Thank You 2010

Top 20 Referrers of 2010

1. Thrifty Decor Chick

2. A Soft Place to Land

3. My Sweet Savannah

4. Centsational Girl

5. Chatting at the Sky {my sister!}

6. The Inspired Room

7. Life In Grace

8. Reluctant Entertainer

9. Better After

10. Big Mama

11. Boo Mama

12. The Lettered Cottage

13. Holly Mathis Interiors

14. Cote de Texas

15. Our Suburban Cottage

16. Hooked on Houses

17. Pink and Polka Dot

18. Remodeling This Life

19. Simple Mom

20. Jones Design

Each one of these women is amazingly talented and I’m honored to know them. Thank you all so much for your support and friendship.  {Fun fact; I’ve met all but 5 of these women in person}

And thank everyone who has linked or read or commented or rolled their eyes at my words.  It would be no fun to write this stuff and take millions of photos if no one ever came around to look and read.

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  1. Great post!! :) And we never roll our eyes… :)

  2. no rolling eyes over here….
    your place is pure enjoyment….
    and your words are always entertaining…..
    keep waiting on a book to come out from you…..
    we’d all buy it!

  3. Love your blog, and can’t wait to see what 2011 brings you, Nester. :) I love your style and sense of humor.

  4. I only roll my eyes when I think to myself “Why didn’t I think of that!” Happy New Year!

  5. I would have thought I’d be on there for shizzle. But perhaps the part where it is apparently still 1998 with my “shizzling” has somehow messed up your results. Happy new year, Nest! Glad you are my friend in this decade and the next. Homey.

  6. You have been such a HUGE source of inspiration for women everywhere. Thank you for your
    authentic and humble life that you share so generously with the world. I love reading you because you are real and imperfect…just like us:)
    Keep the creativity flowing….xo

  7. Nester, Imagine my surprise at little old me being on that list. You have offered so much beauty and inspiration this year. Happy New Year!

  8. Um….you’re great and anyone who rolls there eyes is dumb. that is all. ;)

  9. How wonderful that you’ve been able to meet so many of them!! Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

    <3 Ashley

  10. thanks girl! love you and hope your slipcovers are holding up with that big ‘ol yummy chocolate lab! i think i foresee an ikea trip in the future. happy new year!

  11. All great contributors!

  12. Your blog is always great fun and inspiration…love coming here.I’m looking forward to 2011.

  13. …how did you know I have been rolling my eyes at you?

  14. Yay!! Pleased as punch to be number one on that list! Love ya friend!! You rock my world.

  15. Hi there! I am relatively new to your blog and so far I LOVE it! I’m looking forward to read your posts. Keep up the good work and have a wonderful 2011 :D

  16. Cool! So happy to have met you last year, my dear, and can’t wait to see you at Blissdom again in January!


  17. You are my “read everyday” blog – love it! Thanks for such awesome inspiration. Now if I could only keep my house clean enough to get some time to make it look as nice as yours! Many sweet wishes for a wonderful New Year!

  18. Thank YOU Nester! And so many of those amazing women I read, meeting them here thru your 31Day gigs. :). Many I lurk, some I comment, and I bet there are a few who roll their eyes & wish I’d lurk! :D thanks to you and all for your wisdom, your “funnies”, and your sheer humanity. What a treat you ALL are-and I thank you for this gathering place in your nest. -s-

  19. You follow a lot of the same blogs I follow! I have to agree they are all great!!

  20. {chanting} Number 2! Number 2!

    I’m tickled to be on your list, my friend. But more importantly, I’m delighted to call you friend. Happy New Year!

  21. Hi Nester,

    I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent on your blog! I especially enjoyed 31 days to less messy nest. Thanks for sharing such great posts! Happy New Year!


  22. Hot dog, I’m on the list! Absolutely love your blog. Maybe someday we will meet in real life too! Happy New Year :)

  23. ahhhhh! Thank you! You are so sweet! I am almost finished on “our” project! Thanks again for the email! Looking forward to getting to know you better in 2011! Melaine

  24. Well I’m so honored to be on that list! You are completely the reason for the growth of my blog, so the fact that I’ve sent some people to you {even if I am number 20!} makes me proud. Thank you for taking the time to write all that you do, inspire us ladies and share your ideas with us. You are great and we are all so thankful for you!

    All the best to you and your family in 2011.

  25. What an honor to make THE list! YOU are amazing,YOU are the pioneer, and I have always always been inspired by YOU. I remember finding you and Kimba on the SAME day early last year, which led me to Sarah’s blog, and how marvelous to be in your blog company. So delighted to meet you this past February, and again will look forward to seeing you again in January, 2011, can you believe it? Time flies! Thanks for all you are and all you do Nester!


  26. Love all these fantastic blogs…can’t wait to see you *this* month!! Happy 1-1-11!!

  27. And I can’t wait to squeeze your pretty little face this month! Exciting! Love you — thank you for ALL you do for me and everyone else!

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