Cleaning Day

Something else is wrong with me.

Um, I kind of like to clean my house.  I kind of almost look forward to it.

That Mrs. Meyer has brainwashed me or something.

Get it “brainwashed”, she makes cleaning products?  Funny, right?  I’m reading the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Home book right now and it’s fun to read about her family and how the company started.  Her daughter, Monica…well, I’ll let them tell you…

And if you are a Caldrea fan, that daughter, Monica has two daughters, Aundrea and Calla.  Yep, the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean day is the more budget friendly version of Monica’s first creation, Caldrea.  I love reading about how companies started, and Mrs. Meyer’s is no exception.

With guests coming for the holidays and ebook writing and mistreatment creating and husband and three boys and a dog constantly running in and out, my house is in disarray more than I’d like to admit.

And I’d much rather be writing a blog post or tweeting about important things like cheese than cleaning.  Until I started using Mrs. Meyer’s stuff. I mentioned my devotion to her products in October.  And the dust particles aligned and now Mrs. Meyer’s is a sponsor of Nesting Place this month {thanks Mrs. M. for sponsoring this post, you make it easy to write about}.

The magic is in the smell.  I can’t put it into words.  According to Thema Meyer, it “Smells like a garden. Cleans like the dickens”.  It’s addicting, that fresh clean smell.  Once you try it, you probably won’t be able to turn back to those hospital smelling cleaners. I’m sorry, but it’s true.

Three things every kitchen must have: a dutch oven, a laptop, and Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day counter top spray.  Can I get an Amen?

This Christmas season is turning out to be weird.  Most of my Christmas decor annoys me and I like to clean.  What is HAPPENING to me?  So, today, I’m stripping the white slipcover off my sofa and using my lavender detergent and fabric softener {also a scoop of Oxy Clean} and in a few hours my sofa will be as good as new and smell fresh and lovely.

Until they come back.  But I still love having white slips.

And my collection has grown. Isn’t it beautiful?   Every so often they have amazing limited edition smells that sell out super fast. I’ll let you know next time I see one {after I purchase mine}. They’ve had rhubarb, snickerdoodle, orange clove, gingerbread, peppermint, apple, honeysuckle and Iowa Pine to name a few.  And there are some people that get these limited editions and then sell them on ebay and make a killing.  Not that I checked or anything. Not that I’m considering purchasing a pepperment product on ebay.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day is now available in many Walmart stores {look in the laundry section}.  They have the best selection I’ve seen in person and you can even twist off the top and take a wiph.  wiff. whiph?  I can NEVER spell that word.  You can even check online to see if your local store carries what you are looking for and if it’s in stock.  My local Walmart had some $2 off coupons hanging around the necks of the laundry soap.  But, just in case, you might want to print up some of these $1 off coupons. HERE is the coupon right under these words:: click on it…

If your local Walmart doesn’t carry Mrs. Meyer’s Clean day, no worries, there is free shipping on orders over $50 at Mrs. through December 16th at noon.  Happy cleaning and may your house be squeaky clean not stinky clean.

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  1. you have inspired me to clean today. Oddly enough, I’m also putting my christmas decorations out! My kitchen smells like Mrs. Meyer’s :)

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  2. Girlfriend, I think you’ve been parking in my driveway! I love Mrs Meyers and I know exactly what you mean about actually enjoying cleaning with her products. I have purchased the gift sets from the website to give as Christmas gifts even! How sick is that? I just love the way she makes my house smell and I am soooo sorry I missed the orange clove fragrance….

  3. “Wife! WHY did you just buy $50 worth of cleaning products when there is an entire cupboard full under the sink???!!!”

    “Because the Nester told me to and I am weak when it comes to her!”

    “Wait, isn’t that one of the blogs you read?”


    “and you don’t know this woman personally?”


    “you are pathetic.”

    “I know. But just think of how fabulous our house will smell!”

    “like I said…”

  4. I ADORE her products. I have been using them for about 2.5 years now, and while they are a little pricier, I find them to be well worth the money. They really smell AMAZING. The basil hand soap is my FAVE FAVE FAVE.

  5. do you really clean in those boots???
    lol…you are too cute!

  6. Sounds Lovely! I’ll check this out at Walmart- the place I hate to go, but HAVE to go…all. the. time…!

  7. Danielle M. says:

    Nester!! I’ve tried commenting a few times on your bloggy-blog the last couple days, and they aren’t showing up!?!? Do I need to do something differently?

  8. o Do you really clean in those shoes?
    o That’s a heck of a lot of cleaning products for one family!

  9. Oh my gosh! That rainbow of Mrs. Meyers makes my heart flutter! And makes me want to go clean something! :D

  10. I can’t type what I would do to get my hands on gingerbread, peppermint, or Iowa Pine in any of her stuff because it might be used against me in court one day! When I wash dishes with the geranium dish soap, I’m so tempted to lick the suds! =)

  11. Okay, I am envious…I love Mrs. Meyers (Caldrea too), but don’t have near the stash you do!! LOL I love the scents, very clean and VERY natural. I loved the new clove and orange candle for the fall, and can’t wait to use the Iowa Pine.

  12. Thank you for showing your messy house. After October’s posts I had a vision of an always clean nest. Thanks…

  13. I have used her dish soap for a few years and will never use anything else. I am so glad to see this post because I have always wondered if the rest of her cleaning products were as stellar as the dish soap. I am definitely going to try some new ones. One question – you use the countertop spray on your granite…do you need to use a polish after or does the spray leave it nice and shiny?

