See that white table in my office?  I forgot to show you that I moved it in there a month or so ago.   And I cannot believe that I let a perfectly good blog topic like moving furniture pass me by.

When I first found this $15 table at a yard sale, I honestly didn’t know where I was going to put it.  But, I’m not one to pass up a $15 table at 12 noon at a yard sale.  Plus I loved the table.  So I worked it into our family room.

Then I moved out the sofa to see if I would like it like this.   It is a dining room after all.  Eh.  It was ok, but I would then be stuck with trying to find a place for a sofa, that’s worse than finding a place for a table.  I took all these photos with my phone apparently I’m too lazy to pick up my 5 pound real camera.

Then I moved it in front of the window just to see.  Eh.  Not loving it, it’s a little large.

I tried to convince it to be a coffee table. Double Eh.

Nope, but it was worth trying, right?

So here it sits.  I really love it in here it’s a little bigger than my last table/desk.  Oh, what?  You want to know where I put the table that was in my office?

Well, I tried it in here to see, but no.

And then I moved it here.  I’m not sure it will survive the fall with the fireplace going but for now, it’s racked up some major usefulness points.  This is where I fold the laundry, my husband studies there and my kids use it to eat with their friend.  Even though we have another table 10 feet away, it’s been nice to have double the space.

So, basically, this post is pointless other than to show you how often I move furniture.  It’s worth it.  It’s free and in an hours time, I had a better way for our family to use our home.

Is there a piece of furniture in your home that’s in the “wrong” room but it works for your family?

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  1. Sorry. Posted in wrong area. I love these ideas. Always love to see what you’re up to with the house. Is your husband in the ministry? You mentioned studies. My husband is.

  2. ok so i’m late to the party
    but did you paint your kitchen/dining are light fixture nester blue?
    how flipping cute are you girl?

  3. Yes! I have a couch and coffee table in my kitchen.
    The washer and dryer are tucked into my kitchen and I decided to make it a cozy corner where I could fold laundry in comfort.
    It’s now become everyones favorite corner to cuddle up in!!

  4. Love everything about your home, and have to ask – where did you find those adorable birds that are floating on the wall in your office and also the solo one amongst the white plates in the other room?

  5. I am a long-time admirer of your wonderful blog!! You are a constant source of inspiration!! I have a question for you….. I am going to slip-cover a chair I just got from Craigslist (score!!!). Should I use 7oz. or 10 oz. cotton duck? Also, are the slipcovers you made, natural or white cotton duck? Thanks so, so much for giving me my daily fix of “You can do it!!”


  6. PULEEEEEEZ tell me where you found those amazing horizontal striped curtains. I am wanting EXACTLY that for my bedroom and can’t find anything like it.

  7. Just came over to your blog via Pancakes and French Fries–loving it already!

    Can you steer me in the direction of the white slipcover for the wingback chair? I bought a chair for $4 @ a sale and know I can’t reupholster it myself. I’ve been looking at slipcovers online but yours is way prettier than anything I’ve seen.


  8. Ack, I totally commented on the wrong post–meant to comment on the next one down. Sorry!

  9. We have hard wood floors too. I like to move furniture too. That is why there is a permanent rug next to my bed. Would love to know how you move things without destroying your floor.

  10. I absolutely love the colored plates in your kitchen, did you buy them like that or did you paint them? I have been thinking of doing the same thing in my kitchen.

  11. It’s posts like this that keep your readers coming back over and over. Posts that say, “It’s ok to move your furniture. And if it doesn’t quite work, it’s ok to move it again. . . and again. . . and again!”

  12. Wow, that is quite a lot of moving! Honestly, I liked it in nearly every photo!

  13. Wow, I love your new set-up. I can’t believe you got that table for $15 and that it was still sitting around at noon!!!

  14. WOW! What an inspiring post. I love the many places you have used this thrifted table. I will defnitely be mentioning this in my I {heart} Fridays post this week!

  15. Like the new table in the office. Wow, you really have alot of painted pieces now! Can’t wait till you show off the *new* dining room.


  16. This weekend!

  17. Oh I love it!!! Your home looks beautiful.

  18. You could cut the legs a bit to make it a coffee table…

  19. We have a hanging chair. Yes, a chair that hangs. From the ceiling. Thank you, Ikea. It’s hideous. BUT, the kids love it, so… it stays.

  20. I learned from Alexandra Stoddard’s books to make as many “rooms” in your spaces as possible. In 29 years of marriage, I have lived in the Pacific tropics and from coast to coast in the continental U.S. The December move we made back into the 24-foot RV (we are empty nesters) was our 19th. In our wheel-less homes, I always tried to carve out a game “room” in my living rooms whenever we had no family room/den, etc. We always had a puzzle going or a Scrabble game in progress. Our girls also loved to craft there and play Dutch Blitz or Spoons. In the dining room, I tried to carve out a tiny sitting “room” where a guest could drop by and sit a spell with me and tea for two. In our bedrooms, I shaved out a “thinking chair” where DWELLers could read, think, pray. If they didn’t want to write at the desk in the
    bedroom’s “office,” they could write on a shmancy clipboard in the thinking chair. I wrote all that to say, I love the table you parked near the fireplace and the lovely window. With memories of graham cracker and hot chocolate breaks in front of the fireplace with my home schoolers, I smiled knowing the sweet memories that will be yours, too, at that table.

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