Yard Sale Thoughts

I’ve been gathering stuff for my yearly yard sale with my mom and sister.  You know, the sale we promise ourselves every year that we will NEVER. HAVE. AGAIN. ?

At first I dreaded all the work. But, over the past few months I had been boxing up stuff I no longer used or needed so as I stared pricing things, it felt good to cleanse our home.  And after all the deep thoughts I’ve had about my precious stuff, I was even more eager to get rid of excess.  I find my self wanting more and more of LESS stuff.

Then, I decided I needed a goal.  Whenever I have a sale, I like to have a goal of what I want to do with the money I make.  We’ve been diligently inching our debt payoff, most of what I make with Nesting Place goes towards bills and debt, and the occasional fall gourd from Michaels.  So I asked my husband what he thought about us using the money to help make our bedroom more us.  As soon as I started thinking about it I got so excited.  I’ve disliked our room for a year.

that pile of stuff goes about 5 feet back to the wall.

I’m not planning on making enough to do a whole makeover but, it sure did help fuel the “let’s sell this, too” fire when I thought about each item I’m getting rid of going towards making our room nicer.  I don’t want to fill it up with stuff but I want to be more intentional about what’s actually in there.

We are having our yard sale Saturday October 2nd at my parent’s house in Lake Park, NC {I’ll post their address as we get closer.}   There is a HUGE neighborhood yard sale that weekend in their hood, the one where I got my dresser and table last spring.  It’s a wonderful place to yard sale.

I’m parting with some vintage Nesting Place items like the Red Checked Mistreatments {6 panels}, all the buffalo check silk, some round decorator’s tables with the toppers, pillows, lamps, my bedroom duvet, mistreatments, bed skirt, a TON of home decor items and wall stuff, Christmas garland galore and of course clothes, and much more.  So far I’ve used 600 price tags. And that’s just my stuff.  My mom and sister have lots to sell too.

selling the drapes.

It feels so good to pack up stuff I no longer use or need.  I hope my stuff finds a happy home.  And I hope our bedroom will look better by Christmas.

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  1. What?! The famous red checked mistreatments?? As Rachel Zoe would say…”Nester….Shut…the front…door!” Seriously, auction those puppies on here to the highest bidder. S&H shouldn’t be too much for those (buyer to pay that, too, of course). I mean, those mistreatments are sort of a legacy…not just for you and Nesting Place, but for a lot of us out here – haha! (Good gravy, it sounds like I am talking about a child or something!)

  2. good for you! love it that you’re sprucing up a spot for you and your hubby! :)

  3. I second these ladies. I wish I lived close…I would stock up on all of your stuff!! You should sell some of this online..if there is anything left after your garage sale.

  4. Is it worth the 2,000 mile trip just for galvanized metal watering can? Arg. I have too much stuff also, so maybe I don’t truly need it, but I was thinking that to make room, I could get rid of my kids’ sad-looking, faded, dented, full of rocks, tiny plastic watering can. I think it’s a fair trade. Wait, now I think about it I bought the thing for ME and they took it over–so totally fair game for the garbage. And totally tangent from the point. Good luck getting rid of all your stuff. And thanks for all the links to the posts about other people doing the same. It inspired me. To email the posts to my mom and husband and get them to read about getting rid of THEIR stuff. ha.

  5. That is so awesome! I would love to come and meet you! I’m in Durham and I have relatives in Concord that typically give me a free place to stay whenever I need an IKEA fix!

  6. That looks like a fab garage sale, if I lived close, I would soo be there! Hope you sell lots and make more room for the things you LOVE!

  7. Think of how great you’ll feel to have less stuff, more space!!

  8. I live about 2 hrs. away and I am begging the hubs for an early morning trip Oct. 2nd!!!

    • Me too, except I’m about 1 hour. He’s going to think I’m crazy for wanting to drive that early. I feel like all the bloggers should wear name tags. I am not spending another penny until this yard sale.

  9. Gasp! You’re selling the checked window mistreatments?!!!! Don’t listen to that crazy Katie person a few comments up. Sell em to ME! :D supah cheap :D

  10. My mom would LOVE those drapes!!!!!! The red checked drapes!!! Sell them to me!!!! I love them!!!! Oh, she would just fall in love with those drapes! We are trying to collect stuff for our future home (we’re renting now too), and I know she would absolutely love those drapes!!!

  11. Am I crazy for checking airline prices to come to your garage sale? sigh.

  12. I can see it now, someone is going to show up at your door for the drapes and you’ll be on CBS telling us all about it:)

    Surely you have a Goin’ Postal shop where you hand them the drapes and they box them up and send them out. I just sent a painting to Chicago that way…..cost the buyer an extra $20 for the box and shipping stuff plus $18 for postage. You may get hundreds of dollars on ebay and when you can just hand them over and let someone else do the work, how can you refuse?

    Besides we would all like to watch the auction:)

  13. I will be there! I am drooling over your stuff… we will see how far my measly budget will stretch. I like having goals, too. Very motivating! Blessings!!

