous as your home is…you TOO have a home that is “lived in”. I realize that was NOT the goal of this post, but it has brought some two-fold warmness to my heart. I look forward to seeing what you do with these spaces!

  50. i can see right now that you need to find a way for that blue tv holder to live upstairs and replace it with a tv than hangs on the wall and can be tilted for viewing. a man’s dream tv.

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