not my closet

I have no right, whatsoever to talk about closets.  Mine is perpetually not tidy.  But the problem isn’t my hanging clothes. I’ll tell you my biggest issue with my closet in another post.  My hanging clothes actually look pretty good and I owe it to two tricks.

1. All of my clothes are hung on identical hangers {my husband has his own identical hangers}  we use wooden hangers that I found on ebay, his are light wood mine are dark.  If your hangers aren’t the same, your closet will still work just fine but, I couldn’t believe the difference it made visually when all of my clothes were hung on identical hangers.  Everything hangs evenly and automatically looks neat.

2. Don’t hate me but….I rainbowize my clothes. Color coordinated clothes make your closet look organized and help you find what you need.  I did this a few years back and it only takes 5 minutes.  From there on out you just have to take an extra 2.5 seconds each time you hang up something to hang it with the right color.  I promise, color coordinating my clothes was the simplest, smallest change that had a huge impact on my closets life.  Trust me on this, go color code your clothes.

By the way, I had 3 times this amount of clothes until the yard sale.  I realized I wasn’t wearing all that I had and decided to sell the stuff I didn’t love.  Getting dressed is so much quicker and I can’t even remember anything I got rid of!  I still have another side of the closet with little jackets and a few dresses and such but these are my hanging shirts.

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