  14. Ok. I am a cheapskate. But I would love to try these amazing products. Plus, when I let my girls clean, I’d rather them not be dripping in crazy chemicals. So here is my question:

    If I were to by 3 of her cleaning products at my neighborhood Walmart – which ones should I start with?

  15. I think it’s funny how pretty your house looks even with the “mess”! Ha!

  16. You make me laugh. Fun post. I’ve checked. Looks like I can get Mrs. Meyers in Canada. Definitely will check it out.

  17. Amen! (you asked,right?) And I believe (not Webster’d tho) it’s “whiff”. Unlike wiffleball but close. -s-

  18. Me again-i tried desperately to do this via direct reply to Jan but my stoopid phoneweb wudnt let me. :-/ anyway-i did do an Amen, but I have to admit I’ve gone nuts for,and subsequently backed away from, the whole-hog approach 2 Mrs.Meyers. Yes I wanted to wash my hair in the geranium dish detergnt, but I’d used Dawn since the ExxonValdez & was so overcome with guilt after the Gulf spill I went back to Dawn& even gave it to friends to be sure more wildlife donations were made. Even my mechanic said it’s the best&gentlest degreaser,so it wont hurt paint finishes on your lovely wheels. But back to my thanx to Jan–as I get older&accumulate more autoimmune diseases/syndromes (they dont say they “cluster” fer nuthin’-it’s a “cluster” alright…) I also get more chemically-sensitive,both breathing&skin-wise. So as much as I love the Mrs.M smells, I have found some tuffies with certain ingred’s/products. Just sticking with lavender now. And ThankYou Jan!For your research&info on Aubrey’s&BioKleen (sp?) am sure you’re not *talking*out of your hat,but thanx for magically *pulling* them out of your hat! :D Chem-sensitivity is so personal, I just have to keep trying difft stuff if I want good smells *and* good results. I’ve tried vinegar-only route,& somehow I kept smelling pickles (sigh). So thank u to all for discussion&info. Who was it that used lavender oil in their vinegar?and could you let me know how you mixed? -s-

  19. Ohhhh, how I want a Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning shelf just like you! I love her lavendar counter cleaner!! I will need to check out Walmart’s selection.

  20. Tami Pike says:

    I can give you an Amen! I just discovered Mrs. Meyer’s a few weeks ago from another blog I visit regularly. I LOVE the basil scent for my kitchen and my guests get to enjoy the lavendar in their bath. I didn’t know they did so many special scents but you can bet the second I am done typing here I will be on ebay checking out THAT situation.
    I love cleaning too, it ALMOST gives me the same clarity as a good long run (and when I’m done I am not quite as smelly and sweaty).
    I just wanted to share with everyone that a just last weekend I found a very cute “gift” set of Mrs. Meyers Holiday scent at T J Maxx. So keep your eyes peeled she’s everywhere.

    By the way, your collection is very impressive! :)

  21. I love the kitchen counter spray too! I could not pinpoint the scent then noticed the bottle says “basil”. It doesn’t smell like basil. It just smells like good!

  22. did anyone ever win the pier 1 gc?

  23. You have convinced me to try this stuff. I seriously need that peppermint.

  24. I found the Orange Clove candle and the Iowa Pine candle at our local Target last weekend and seriously thought I had won the lottery!!

  25. I went and looked at both of the main stores in my area (the website said their products were there) but had no luck so I’m just ordering myself the gift set. Any suggestions as to what smell I should get?

  26. Jacqueline says:

    My favorite scents are Rhubarb and Snap Pea. Sadly both have been discontinued but I still have a couple of bottles left. I’m trying to make them last forever!

  27. Sorry if this has been mentioned (or maybe I’m the only one having problems), but I can’t get the $1 off coupon to print. I tried a few days ago when you posted about it & I tried just now & I get nothing. When I tried a second time this morning it came up & said I’d exceeded the number of coupons allowed (or something like that) so maybe me asking for help is pointless now. Has anyone else had trouble?

    Thanks, I’m so dying to try this stuff!!! :)

  28. I LOVE Mrs. Meyers and Caldrea. It figures they’re related. You’re stocked up cleaning shelf rocks! I think it would be a lot more inspiring to clean with such a “palette.” I think I’m going to have to stock up.

  29. I ADORE Mrs. Meyers! I’m super jealous of your collection!

  30. Wow, If I had that shelf full of good smelling products, I would definitely have fun with my house cleaning too!

  31. mama walker says:

    i think its whiff. i totally know what you mean about feeling like “who the heck am i” i just roll with it and laugh.

  32. I do so understand about the scent. I don’t think Mrs Meyer’s exists in Sweden but we have Grumme Grön Såpa which is this wonderful pure pine soap that just smells divine of pine. It just smells naturally clean, somehow. As for cleaning supplies…wow! That is quite some collection. In my home, we make do with Grön Såpa, dishwashing liquid, toilet bowl rinser and vinegar (and microfibre cloths). For more interesting scents, have you tried unscented castille soap and adding just a drop or two of essential oil to the water?

  33. I will definitely have to try her. I love for my home to smell good and also be good for us. We have using our own “green” cleaning products for the past six months. Love it.

  34. Coupon link dosen’t seem to be working :-(

  35. Kristie Herod says:

    Ok- You sold me – went to walmart and bought the basil scent and I LOVE it! Just curious, what product do you use to dust solid wood furniture? Love your blog!

  36. You are so right! Lovin’ Mrs. Meyer’s lemon verbena countertop spray. Thought I would start there and see how we all liked it. It’s great. Thanks for sharing…..

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