An Easy $5 Fall Wreath

I’ve had my eye on this Martha Wreath for awhile now and the other day, while in a craft store, I went ahead and grabbed some supplies.

Here’s what I used::

  • 14 inch straw wreath {no need to unwrap} :: $3.47 from Hobby Lobby
  • 2 packs of that rolled up wide raffia rope stuff :: $.99 each from Hobby Lobby
  • Hot glue

When I got home I did some research and found how the Martha people made the original wreath just in case there was some magic that I couldn’t see by looking at it.  Turns out, they use real corn husks, not that paper ribbon.  I followed the same method for the most part~

  • cut the rope into 6ish inch strips
  • unroll the rope to create a flat rectangle
  • cut the flat rectangle in half long ways
  • fold each part, hot glue the ends together and hot glue those onto the wreath in rows

I only did 3 rows and Martha did 4-5 I think her’s looks better, if you want that look you could cut your rectangles into thirds. And, if you don’t want to use paper ribbon rope raffia stuff, you could use wired ribbon, starched folded fabric, scrapbook paper, book pages, sheet music, wall paper, felt and I’m sure you are thinking of something right now that would work even better.

Is it fall yet?

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  1. Lovely wreath! Did you use a low temp hot glue gun? Just wondering if the regular hot glue gun would melt through the plastic covering the wreath. LOVE your blue vase and your green gourd (it’s a gourd, right?).

    • I used high melt just because it’s what glue sticks I had, I think low temp would have been better, and less burns

  2. Cute! I thought that might be corn husks. I am dying for one of the book pages/sheet music wreaths al Miss Mustardseed. LOVE THEM!

    No, not fall yet. Won’t feel like it here for some time. We are enjoying every last minute of summer possible here – well now that our humidity has dropped significantly – looking forward to this week.


  3. Oh fall, I know…longing for a chunky sweater and hot chocolate! Oh and I thought of you this weekend while I was being all “decoratey” for a little boys room…the girls were easier. I cant imagine doing THREE boys rooms ;).

  4. The wreath inside the frame against your wall color = FABULOUS! The raffia idea is a winner. I’m a little skeptical about using husks for fear of possibly attracting bugs. Once again, thanks for the how- to.

  5. I’m loving that wreath! I’m a newbie at the art of crafty decorating, but this looks like something I could do! Very exciting! :)

  6. See, I normally don’t even go to Martha’s website because her projects require supplies I don’t have laying around – REAL corn husks … really?!? But, I LOVE that raffia ribbon – it looks great! And thanks for the tip that the wreath can stay in the plastic because I would have automatically opened it and made a huge mess. ;)

  7. I think I just found what to do with my mantle for the fall. I was just starting to daydream about pumpkins and candles and all sorts of homey, comforting things. I like the idea of using book pages or sheet music too. Looks like I have a new project to tackle this weekend!

  8. NO, it can’t possibly be fall yet. I have a good two more weeks of summer before school begins for the kids! The wreath looks great, I love the simplicity of it and how you have hung yours! Janell

  9. that is so pretty & so easy/cheap too! Thanks for sharing!!!

  10. I too have had my eye on that wreath. Great job! I think yours looks great! I may have to attempt and make that soon. Oh and I have a new love…the Haylcon Green that you have recommended before. But I have a question…when it has green in the name and when you look at that little square sample and it looks green too. How in the world did you know it would be blue?!! How do you learn such tricks?

  11. We are having a 105 degree daily heat index right now. I can’t even begin to think about Fall. When the temps drop below 90, I’m all on this one. :)

  12. love love love it… I need some new fall decor. i think this one will have to be made!

  13. I wish it was Fall! I’m ready to break out the sweaters, jeans, cute boots, and a wreath like yours. ;) You did a good job–it’s cute! :)

  14. Lovely!

  15. Can I tell you how nice it was to see this, this morning? Love it! Plus its been such a long hot summer, I am looking forward to the fall relief!

  16. Love it! And that big white frame! ;)

  17. what a cute wreath. So simple yet so surprisingly stylish. I may need to make one too!

  18. Darling! I like that it’s un-embellished.

  19. Beautiful for Fall! And the price tag is even better!

  20. I just happen to have all this stuff already!!! Thanks for posting this!

  21. Looks adorable! This would be an easy one to do with my kids! :) I am trying to slowly decorate for fall now, just warming up the house a bit this week. Thanks for the cute idea!

