This is Your House:: Is it Who You Want to Be?

My next house is going to be beautiful.  It might not be bigger but, my next house is the one I’ll really make into a home.  This house we are in now is just a holding room for us until we get to our next house. It’s ok that it doesn’t represent our family.  I’m renting, it’s a waste to make it pretty right now.  I don’t know how long we’ll be here.  I long to have a much loved haven for my family but, I don’t have the funds and those pictures in the magazines assure me that it’s impossible to even attempt to make a change where I am.  Yeah, I’m gonna love my next house. You’ll see.

How many of those lines have you repeated to yourself?  I’ve said them all.  And then I finally realized that there might not be a next house.

Love where you are.  Beautify where you are. Your next house will be great too but, wherever you are right now, today, has enormous potential.

Compared to your last house, this IS your next house.

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