  14. oooh Nester I spied a pig with wings…I’d LOVE to buy that bad bird (rather pig) from ya….is that an option?

  15. I just laughed out loud at your dad’s comment! :D I think if I came across your sale, I would think JACKPOT! Good luck! I’m sure with all of your nice stuff, you will make a lot of money.

  16. What??? I WANT those drapes! When we bought our house in February I printed out a picture of your family room with those gorgeous red buffalo check drapes. They inspired my decorating even though I was unable to find them. Seriously, how much for those six panels? I LOVE them!! :)

  17. Dang it! Why do you have to live so far away? That’s probably a darn good thing too! I’ve got stuff that needs to go too. Wonder if it’s too late to host a garage sale in Wisconsin. Hmmmm…….

  18. I love your blog! I would be really interested in knowing your system for remembering what supplies, decorations, etc you have…I always find myself forgetting about things I have and as a result, buying something new or missing a great decorating opportunity! Keep it up!

  19. OMG — your gorgeous, signature curtains that we’ve all come to admire from your pics over the past years! I can’t tell you how hard I’ve looked for inexpensive silk fabric like that!! You totally should put them on E-bay and then you’d have a ton of extra $$ for the re-do on your bedroom! Too bad I live on the West coast, not even close to where you are! Would just die to come to your sale!!

  20. I agree – you should have another virtual yard sale on ebay – I bet we nester fans could finance your whole master re-do! You could just say you’re going to ship them all together on one day, then call UPS to pick everything up. Even the little stuff… please?

  21. im soo there!! can’t wait!

  22. I am with the other gals about putting the drapes on ebay. I would love to buy these and would bid furiously for them. If not ebay maybe you could hold your own auction here for them. Either way I would love to have them.
    Hugs, Sherry

  23. My sister and I have had THAT yard sale for a couple of years now, too! We always say it’s the last one, but then inevitably we end up doing it again! lol

    Our take this year was different…instead of doing a yard sale we’re doing a “Soup & Swap.” We’ve basically invited everyone we know to gather their unwanted ‘stuff’ and bring it to a pot-luck dinner, where people can take what they want…and leave what they don’t! The next day we’re doing a 25 cent yard sale…Everything goes for 25 cents: clothes, knick-knacks, decor, furniture – everything! What does get sold will be going to our local charity store.

    We decided that what we really needed…more than the extra cash…was to be free of the junk!
    Good Luck!! Can’t wait to see what you do for your room!!

  24. “and the occasional fall gourd from Michaels.”

    OH MY WORD, that is FUNNY!!
    choke on my dt. coke funny.

    Looks like the sale is going to be a huge success- oh to live in NC!

  25. Dear Nester – I just love your blog and have been reading it for the past few years. I just read that you are selling your red checked curtains. I love them and would love to buy them off of you. I live outside Pittsburgh, PA so I unfortunately can’t make it there. Woud you be so kind to sell them to me. I know alot of other women are probably asking for them also. I have loved them from the start, and have not been able to find them anywhere. Please help a girlfriend out. I am willing to pay you a $100 for all of them. Is that not enough. I have been longing for them. I have seen them in Paula Deen’s home also.

    I recently lost my husband of 11 yrs to a brain tumor. I have been trying to change my house around to make it happier & cheerful place for me & our sons. Please give it some thought!! thank you, Chrissy

  26. I love your blog. I can agree and commiserate with the purging of “stuff” and havnig a garage sale. I plan on putting the money into savings, for exactly the same room in my house, the master bedroom! lol Having a garage sale at my parents’ home the end of the month. Can’t wait to get rid of some things. Thanks for sharing and good luck with the sale and the bedroom:)

    Cheryl@My Own Snug Fireside

  27. Nester, I dunno if you even read this far down, but I wanted to let you know that I hear ya, sistah. We packed up half the house to sell it in the spring. We rented TWO giant storage units. We are down to one. But seriously, WHY do we have ANY storage unit (we sold, but then didn’t sell and it’s a long story and we just refy’d here in the old house, so we’re staying put…). I LOVE LOVE LOVE my house without all that STUFF! I’m relieved the excess toys are gone – I realized while packing and flapping my hands in panic how spoiled they really are…I’m relieved the excess EVERYthing is gone. There’s a kid’s art box and a doll house I’d like to retrieve. The rest? I don’t even know what it is and it obviously doesn’t even matter. (6 months, it’s been.) Anyway, I love ya Girlie. And just had to give a shout out. Have you ever heard that country song “Stuff” by Diamond Rio? I’m just sayin. (alias “The Roost’er” ~ back in the day)

  28. So wish I could go to this sale! Come to AZ:)

  29. You are only 2 hours away from my university and that is the one weekend that I am home! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    Will my family be offended when I skip our annual family get together for your yard sale? Hope not!

    Any chance that you could leave out a few goodies to post on your e-bay for those of us not able to make it?

