Summer into Fall

I know it’s early.  I’m not getting out the pumpkins or anything, just adjusting to reflect a little autumn.

But it’s still summery.  I have to constantly tweak, it’s a sickness. Plus it means every time I dust I get to rearrange.

I still haven’t figured out what to do with the big frame.  This is simply “for now”.

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  1. How about a dried hydrangea wreath in the frame? That would be ‘fally’.

  2. Since you are always rearranging, what do you do with all of the accessories that you aren’t currently using? Do you have a HUGE attic?

    • nope, they just sit in that dresser in the photo if I’m not using, but, usually, they are simply in another room being displayed.

  3. Lookin’ good in the neighborhood, my friend!!

    Layla :-)

  4. Glad I’m not the only one thinking about fall… this past week the husband saw me eyeing our fall decor and said “ITS ONLY AUGUST 2ND!” in other words “NO WAY am I dragging those boxes down yet” ha ha.

  5. We must all have fall fever :) I was writing about the EXACT same thing last night and I’ve seen three or four more “it’s almost fall, yayyyyy” posts this morning. SO excited!

  6. Oh, I can’t wait for fall, too!! I’m ready for burnt oranges and mustardy yellows, for deep reds and chocolate browns and crisp wind and hot cider and a blanket and a movie!! I’m tired of sweating the moment I walk out the door!

  7. OH I am so ready for fall. Everything looks wonderful. Hugs, Marty

  8. I just love it! Heather has a great idea, I think a dried wreath would look lovely in that frame!

    I am so ready for fall! It’s my favorite season and I can’t wait to decorate our new place this year!

    Thank you so much for your wonderful inspiration! I know you hear it all the time, but you truly are an inspiring woman!

  9. i am NOT ready for fall…but i love seeing you tweak on a constant basis!

  10. You are just wishing for fall! Ha! I understand as it is close to 100 here in TN, but we will feel like summer at least through September, into October. I cannot get into the fall feeling when we are this HOT. I’m not a big seasonal decorator, but I will do some fall decor probably in October, which stays till right after Thanksgiving when Christmas dec goes up.

    I like the big frame and using the silhouette inside. Like that paint color too.

  11. Gosh, I love the sillouette in the big empty frame! I have several (including ones of me and my brother) but they seem so dinky by themselves, or so fussy when grouped. Your “good enough for now” solution inspires me to try that myself.

  12. I am NOT ready for fall! It has barely been summer here in our neck of the woods and I just want to cry at the horrible summer we’ve had! :( This is honestly the coldest summer I have ever experienced. I am hoping for an Indian summer.

    I love your ideas. I finally bought some seashells a few months ago when my girlfriends and I went to the beach. And I painted a piece of furniture that I’ve waited 4 or 5 years to paint! I really appreciate your inspiration and ideas on how to do things in a way that doesn’t cost much!

  13. “This is simply “for now”.” This is what I love about you and your your website. I need to be continually reminded that every decision I make about decorating our home doesn’t have to be the perfect solution. Keep saying it, because one day it might fully sink in! (Of course, your ‘for now’ usually looks good enough to be my version of ‘perfect’ anyway!)

  14. i actually LOVE the little silhouette in the frame…REALLY LOVE!

  15. Hey, this is totally normal haha! But I would still love to know what color blue you use…love it!

    • Candice, I’ve shared all my colors multiple times in past posts

      you can search the word “paint” in the sidebar :}

  16. I love the look! I love black and white together….. You have a good eye for accessorizing!


  17. I can’t get into fall yet — it’s been an unusually cool summer here and I’m still “summerizing” my home! I do, however, love your beautiful photos in dark frames contrasted with all your white…so pretty. Love those lamps!

    If you get a chance, could you please share what your wall paint color is? It’s just gorgeous…I’m looking for something similar for our master br. Thank you!

    I have that George Winston CD in my car, I’ve been listening to it off and on for the past couple of months, no lie! :)

  18. Oh, please, fall stay away…….I’m still summering! It has been one of the hottest summers I have ever known, and it’s been aweeeeesome. So help me, when the temp falls into the nippy low 80s, I’m going to have a major come-apart.

