Focal Point ,                                      Pink and Polka Dot

Need some last minute super easy probably free because you already have this stuff in or around your house Christmas decorating ideas?  I thought so.

1. Sticks, use them straight from the tree or spray paint them white add ornaments or a string of lights or leave them empty for a wintry focal point.

Cappuccino Cottage

2. Shop the house and look for books in your Christmas color scheme tie them up with twine or ribbon to add a little more color to your tablescapes.

The Painted House

3. Gather some pine cones, dip them in left over paint from your walls {instant color coordination} and then put them around the house and added them to wreaths. Brilliant.

Centsational Girl ,                                           33 Shades of Green

4. Add Green.   You don’t have to have extra evergreen growing in your yard {but if you do, take advantage of it} most anything green will look pretty, even bushes or cuttings from the back of your Christmas tree.  I’ve been known to stop by our church and um, borrow a couple branches from the backs of bushes at the end of the parking lot.

5. Incorporate Winter Wear.  Shop the house for ANYTHING that goes with your Christmas decor.  I love how Kellie displayed her twins sweaters as part of the Christmas theme.  Chances are you have something in a closet that you can display as well.  I keep a few of my boys little winter hats and stuff tissue in them and set them on random shelves during the winter.  I have a feeling that Kellie will be saving and displaying these for many, many years.

Heather at Home

6. Grab that quilt or throw or crib blanket or pretty fabric and drape it over the back of the sofa.  This throw makes the entire room feel Christmasy.

Blue Clear Sky

Between Naps on the Porch

7. Display winter sports stuff.  What’s a fancy word for stuff? Paraphernalia?  Equipment?  Anyway, if you have old skis, skates, snow shoes, even a red snow shovel, simply setting it by the fire place or front door instantly winterizes your house.

Farmgirl Follies {it’s her great grandfather’s trumpet}

8. Musical instruments.  From trumpets to trombones, flutes and violins and drums, dig out that old band instrument and put it to good use in all of it’s old glory in the center of your table.  Have a piano?  Open it to show off the keys and grab some Christmas sheet music to display.

320 Sycamore

9. Have a chalkboard?  Write something Christmasy like words from a Christmas song, a verse, snowflakes or have your children draw something.  Bricks are easy to draw, if you don’t have a fireplace, draw some bricks on your chalkboard and hang your socks around it.

Michelle Simpson

10. See that box of leftover lights?  Hang them up ANYWHERE, it’s the easiest thing ever and makes for a fun, quirky and festive feeling.

Not So Random Stuff

Vintage Junky

Sweet Fine Day

11. Grab some copy paper and make some snowflakes or paper chains.

Martha Stewart Tissue Poms {video tutorial from D as in Diva}

Meg and the Boys {looking at this room makes me feel all homey and at ease, yes, this is childhood at it’s best}

12. Tissue Paper Pom Poms are really easy and even more rewarding to make.  And you probably have all the supplies.