A Season of Intention

Catchy, isn’t it?  The whole Do Less Be More thing sounds inviting.  Is it really possible?  There’s a secret to achieving it.

First, you decide that’s what you want.  So you choose “Less”.

{pillows :: snowbird // gift}

Then you get to say “no” to other stuff.  No to some things magically allows you to say yes to other things.  It’s kind of like math without any numbers.  My sister actually wrote a great post about this very thing last week.

For the past 2 years my sister and I have made Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon rolls together.  She was here at Thanksgiving and we had all of the supplies to check off year number three but we both just wanted to sit and laugh instead.  We did less, and it was better.  So in a way we didn’t meet our goal, but in reality the goal is simply sister time {ever since I was 10 we called it getting in laughing shape}.

glass bell jar/cloche/dome

Emily and I wrote about Doing Less and Being More over at the DaySpring Catalog. I’d love for you to click over and read it if you have a spare few minutes.  But first you can read the rest of this because if you choose to click all these links that’s a lot of doing.

In the spirit of giving DaySpring wants to provide you with beautiful, intentional objects for your home.   I used the Giving Thanks Hurricanes on my mantel and filled them with flowers week and then added lights.

A lovely way to incorporate the Nativity.  Plus, you can slip off the silhouettes and use the Nativity Hurricanes year around.  So unless you are saying “no” to entering giveaways {and I understand if you are} you are invited to join in the last Nesting Place giveaway of 2010.  DaySpring is giving away the pair of Giving Thanks Hurricanes for every 100 entries, plus, THREE $100 shopping sprees. 

Leave a comment telling us something you are NOT doing this Christmas season to enter to win.

Curious? Find out what Emily and I are not doing this season over at the online catalog {and look around some of your other favorite bloggers are hanging out there as well }.

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  1. Kary Ross says:

    ……we are not overdoing the gifts this year! We will be dividing up a small amount of money per family member and using it to help someone less fortunate…..like filling up a friend’s propane tank that heats her camper trailer…..or giving a pink Bible to a little 4 year old girl who loves to go to church….involving our grandchildren in this servant attitude Christmas this year! Loving the Christmas season of 2010!

  2. Greta Bullock says:

    This year my husband and I are not stressing over gifts for each other, instead we are going to a concert together. Our date nights are an endangered species, so this is a big deal!

  3. We aren’t doing a Christmas tree this year. We did last year, and it made our small living area feel 1/3 of the size. Plus we are moving 3 days after Christmas, and who wants to pack AND take down a Christmas tree??? :)

  4. We are keeping it simple and making the holiday about spending time with each other. Our boys are getting board games for some winter family fun!

  5. We are NOT going anywhere Christmas day. We’ll be home, just the four of us, with the new toys, and I can’t wait!

  6. Elizabeth Braud says:

    We are not going to get caught up in materialism, and are going to appreciate what we have. We are not going to forget the people who need assistance, especially during this cold winter, and we do plan on giving of ourselves. We are not going to lose hope, faith or love. God Bless!

  7. I am not driving 18 hours to AZ to spend Christmas with extended family and instead are staying home and enjoying our first Christmas as a family of 6.

  8. I am not overbuying gifts this year. Each person is getting one simple item that I enjoyed shopping for and that’s it. And I am not doing more junk for stocking stuffers. Instead we are donating to Heifer International for each stocking.

  9. I am not going to try to do too much, especially since I am 8 months pregnant with my 3rd son. . . it is just too tiring. . . the perfectionist in me is having a hard time with this;}

  10. I am not sending out Christmas cards! They are justntoo time consuming and I would rather do something else!!! It’s awful, and prob bad manners, but I don’t care! Not this year, I just want to not rush and actually get to enjoy things!

  11. I’m saying no to store shopping this year! I’ve almost finished my online shopping, which is the only easy way to shop when you’re a mom of four small kids who are with you 24/7!

