Possibly the best post on decluttering that I have ever read:: Common Roadblocks to Decluttering @ Simple Mom, she points out an underlying message for some decluttering excuses, it’s like counseling for people like me.

Melissa’s 31 Day post titled Good Enough first of all, she stole one of my titles for an upcoming post I’m doing for 31 days, you know, great minds and all, plus, she would have to be a mind reader to know she stole it plus, I think the title fits her post better.  Plus, she said stuff I would not have thought of.  Read the post.  It’s a good one.

Organized Excess is the Cousin of Clutter via @ Minimalist Moms. Reminds me of FlyLady’s saying “you can’t organized clutter…”

Itty Bitty Mini Makeovers from BooMama makes me want to go visit a friends house and get inspired to make a few small changes in my own home–I like that she’s talking about little things that maybe lots of people wouldn’t notice right off but, they make a HUGE impact on how SHE sees her own home.

Emily, another fellow 31 Dayer is on a ROLL two of my favorite posts: Better Than Yesterday and Making Due.  And basically every other post she’s ever written.  I love her blog.

How not to simplify @ Small Notebook a classic from the archives and the comments are great, I think about the picture in this post often and wonder how I am sabotaging my own efforts to simplify.

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