12 Easy and Free Last Minute Christmas Decorating Ideas

Focal Point ,                                      Pink and Polka Dot

Need some last minute super easy probably free because you already have this stuff in or around your house Christmas decorating ideas?  I thought so.

1. Sticks, use them straight from the tree or spray paint them white add ornaments or a string of lights or leave them empty for a wintry focal point.

Cappuccino Cottage

2. Shop the house and look for books in your Christmas color scheme tie them up with twine or ribbon to add a little more color to your tablescapes.

The Painted House

3. Gather some pine cones, dip them in left over paint from your walls {instant color coordination} and then put them around the house and added them to wreaths. Brilliant.

Centsational Girl ,                                           33 Shades of Green

4. Add Green.   You don’t have to have extra evergreen growing in your yard {but if you do, take advantage of it} most anything green will look pretty, even bushes or cuttings from the back of your Christmas tree.  I’ve been known to stop by our church and um, borrow a couple branches from the backs of bushes at the end of the parking lot.

5. Incorporate Winter Wear.  Shop the house for ANYTHING that goes with your Christmas decor.  I love how Kellie displayed her twins sweaters as part of the Christmas theme.  Chances are you have something in a closet that you can display as well.  I keep a few of my boys little winter hats and stuff tissue in them and set them on random shelves during the winter.  I have a feeling that Kellie will be saving and displaying these for many, many years.

Heather at Home

6. Grab that quilt or throw or crib blanket or pretty fabric and drape it over the back of the sofa.  This throw makes the entire room feel Christmasy.

Blue Clear Sky

Between Naps on the Porch

7. Display winter sports stuff.  What’s a fancy word for stuff? Paraphernalia?  Equipment?  Anyway, if you have old skis, skates, snow shoes, even a red snow shovel, simply setting it by the fire place or front door instantly winterizes your house.

Farmgirl Follies {it’s her great grandfather’s trumpet}

8. Musical instruments.  From trumpets to trombones, flutes and violins and drums, dig out that old band instrument and put it to good use in all of it’s old glory in the center of your table.  Have a piano?  Open it to show off the keys and grab some Christmas sheet music to display.

320 Sycamore

9. Have a chalkboard?  Write something Christmasy like words from a Christmas song, a verse, snowflakes or have your children draw something.  Bricks are easy to draw, if you don’t have a fireplace, draw some bricks on your chalkboard and hang your socks around it.

Michelle Simpson

10. See that box of leftover lights?  Hang them up ANYWHERE, it’s the easiest thing ever and makes for a fun, quirky and festive feeling.

Not So Random Stuff

Vintage Junky

Sweet Fine Day

11. Grab some copy paper and make some snowflakes or paper chains.

Martha Stewart Tissue Poms {video tutorial from D as in Diva}

Meg and the Boys {looking at this room makes me feel all homey and at ease, yes, this is childhood at it’s best}

12. Tissue Paper Pom Poms are really easy and even more rewarding to make.  And you probably have all the supplies.

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  1. I love all your decor suggestions! Who knew decorating was as easy as a little copy paper :)

  2. Great ideas–and thank you for the link! Seeing those ice skates reminds me that I need to get to a rink sometime soon and break a leg.

    I hope you and your beautiful family have a merry Christmas!!!

  3. Great ideas!! :) Merry Christmas! :)

  4. What a great collection! You inspire me daily; I can always come to your blog and find just the thing I need to hear. Joyeux Noël to the whole Nester family.

  5. Thank you, thank you for posting the and the Boys picture. Have almost been in tears this morning after hubby asked me why the house isn’t more “cleaned up.” I may have said some nasty things about it being a very busy holiday week and did he really think it was a good idea to bring home $100 worth of canned goods and expect me to rearrange the entire pantry before our party on Christmas Eve? It did not go well, and I was feeling pretty blue.

    Seeing that photo made me smile and realize that I’m not the only mom trying to control the kid clutter along with the holiday pretties.

    • Amanda,
      You are living your life, and there is no shame in that.
      Be free from the guilt that it all needs to be perfect.
      Only God is perfect. ;)
      P.S. Enjoy the clutter, because all too soon the kids will be grown and gone, and you will be wishing there were a pile on the floor somewhere to walk over :)

  6. What wonderfully, amazing, creative women there are on this planet!!!
    Thank you for letting us learn from them!
    What DID we do before the internet?

  7. I love those front porches! I wish I had a beautiful front porch to decorate :)

  8. Lots of great ideas…thanks! I’m thinking that some of my bowls, rolling pin and cookie cutters could bring some Christmas spirit to my kitchen! Maybe there’s even some elves hanging around that will bake some cookies??

  9. Those are some beautiful and inspirational ideas. Thank you so much for sharing them!

  10. love these!

  11. such lovely, do-able ideas! my fav is the last one too…merry christmas!!

