31 Days To A Less Messy Nest :: Accessories, for People & A Giveaway

I’m putting this photo of our bedroom {in makeover process} at the top of this post because

because I don’t want to put this photo at the top of the post.  This is the other side of my closet.  My weakness. The top of my dresser.  And I just cleaned it off about 36 hours ago.  I have clothes putting away issues. But that’s another post.  See that white thing on my dresser?

It’s where I store my jewelry.  And tights?  And knee socks? And belts?  Jewelry everywhere is cringing at this site, praying to their makers that they won’t end up in my hands.  I need good ideas on how to organize my jewels.  Because I like jewels.

And I think you like jewels too.  Erin from the Vintage Pearl thinks everyone would love more jewels.  She’s a partner here at Nesting Place and thought since we all love jewels it would be a good time to sponsor a giveaway.  Two lucky winners will win a $75 {!} gift card to the Vintage Pearl.   And look at some of the lovelies you can buy.  I think I would get the Vintage Love Birds.

Leave a comment and tell us which piece of lovely personalized jewelry you would get from The Vintage Pearl and if you have a great idea for my jewelry storage issues, tell me that too!

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  1. I love the vintage love birds necklace too. And besides, my 30th birthday was on Sunday! :-)

  2. Well, I would get the dainty charms, one for each of my boys, my daughter-in-law, and my grandson. As for jewelry storage, I took two old shuttered folding doors, set them up in a corner of our room, next to my side of the bed, and made hooks to slide through each of the shutter slats. From those hooks hang all my necklaces and bracelets, and, as a bonus, it looks pretty!

  3. I love the vintage birds as well. And, I love the family tree necklace. So many fun options!

  4. Stephanie C says:

    Oh, my!
    I think I’m with you! My husband and I used birds (and bird cages) for our wedding decorations… and it just so happens, we’re a ‘s’ and a ‘c’!

  5. Love the Vintage Lovebirds and the dainty eclectic necklace. I just love all of her designs…

  6. I have a good jewelry storage solution! I got part of the idea from a friend. Get four plastic fishing tackle boxes. (preferably the kind that let’s you divide the sections into different sizes) Lay all your jewelry out on your floor and edit out the pieces you don’t like anymore. Then divide the remaining jewels into fall, spring, winter and summer. Use one tackle box for each season. Keep the present season’s box somewhere easily accessible and put the others on a top shelf of your closet or something. It really helps me to actually wear a lot more of my stuff and to have a fun “oh yeah!” moment four times a year when I get to open “new” jewelry. Of course pieces can rotate between the boxes too if there’s a piece you want to wear in more than one season. Kelly

  7. Lisa Hartz says:

    I love the heart with the pearl and I love you on it!

  8. I hope this giveaway isn’t closed yet because I would love to win something from Erin’s store!

  9. I love it ALL! Can’t decide!

  10. Deb In Portland says:

    I think beautiful jewelry – the old sparkly rhinestone brooches, pretty pins & earrings and such – should be on display. There’s a neat way to make them look super elegant.

    Take a large, vintage ornate frame. You can paint it any color you want, I tend to like an antique gold or metallic gilted look for this project. Take a piece of foam board, cover it with velvet or damask via hot glue. Then attach the fabric covered board to the frame. Now you can use pretty pins to hang and pin your jewelry to your framed fabric board. Hang this in your bedroom or dressing area. It is absolutely beautiful!

  11. I would for sure buy the love birds necklace! I have tons of things to represent my sweet little girl, but not my wonderful husband!

    I have a CHEAP and easy solution for your jewelry problem!!! I bought these little metal hooks! In our old house we used 2 by fours and screwed in the hooks! At our new house, we just screwed them into a thick piece of wood that was holding our clothing rods! Use your drill to predrill little holes and it goes so much faster!!! Looks beautiful as I can see every piece, necklaces and bracelets! Make sure to leave room for longer necklaces and wider space for bracelets that don’t hang in an oval but stay in a circle! You have the perfect place right above your dresser!!!! Good luck!

  12. I love the simplicity of this jewelry, it so so beautiful! I have a little square magnetic board that I hang some of my jewelry on…i got some really pretty clear magnets around the holidays at the container store that make it extra pretty for hanging braclets and necklaces.

  13. I love the vintage pearl! I’ve been eyeing the love birds–so I’d either go with that or wait till March when our first little one arrives and get something with their name engraved on it!

  14. i hope this is my lucky day!

  15. Melanie Reidy says:

    I adore Vintage Pearl and have one family necklace from them. Would love another to hang around my neck. Also, my necklaces hang from a piece I got from Hobby Lobby that has three antique looking glass doorknobs on it. It hangs next to some of our wedding pictures in our bedroom and my jewlery box sits belong that. The jewlery box holds my earrings, pins…and it’s a mess! Thanks for all the tips!

  16. So many cute things, it would be a tough decision. I think I’d go with the hammered star necklace.

  17. I have been wanting something from the vintage pearl for a LONG time now, and would absolutely LOVE to win (just like everyone else)!!! I think I would like the one with the single letter representing all of my family although I would not at all be picky!