  30. Can’t you take it all on the road to Southern California? Please…… I just might do the same to do a little snazzing up around here. As always, the Nester is so inspirational!:)

  31. NC isn’t too far from Arkansas to go to your yardsale! Roadtrip! That’s my idea of a get-away weekend. Planning my route now.

  32. I had a yard sale when I moved out of my old house and then again when I moved into the new one. I vowed I would never do it again. Five years later I am now collecting things to do it again in the Spring. I just have too much stuff and so much I don’t really love anymore. I wish I was closer…I saw a few things in that pile of treasures that would be perfect in my home! Good luck

  33. i’ve already talked to Pink and i think we are going to come camp out in your parent’s yard overnight, just so we can have first dibs. i’m not kidding.

  34. Wow, that’s what my garage looks like perpetually….even after I spend the weekend clearing it out:)

  35. I’m having a yard sale this weekend, but it doesn’t look like nearly as much fun as yours! I have just committed to not bringing it back in the house once it is out the door. Any remnants will be off to Goodwill. After reading your post and hopping over to one of the links I was inspired to purge my closet and that is mostly what I am selling.:) So maybe enough money to have dinner out, but the space will definitely be my biggest reward!

  36. Oh my, I sure wish I was in NC so I could go to your yard sale…

  37. You MUST ebay the drapes! AND your bedroom linens, I’ve always loved those. You could probably list the whole set on ebay and make 10 times what you’d get for them at a yardsale.

  38. Our neighborhood garage sale is Sept 23, I’m destuffing too. I also have been putting stuff on e-bay and opened a booth at the antique store. Feels good, looks better, pays off too. Thanks for sharing your journey with the whole mess :o)

  39. You should sell the red checked mistreatments on etsy or ebay – they’re famous!

  40. Just stopped by to check out what’s new like I often do on my lunch break. Imagine my suprise when I noticed the chadwick bench in the right column from benches.com. I work for the company that manufactures and sells the chadwick bench – Oxford Garden. we have several internet vendors that sell our products! The chadwick is one of our best sellers!

    Love your blog! You inspire me to enjoy what I have where I am – which is in a really small student apartment right now while my husband works on his doctorate in piano. – 1 year and 3 months to go….then wherever God leads.

  41. Hi, i came to your blog via a link to a post about your homeschool room. but the link keeps redirecting and I cant find a place to search for the post! is there anyway to read the post, I am really interested in the post and the pictures! :(


  42. i got SO EXCITED when i realized you were having a yard sale… and 10 minutes from my house to boot!! The problem? My wedding is October 2nd! BUMMER :(

  43. I am so in love with that roud, white pedestal table!! Wish I lived in NC :) Good luck w/ the sale!!

  44. Oh I am so excited for the sale! I just talked my Mom into putting out her stuff , Since she lives in Lake park and I will be putting out some thigns as well but told her not before I go strolling through with Wendy! I know mom and sis can man my items while I shop:)
    Going ot go through my attic this weekend and get rid of everything we don’t need. That will be a huge job. Then will work room by room in the house. I want to start quieting the rooms like you posted about. Especially the family room., We are getting ready to repaint it and have been re–doing it. All with craigslist finds and yard sale and it has been a realy cool transformation. I have always had it in me but you sure inspire me Nester! Thanks you!

  45. If I were any where close to you, I’d snatch those yummy red checked drapes up in a second. I’ve loved, loved, loved those for, ummmm, I don’t know….a couple years! Seriously, do you ship? ;)

    I hope you have a wonderful fabulous time at your sale. :)

  46. Wow Nester…you have created a little red-checked mistreatment loving community! ;)

  47. I’ll be there with bells on! Can I bring all my stuff too?? :) You could take a commission!!!! Yes, my business mind is always thinking….

  48. oh my goodness, I didn’t know that you lived in NC too! How exciting! Seeing as how I have been DYING to go to a great yard sale to find goodies AND I need to go to IKEA, I think there is a real possibility that I might be coming *yay*. I live in Wilson, so it’s about 3 1/2 hours there, but I think it will be worth it. Are you selling some furniture, I desperately need furniture and don’t mind doing a little DIY, either. Oh, I’m just so excited about the possibility because I love all the things in your home an it would just be so much fun to get to meet in person. I’ll let you know if I will be coming for sure or not…I’ve got to go convince the Mr. that it’s worth the trip ;)


  49. Nester,
    I think it is great that you made a goal with your yard sale money! It will definitely make it more fun to sell your stuff. I sold our old bedroom furniture on craigslist for $700.00ish and re-did my whole master bedroom with that money. It was fun to stick to my budget and I love how it turned out. I can’t wait to see what you do with yours. Fun!

  50. You… want to make your bedroom more YOU! What in the name of god does that even mean? What the hell is wrong with you…. no, nope… you know what? Just start over. Drive your kids into a river with the car doors locked, pop some pills, and blow your head off. Better luck next time!

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