Is This Ram Satanic?

I’ve been working on a bedroom makeover and one of my goals is for it to be masculine and feminine, sophisticated yet quirky. So, when I saw this pretty papier mache ram made by Stray Dog Designs for sale at One King’s Lane {that’s my referral link so I can buy more satanic items?}, I ordered it and used $80 worth of credit that I had with them to pay for it.  He reminded me a little of this huge, glorious fella that I remembered seeing in Janell’s home.

My husband, who RARELY vetoes a style decision did not like it.  He said it creeps him out and looks a little satanic.  I took the ram down and replaced it with something even more spectacular and sophistimacated but not as quirky~ that I’ll share later.  Now, I’m wondering where to hide, I mean use my ram.  I still like him.  I googled “satanic symbol ram,” just to see what came up. I’m not gonna post the photos here trust me, you are thanking me for that but, tell me what you think– does he look satanic to you?  He has flowers on the end of his antlers.  He’s not satanic.  Right?

Wait, you want to read how we resolved this issue right?  Click here.

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  1. Creepy, definitely…satanic…well, yeah: it reminds me of Dragnet, too. And bottom line, it doesn’t matter a whit if we think it looks satanic; what matters is your husband does.
    As for what to do with it, I vote for offering it as a giveaway, and rigging it so that mytinyrobotheart wins it! *wink*

  2. i come from a family of satanists, not satanic :)

  3. I gotta say, it totally creeps me out! Maybe painted tan? With an evergreen wreath around his neck?

  4. No, your ram is NOT satanic looking. As a matter of fact, the more I look at it, the more I like it. I think it would look nice among all of your white hanging plates. Of course, I can see why you took it out of the bedroom if your husband didn’t like it since it is his room too. But, if you put it in a spot where there are more things around it, I think it would look unique and great. (Plus then your husband wouldn’t mind too much.) Get a couple of those 3M hanging hook things (that come off of the wall easily) to test it out in a spot. Or just have one of the kids hold it in different spots while you take pics to see how it looks in different places. Again, no, it is not satanic looking. Quite chic, really…

  5. Creepy. Not Satanic, but creepy.

  6. This is so off the subject… but what is the name of the paint color on the walls? haha! I LOVE it and have been looking for just that color for my bedroom… trying to make it a tad more “manly” myself. :)

  7. We-e-e-e-e-ll… could dangle Christmas ornaments from its antlers to make it less satanic. No?

  8. Loved it from the first moment I saw it!

  9. All I could think was “You’ll poke your eye out.” (line from “A Christmas Story”)

  10. Can open! Worms everywhere!

  11. “Is this ram satanic?” might just be the funniest post title of all time. I dont care who you are, you read something like that and what its all about.

  12. Ive just thought of this- next April 1st you simply must put that antelope in your bed,lying on your pillow next to your sleeping husband. That ceramic head could provide you with hours of entertainment, I tell you.

  13. ha!!

  14. Did you ever see the episode of Design Star (the season that Jennifer won, I think), where this guy and girl did this horrible room with a bunch of wooden taxidermy things on the wall? That’s what I thought about when I saw it! Definitely quirky!

  15. Hi Nester, This post set off a flurry of comments. I read everyone and laughed so hard at some of them. It is your home and all that matters is your and your husbands opinion.
    Hugs, Sherry

  16. Smile. I can appreciate that you would ask the question. I would suggest giving him a new image. :) Perhaps think of him as a hind, as reflected in the lovely book by Hannah Hurnard, Hinds Feet on High Places. It’s an allegory that you’ll love if you’ve never read it.
    Enjoy your authority in Christ… :)

  17. Seriously? No. I don’t think the ram looks satanic. Nor do I think that anyone in their right mind would look at that little guy on your wall and think that you are trying to say something other than “Look how cute my paper mache decor is”.

    I noticed when I googled the term you did there is a post talking about Chrysler using Satanic symbols on their cars. Are there people out there who really have nothing better to do than claim a conspiracy against God at every turn?

  18. i think a wreath around his neck would take the edge off!

  19. Love the Ram! Please tell me what color that is on your bedroom walls. Love it!

    The Gaines Gang

  20. Queen of Darkness says:

    Ha HA HA! Come on now – some-bunny’s being funny!
    It’s just an image of a farm animal – nothing more nothing less… and it certainly has nothing to do with religion – but we could ask the goat/ram which religion it belongs too – it will possibly say
    “The Farm” LOL! You gals are very funny!

  21. Queen of Darkness says:

    I Love it … It’s a great idea … Represents sex rather than Satan! I love it though.

  22. cassy snetzer says:

    The ram is a little creepy but better than a clown in the corner.
    I love the gray color on the walls. Can you please tell me what color it is. I love it.

  23. I would recommend suspending a wreath from it & leaving it up all year round! Good luck! :)

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