    I don’t think that I am the one to give you advice on what to do with your “mess”, but I would love to know what you come up with!!!

  18. I love the love birds too! I think it would be neat to have mine and my boyfriend’s initials with the charms that look like wax seals, too.

    I’ve gone through several stages of jewelry storage, I started with a vintage wood frame that I stapled window screen into, s hooks hand necklaces and bracelets, dangly earrings hang all on their own. I have too much for that route so now I’m going to make a fabric covered corkboard with the criss-crossed ribbons, then hang everything with pretty tacks or just some clear ones. I’m a big fan of jewelry storage that allows me to SEE my jewelry, otherwise I won’t wear it. ;)

  19. I like the family necklace. It’s all so beautiful!

  20. I love the lovebirds because we are getting ready to celebrate our 20th anniversary!

    I am in the same boat of trying to figure out a good storage solution for my jewelry. I will be watching the suggestions. The tackle box was a good idea and I may check that option out!

  21. The inside of a closet door can easily be turned into the loveliest of storage solutions. Just cover it in a soft fabric (to protect your jewellery against scratching but also for a fun pop of colour). Hammer long nails into the top, and wrap them in soft cotton making sure to tie a bow or something at the tip to make a stop for the necklaces or whatever you want to hang since you don’t want them to glide off as you open the door. I would suggest hanging one row at a time, hammering new rows as you go, rather than measuring everything. For earrings, sew a simple fabric band, hang from a nail and then just fasten/hook the earrings on the band.

  22. I LOVE the lovebirds. I’m a hopeless (and completely unashamed) romantic!

    • I deflniteiy love this specific blog post. I’ve been looking everywhere just for this! Thank heavens I found it on Ask. You have made my day! Thank you again.

  23. the vintage silver pendants necklace is stunning. i love the simple elegance of the one capital letter and the pearl! the vintage pearl has some gorgeous creations- thanks for sharing.

  24. oh- i also wanted to mention that my friend created a fun to look at and practical earring holder. she took some screen, painted it according to her color scheme, and then framed it in an embellished frame. i believe she also put some patterned scrapbook paper behind it. then earrings (hook style) can easily be hung there or taken off and worn. AND it serves as a wall hanging.

  25. Absolutely adore the lovebirds necklace! It would be worn and cherished always. I am impressed with the jewelry displaying ideas presented so far as I am looking for something myself. I completely agree that I need to “see” my jewelry and not have it tucked away and why not! Jewelry, from the costume to the fine is pretty!

  26. hmmmm, your dresser makes me feel better about the top of my dresser. It looks even worse than that though…. but you put a pictures online!!! I’m impressed.

    I would get baby spoons – one for my only child, and one for my friend who just had her first as well. I’m not sure what I would do w/ the extra $….

  27. I love the heart with the pearl with “I Love You” All of this jewelry is simply beautiful!

  28. Love the birds. My 9th anniversary is next week and I am named after a bird, I can hardly resist it. I recently purchased a wonderful hanging canvas organizer from Organize-It.com because my jewels were all tangled and messy and I love it so much. Right now it is hanging on an over-the door hook where I can hold it up to my clothes. Actually I bought 3 because I knew I would come up with more uses and gift-giving ideas for these.

  29. We just redid our bathroom & closet and I bought 4 shadow boxes from Michael’s that had hing openings to them. I pinned up my jewelry with pretty quilting pins and hung them on the wall. They look pretty & is super functional. I used to put it all in a box, but never wore it. Now I can see it all and pick it out as I get dressed!

  30. I would pick the dainty drops necklace :)

  31. I simply adore the stamped silver jewelry. I have had a few sites “bookmarked” as a hint to my husband. He’s not getting that message. Will have to hop over to this site and add it as well! adorable.

  32. for your jewelery and accessorie dilemma….have you thought about finding one of those manakin torso thingy-ma-jigs?? i have seen those used to hold necklaces, scarves, bracelets, etc. I saw some small ones at PB teen but i have also seen large life size ones. I’m sure as thrifty as you are if you looked around enough you could find a cool vintage one to fix up. just an idea.

    here is the link to the PB teen:

  33. Love 31 days post! I use a bulletin board with pins. I can see everything and things do not get tangled.

  34. Jewelry & scarves are so pretty to look at. I use wall space in my dressing area to hang them. This also helps you see what you have. Using a couple distressed boards with old door knobs or dresser pulls, this could be an quick afternoon project. :)

  35. Oh my. I think I would get the vintage silver charms but honestly I love EVERYTHING!

  36. I love The Vintage Pearl. I would love to have one of the family necklaces. I think they are beautiful. Thanks for the chance!

  37. I had the same problem that you do with jewelry.

    Until I found this:

    I found it at a local thrift store for $5 without the photos so I turned it in to a jewelry tree for my bracelets, necklaces, and earrings :)

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