So sorry if you get this post twice in your reader,  I accidentally titled it 31 Days To A Better Dressed Nest, last year’s series.

She invited me in and immediately apologized profusely for what a mess her house was.  I expected to see a normal house in normal disarray like how mine looks when I’m about to host a big bunch of people in a couple of hours. I was wrong.

Her home was stunning.  It was gorgeous. It was glorious. Maybe a little breathtaking. It looked like it was ready for its close up in Southern Living.  This girl was so talented. She had a great eye for design and beautiful furniture.  I wish I could show you a photo. You would gasp.  And she was apologizing for the mess?

I made two mental notes that day.

1. Never invite her to my home because if HER house isn’t good enough for her, mine certainly won’t be.

2. Stop apologizing for small imperfections in my home.

I had always apologized for my home to protect myself so people wouldn’t think I was a slob or at least they would know that I acknowledge I can be a slob and that I’m not ok with it and that really, I have much higher standards than this and my house does not meet my requirements.

It wasn’t until that life changing moment in that unmessy, beautiful home that I realized that all apologies have power.  After that day, I made it a point to start controlling my apologies and using them for good and not evil.

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