  12. I love the candles!

  13. I’m not decorating much this year. I’m only using things I love and getting rid of the rest. It’s so refreshing! Also, I’m not shopping in stores…online for me, in my pajamas:)

  14. I am not eating too many cookies!! I love the nativity hurricanes!

  15. This is the 972nd thing that someone won’t be doing this year:

    Making a list

    This year my husband and I decided (as un-legalistic-ally as possible)to do a no-buy Christmas (we’ll see how it goes). So without any expectations, I guess anything I do get is gravy.. right? I’m also really going to try to not bake cookies, but I make no promises there.

  16. I am NOT making cookies this year. We don’t need them, I don’t really want my kids to eat them, I don’t have the time and we have plenty of healthier options. I am going to use my extra time to get down on the floor and play with my kids. What better Christmas gift?

  17. We are taking a huge trip this Christmas, but we are NOT flying! We have 3 small children, but we are going to take our time and drive. Although that does not sound like making it simpler, we do not feel rushed and we have lots of fun things planned for all that car time! :) We are also not exchanging gifts that have been bought, we wanted our focus to remain on Christ and this gift of time that we are getting to spend together for 18 days! Merry Christmas~

  18. katklaw777 says:

    We are not buying for extended family this year. Hubby was forced into early retirement and we aren’t ready financially. Thing swill work out but for now everyone understands that we still luv them and are happy to spend time with them.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  19. Due to my husband being in the Army, we just moved for the 2nd time in a year. This home has a beautiful staircase that seems to beg for garland, but I just can’t seem to make myself want to put any up. One of my four children, four dogs, or 1 cat would surely wreak havoc on it shortly after I got it up! We are also doing a 3 gift Christmas this year, because last year, we went completely overboard. And after all, why should we get more gifts than Jesus got on the first Christmas?:)

  20. One thing I am not doing is stressing about all the little stuff, that really doesn’t matter anyway :)

  21. We are not buying anything associated with Thomas the Train or Polly Pockets. It’s the end of an era.

  22. We’re not doing gifts. We have too many “blessings”, a.k.a. STUFF, already. Besides we got the best gift this year: my mother-in-law came to live with us. She’s superwoman, even with Alzheimer’s, and LOVES to do laundry. lol

  23. Sadly, we are probably not going to be able to put up our tree this year because we are in the middle of having a lot of work done in our home. My kids are older so it is OK but we will have to do it up right next year!

  24. I am NOT making baked goods for all of our neighbors this year. Just some cookies for us to enjoy with our guests.

  25. We are not going to travel on Christmas day! Because we have lots of family within an hour and a half drive in all directions, we’ve slipped into a trap many a year of driving like mad each holiday, which makes for a miserable Mom and kids by the time Christmas Day is over. Last year we decided to take a stand and it made all the difference in the world!

  26. I’m actually not decorating. My husband and I are super busy with school and work projects, so we’ve decided to hang our stockings and Christmas cards, and that’s it. We spend actual Christmas day with his family, so even though I LOVE Christmas decorations, I’m passing this year. And, I couldn’t be happier.

  27. We are not going crazy on gifts this year. As a family we decided to all pick something from Samaritin’s Purse to support.

  28. I am not going to stress. I just took in a cat, so my tree can wait another week to be put up. And I’m enjoying traveling when I can to see family, so I won’t spend much time baking.

  29. I am not traveling to my family’s house this year! They are coming to us! I always seemed to dread all the traveling that Christmas time brings. I am the only one in my immediate family with a small child, and I just want him to wake up at HIS house on Christmas day! My hubby’s family lives about an hour away and my family about 2 hours. So this year we are still going to hubby’s family, but my family is coming to us! I can’t wait!!

    These hurricanes would be beautiful for the holidays, and all year round, because we all could stand to be more thankful! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  30. My mom, sister, and I agreed to not buy gifts for each other and the menfolk. We are just buying for the kids!

  31. I’m not overdoing teacher gifts. I had planned to decoupage a sonic drink carrier with christmas paper and fill it with homemade candies and cookies… but I’ve plumb run out of time and energy. So the teachers will be getting one batch of homemade cinnamon rolls instead. Last year they got both, so I’m feeling a little bad about that… but maybe I should amend my comment to say “I’m not overdoing teacher gifts… and I’m not going to feel bad about that!”