  22. Love this for Autumn

  23. I’m so glad to know that this wreath isn’t quite as hard as it looks. Martha can be rather intimidating :)

  24. Great tutorial. I love the look of the wreath. Thanks. Hugs, Marty

  25. I’m so excited for fall! It and spring are my favorite seasons. I just bought new pillow covers and have been buying little bits of decor. I’m so anxious for September 1, which is when I plan to hang my leaf wreath and bust out my scarecrows!

  26. Cute wreath! I was kinda thinking if I put out some fall decor, that it might actually turn a little colder outside… Wishful thinking?


  27. Love that wreath. If you want to use real corn husks and live somewhere where grocery stores have Mexican cooking sections, or near a Mexican supermarket (I live in central CA, where they are ubiquitous), the big packages of corn husks they sell for tamale wrappers would probably be cheaper than getting them from a craft store. Now I need to take my own advice and make one of my own….

    • Kristina, you read my mind! I,too, live in central California where you can walk into any grocery store and buy corn husks for tamales! I was going to leave the same comment!

  28. How cute!

  29. Lauren Bretz says:

    Nester! I bought a $.25 hymnal at a yard sale recently. Maybe I’ll use the pages from that!!! LOVE it!

  30. Cute, cute CUTE! I am not ready for fall just yet, our summer has just arrived in San Diego!

  31. I made one of those last year… finding corn husk is easy here in So. Cal… & they are CHEAP! I LOVE your take on it!
    Here’s my version if you’d like to check it out…

  32. beautiful. fall, I can’t wait!!!

  33. LOVE this! I’m featuring it on next month sometime. :)

  34. How adorable. I wish I was more crafty. I still love that table scape by the way.

    P.S. We’re doing a giveway of free design services. You definitely don’t need any help in that department though. I just wanted to spread the word.

  35. Your wreath looks fabulous! I love it! I’ve been asking that same question too. Is it Fall yet? I’m sooo excited!!!

  36. I am going to use corn husks. Know why? Because we have a ton of them because my hubby uses them to make tamales. Which I hate. So, I figure no corn husks = no tamales = I don’t have to make excuses for not eating them. ;) Problem solved. Thanks, Nester!

  37. No ma’am, it’s not!~ not Fall yet! ;) BUT…I soooo hope it gets here SOON! CUTE wreath!!!

  38. Of course Martha would use corn husks! Ha ha. I think it’s funny how she uses the most inconvenient supplies ever.

    Your version looks great, and I’m so glad you used raffia, so now I can make one, too! (It’s hard to come by dried corn husks in Chicago, after all. )

  39. LOVE it! I’ve been working on Fall-related stuff too…I think I’m most excited about the temperatures dropping a little though! :-)


  40. I love this idea…I may be trying this over the weekend!


  41. I need a fall wreath and this is a cute one. I never even knew you could unroll that rope stuff–duh.

  42. That’s so cute. Thanks for sharing! I am so ready for fall!

  43. As I’m typing this, Kiddo is watching “Martha Speaks” on PBS. Coincidence? Um…yes.

    That wreath is so cute, and you made it look sooooo simple to do…I might even try it! I’m so desperate for fall right now!

    By the way, I love the new digs! : )

  44. Neat wreath. Where did you find pumpkins and berries that are on the mantle? I think that is so pretty with the candlelight!

  45. What is that green thing in your photo? Is it a gourd? Did you paint it? Do tell.

  46. I love the simplicity of this. I think I’ll give it a whirl for my entryway mirror. Wonder what DH will think of yet another wreath in the house… :)

  47. yay! thank you for sharing this! i love that photo and was determined to recreate that look, but knew i’d never get around to it if i needed to find corn husks. your idea is GENIUS! i will def make this… merci! xo

  48. Hey I live in your town and we have exchanged a couple of emails… There is (yesterday) a BEAUTIFUL white china hutch with buffet ( 2 pieces) for sale on craigslist locally. I thought of you immediately and thought :hmmm she won’t even HAVE to paint it” it is already outrageously beeeeeaaauuutttiiifffuuullll…
    It is listed for $100.00

  49. How darling.. I’ve been thinking about fall a bit lately too!

  50. BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love it. You are beyond amazing.


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