31 Days To a Less Messy Nest Day 7:: Laundry

I’m no laundry expert, I usually have a load or two patiently waiting for their turn in the washer but, laundry isn’t something I dread and it rarely builds up.

I have three tips and I hope you have more.

1. Start a load right when you get up.

Every morning I come down the stairs with a basket of dirty clothes in my hand {my boys or I emptied it the night before} I go straight to the laundry room {before I get coffee or anything} and start a load.  My husband usually sees this and I think some guilt mechanism kicks in so he starts the lunches, its a brilliant plan.

Then later in the morning I move it to the dryer and by the afternoon it is folded and separated into the 3 stacks for the minions to take upstairs.  I just lay it in folded piles or baskets by the stairs and remind them to take the clothes up and put theirs away.  It sure does help once your children are old enough to pitch in.

2. Know when to hold them, know when to fold them

Our two youngest share a room so they have a bigger dresser for their folded clothes and we also ended up with this one little nightstand dresser.  It’s filled with PJ’s.  I RARELY buy new jammies. Old T shirts and thrifted bottoms are a plenty round these parts.  I’m always happy when I see pjs in the laundry folding pile because that’s one thing I never fold.  I just kind of clump it or roll it and put it with the rest of the folded laundry pile for that room and they know to throw it in the drawer.  Also, I recently went through and purged lots of jammies.  They really only need about 3 bottoms each, too many options and I end up with more to wash.

3. Start a sock basket

My sister just reminded me about the sock basket.  Baskets again, sorry.  My boys put their socks on right before they put their shoes on, so it makes sense to have all of their socks downstairs.  I don’t match up and turn their socks right side out, they are big enough to figure that out on their own.

What are your laundry tricks?

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  1. Jocelyn Skelly says:

    I sooo need to purge pj’s. I knew it but I needed the push. My 5 year old wears a different pair every night and that’s just too much unnecessary washing! Thank you! I know I’m way behind but I’m enjoying reading through this series one day at a time :)

  2. Thank you for justifying not-folding every piece of laundry! I have had criticism from some who feel that every kitchen towel and every piece of underwear should be folded. I have a rolling drawer in my kitchen where I stuff all of my towels and wash-cloths; underwear get stuffed in an old shoe box inside a drawer (shoe boxes being my equivalent of baskets :)) and my husband’s work socks, all the same color, with varying toe patterns, get stuffed in one drawer. Who’s going to know the toe patterns don’t match?

  3. Dawn McCloskey says:

    Okay so I am OCD about my laundry. I know where and when it comes from but how to make it stop??? AHHH! The idea of getting rid of clothes drives me crazy too. I am always meaning to get the clothes to the resale place, about the time the season is changing is when I get around to it and they only take them during the beginning of the season (oops just missed the Christmas dresses and wool coat time again!) 5 kids makes for a ton of laundry and I watch another little baby boy during the week. I do not love my house it doesn’t feel like a home, I live in it 24/7 as a SAHM. Please help me start somewhere??? My “junk” drawers are organized (truly they are, just like my clothing drawers) but that is where the organization ends. When someone puts things away where they don’t belong I sigh… I sigh A LOT… I have learned, sort of, how to let the kids fold the towels unfolded like and into the linen closet but the sheets I just can’t. So then when they have gone through and unfolded my sheets looking for something I inevitably end up refolding the towels because it feels half undone!!!. I don’t even go in the garage anymore and that is where my sanctuary was… My scrapping area. How do you deal if no one cares as much as you do?

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