  12. I’ve been wanting to make those pom poms, and they’d be a perfect quick craft to do! thanks for the ideas, I’ve got guests coming every day from tonight on for dinners and my new house that we just moved into is looking a little bare :) These will help!

  13. Those were all GREAT ideas! Thanks!


  14. I love that last picture because I feel like our house almost always has toys strewn across the living room floor! Two boys under the age of 5 means I don’t tidy toys until bed time. Great inspirational post!!

  15. Thanks for pulling all these ideas together! It’s amazing what we can do with things we already have!


  16. I never would have thought to dip pine cones in paint-brilliant! Love these ideas, and thanks for the link too! Merry Christmas!

  17. Thanks so much for showing my mantle in your “add green” tip. What a nice surprise it was to read your post and see it. Can’t wait to check out the other ideas too. Merry Christmas!

  18. “I’ve been known to stop by our church and um, borrow a couple branches from the backs of bushes at the end of the parking lot.”

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who does that! HA! I do make sure it’s okay with the pastor in charge of our facilities. He’s always good with it. : )

  19. All excellent,inspiring ideas! Thanks for doing the hunting, photos/links & adding even more of your special touches! Once upon a time, I had a cutie li’l guy on both sides of my townhouse. This was the cheapest&most fun decorating EVER! :D On CmasEve, I’d semi-stuff a Santa hat & flip the white ball over, set it on the back of the loveseat in front of the huge window with a plate of half-eaten cookies, and only have candle-lights on downstairs amidst garlands, so it was all shadowy except for that hat! The li’l guys would get home droopy-sleepy from church with the grandparents-till they saw the hat! O,had I been able to take pix of the big eyes & “O” mouth without wrecking the whole charade. The sweet young parents & I loved it, and for 4 years it was wonderment&joy for my little buddies. Me,too! -s-

  20. too cute. So many great ideas. I’ll have to remember some of those for next year. Thanks again

  21. Mmmm.. loving all these fresh ideas. I am re-arranging now as we speak!!

  22. Thanks so much for the feature Nester…and for some great new decorating ideas too! Merry Christmas! ~Deb~

  23. all easy and practical ideas!

  24. THANK YOU!
    I have been wracking my brain about what to put in the urn I got at Sal Army… twigs with balls and lights!
    And that old sled my dad had hidden in his barn, and those old skates of mine that are broken… PERFECT!

  25. Great list of ideas…found several I could use.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family…and thank you, Nester, for the gifts you give to us all year long!
    I’m off to clean or cook something around here! :)

  26. thank you so much for the mention of the twins’ room. you are right so right…i plan on keeping those sweaters forever. sweaters & the pj’s always tug at my heart when it’s time to sort out the dresser drawers. can never put them in the goodwill pile.

    i was just thinking today about shopping our yard again for greens. winter is here ~ i need all the green i can find to make it through the season!

    fabulous post.

    merry christmas!

  27. Love love love the sheet music idea. I am going to add that one to our piano tonight! Maybe add a stack of old music books too. Thank you!

  28. These photos are truly wonderful. Thanks for sharing. I love easy and free. Merry Christmas!

  29. I love all of the Christmasy ideas and rooms! Thanks for sharing them.

  30. Love the last pic!!!! warm little cuties tearing up the house…. the beauty and reality of all being together. LOVE IT!

  31. You’ve got some great and simple ideas here! I love how you incorporated so many natural elements in your holiday decor ideas – like pinecones, evergreen, sticks, and the like. Thanks for all the inspiration – I’m finished decorating for this year but I’ll be sure to pull out some of these ideas come next December! Thanks for sharing and Happy Holidays!

  32. The painted pinecone idea is my favorite–simple and brilliant!

  33. SO many great ideas!! Thanks! :)

  34. I just had to stop by and say “Happy Holidays” to you and yours.. I so enjoy your blog..

  35. dear nester, i’m so very glad you found my trashed out home homey. you’re welcome anytime. just know that it will probably look like that. teehee! thank you so much for showing my pom poms!!

  36. oh no! just tried the link and it doesn’t go to my blog :(

  37. I just started my blog and have been following you, you’re such and inspiration!

  38. Check out the table I just built using plans from Ana-White.com @ http://refreshrestyle.com/.

  39. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for featuring my little blog on your site! I’m catching up on my blogging just now and I was scrolling through this post, loving all the great ideas from other bloggers and as I got to #6 I thought “man, that looks like my house…..THAT IS MY HOUSE!” I squealed with excitement and might have scared the Mr. and the dog. :)

    This is the first time I’ve been featured on another site, so, thanks, I know it’s not much, but you made my day and encouraged me. I feel lucky to be included with all the other creative ladies out there. I hope you had a great Christmas with your family.


  40. I LOVE these ideas! I decorated my Bedroom by making some Paper Snowflakes and listening to christmas music. :D

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