  32. Trina Christenson says:

    I cut back on decorating this year. Keeping it simple – less is more! So we are thinking alike. I even went through and “lightened the load” on my Christmas decorations. Gifted some to my daughter and daughter-in-law and gave away some to charity. Feels good to lighten a bit. Thanks for the chance to add something beautiful to my Christmas collection. God bless!

  33. I am NOT going to the mall, most of my gifts were bought online or at a near-by Target. I am NOT baking a bunch of cookies–just enough for the 2 things I agreed to bring cookies too and to keep by my boys happy. I think I need to cut back a few other things, b/c I’m very, very weary right now.

  34. I am NOT overdoing gifts. All of my gifts are either small, homemade, or both. And most importantly, DONE. I have Christmas pudding to make, then my baking is DONE. When my daughter comes home from University, we will decorate the tree, then my decorating is done.

    In short, what I am NOT doing this year is making myself crazy trying to make Christmas perfect. I started this ‘tradition’ three years ago, and am perfecting my technique!! Saying “no” to a Martha Stewart Christmas means saying YES to a relaxing, peaceful time where we can spend time together reflecting on the true meaning of the day.

  35. …not making 13 kinds of cookies, but still having a party to celebrate with friends :)

  36. At first I felt like Scrooge or the Kranks, but a while after my husband and I announced that we were not exchanging gifts with our two families (his brothers and sisters and mine), I felt so much better and less stressed out. We will purchase much less for our grown children (who can’t think of anything they want or need anyway) and we have already bought gifts for patients at a local nursing home.

    Decorating was simpler, too. We gave away our larger pre-lit tree and put up a small tree on the coffee table in front of the window. We sorted through boxes of ornaments that were not heirlooms or children’s handmade pieces and are getting rid of them as well. We have way more than we need and it feels wonderful to purge! Note that I said purge, not splurge :)
    It feel so good not be stressed and to take more time to reflect on CHRISTmas.

  37. I am NOT stressing out about my Christmas cards. They’re from Wal-Mart. But you know what? That’s two hours of my life back since I fought the urge to create my own from scratch in Photoshop. Our friends and family will still get a picture of us- that’s good enough for me this year.

  38. I am not stressing about getting the “right” gifts for people. Just enjoying the season ;)

  39. This year I am not trying to do it all myself. I’ve been delegating like mad! :-)

  40. We are not buying for the adult siblings & their spouses this year. Instead each family is getting an Angel Tree Kid. Not baking as many varieties of cookies. Not making much candy. Spending that money for local food pantry instead.

  41. Not sending out photo cards … I get way too perfectionistic and it stresses me out!

  42. Not buying gifts… not shipping gifts… not sending Christmas cards (not too many, anyway)… none of it is possible this year. I was able to use some credits I had and make a few very lovely and very meaningful photo gifts to give my immediate family. I cooked a yummy dinner for a friend and her family, and she, in turn, took some lovely photos of my family that I have put to good use. We don’t have much, but we are so blessed, and I am content in that! Blessings!

  43. We are not overdoing the decorating this year, mainly because we are recovering from a two-week road trip to Disney!

  44. I am NOT doing Christmas cookies. My waistline and my schedule both thank me for that.

  45. I am not going to get stressed out this year. I am only doing as much as I want to do and realizing everything does not need to be perfect!

  46. I’m not going to EVERY party that I’m invited to….as much as I’d love to, I’m not. Instead, I’m choosing to be home with family and work on special projects together.

  47. I did not get all of our Christmas decor out this year. Instead, I went for a very minimalistic approach to holiday decorating – and I really love it! It felt so good to spend less time decorating and more time enjoying!

  48. Not exchanging gifts with siblings, not doing much decorating, not stressing too much.

  49. this year i am not participating in our Secret Santa at work. I just couldn’t add one more thing to my plate…and not to mention the money!

  50. I am not participating in the cookie exchange at work this year.

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