    Who, pray tell, is George Winston?? Oh that is beautiful!! I need some more!!!!

  19. ahhh. love that song. and you :]

    we need to catch up some time!

  20. Ahhh, this former music teacher loves the song!

  21. That looks so beautiful the way it is. I like the frame with just that little silhouette.. So sweet.

  22. I am seeing so many beautiful fall accessories out there now! Fall isn’t very far away … here in the Carolinas the hot weather switch gets turned of in a couple of weeks : ) and the cool air starts reminding you that the season will be here all too quickly!

  23. Beautiful! I love the neutrals you are working with lately! Beautiful! Xoxo, Hollie Rae @ Vintage Farm Furniture

  24. I love the tweak! Sometimes dusting happens for me because I am rearranging, not the other way around. Love it. Glad you have your priorities straight. Thanks for sharing!

  25. I love what you’d done with the big frame. It’s graphic and homey all at the same time.

  26. love your tweaking, that goes w/o saying….

    but i have to comment on GW! you absolutely must get his album DECEMBER and play it all through the holidays!

    love ya!

  27. I wouldn’t change anything, it looks awesome. Get fall out of your head, we still have a few more weeks! I’m going to savor every minute.

  28. Fall cannot get here soon enough! I’ve been “over” summer since the first week of June. I’m ready for some cooler weather.

  29. I love the look – of the big frame; the black and white. So Chic!!

  30. say it isn’t so?!?! can’t say goodbye to summer yet :) -denise

  31. Maybe you could back the frame with some corkboard and burlap and tack up pictures, dried leaves and other little treasures. You could change it up all the time too! Love what you have done. Very simple.

  32. Nice! I was thinking today about Fall and wishing for some cooler weather. I like the idea of trying to blend a bit of Fall with the Summer without exploding the pumpkins and gourds out all over the place. It looks great the way you have it. :)

  33. I love evrything in those pictures! The lamps, the dresser, the frames- awesome! I also love the paint color. It looks to be a grayish nuetral? Would you mind sharing what it is?

  34. Nester, oh sweet Nester. The summer heat has gotten to you! We are only 11 days into August! As I watched the 5:00 news, your daily temps and mine were identical. Close to 100 does not merit fall! Nope, sorry, chickadee! We are still summering it here! Love your decorating as always, but not autumn yet! Enjoy those seashells another few weeks….lots of weeks!! Dried hydrangeas would be lovely, but mine are blooming again (ok, only ONE is actually blooming, and that’s in the early morning. It’s extremely droopy right now!). Use fresh flowers a wee bit longer.Please???But your decorating is lovely…promise!!

    Did you two go to She Speaks the other weekend? I didn’t make it this year! I truly loved meeting you and Emily last summer! Sending you hugs!!

  35. I like that!

  36. OMG–I love George Winston! I actually have his CD “Autumn.” It’s my bubble bath music. ;)

  37. This new arrangement is one of your best yet, in my humble opinion.

  38. Do you ever listen to any Jim Brickman? I have 3-4 of CDs…love ’em! Enjoyed the George Winston song. :)

  39. You know, I was just editing some photos and reading blogs, and I got to thinking…does it ever make you bitter that you got named The Nester and Emily got a more normal name?

  40. I like what you have done with the frame “for now”. ;)

    I am looking forward to fall too.

  41. I like what you have done with the frame “for now”. ;)

    I am looking forward to fall too.

  42. Thank you for sharing that song… It INSTANTLY brought back sweet memories, and even a little lump in my throat. I used to play it on a cd player in my baby boy’s room for him to go to sleep. He is almost 11 now {next month}. His nursery windows would be open and I remember sitting in the rocking chair watching the curtains blow in the breeze while feeling his sweet breaths on my chest. I haven’t heard the cd in awhile. I think I’ll dig it out and play it today… :0)

  43. I so wish I lived in your house.

  44. where did you get the dresser? I NEED one just like that.

    Looks great by the way!

  45. I’ve just started following your blog recently and I’m really enjoying it! We seem to have similar taste – neutrals with touches of aqua and green. Can’t wait to see what other inspiration you will bring!


  46. Carol Finn says:

    What is the paint color/product on those walls?? It’s reading a light olive?!? Thanx, caf

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