Lately, I’ve asked myself what’s the least amount of items I can have displayed and still love the look? Not that I’m trying to go minimalist or anything, I think you can tell that by my full gallery wall.  But what has my obsession been with much?

In years past, I asked myself, How can I work this all in? And I ended up with some loaded down centerpieces and tablescapes.

I love apothecaries as much as the next girl but, I didn’t need this many, I didn’t enjoy this many.  I just had them so I felt like I should use them.  This summer, I picked out my 3 favorite and put the rest in the yard sale pile.  As soon as I priced them and stuck them in the garage, I looked at my new arrangement and liked it so much better.

Last winter this grouping was on a table.  Part of the problem I find when renting is that I don’t feel like I can change or control much so I start abusing accessories.  This is accessory abuse for me.  Once I decided to paint my walls and move the furniture, I didn’t have to create a diversion for a pinkly hued wall.  I sold 80% of this stuff at my yard sale.  On it’s own, I liked each piece but I didn’t need that many candle sticks.

It’s surprising how taking something away can add so much to the feel of a space.

When is the last time you quieted the house and edited stuff out?

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