Grandy Camp

This week my husband and I are staying at my parent’s house.  My dad took a week off from work and he and Mom {Grandy} took the train 2 hours to go pick up my sister‘s 3 children, then they all got back on the train to come back to my house  to meet my 3 boys and stay there for the week.  It’s Grandy Camp. That magical week that happens every year.  The week my boys look forward to all summer.

Two Grandparents, one 4 year old, two 6 year old twins, one 9, 10 and 12 year old, and they all think it’s cool.  Oh and 4 of us parents who agree, it’s cool, and who have all secretly vowed to themselves that they will be hosting Grandy Camp one day, for their grandchildren.

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  1. I cannot TELL you how exciting this sounds to me!! I call mine COUSIN CAMP…’cause I have the grands and the great nieces and nephews. But right now there are six of them under four. So, we do it for two days. I can’t wait until I can have Nonny Camp for a week. I hope your week is fabulous! I know your kids will have a ball!

  2. That is so cool! I would have never thought of riding the train in NC. Don’t know why – it’s just that we’re so close to NC and no train riding here. LOL (TN)

    So, what are you getting into this week?

    All the kids are growing so fast! I love how they are seated boy, girl, boy, girl on the one side. Too cute!


    • went to Emily’s we cleaned out her play room, we could have been coal mining and it still would have been supa fun!

  3. My parents do the same thing for their 3 grandkids (under 6yo!) They started it when my daughter was only 18mo. It is the most precious time. My mom is going to guest-post on my blog next week about what they call “Camp Primo”! :)

  4. Wow! does this bring back memories. We used to have “Camp Cousin”. What a blast. It was only for a long weekend, but we all looked forward to it so much.
    Have fun. And bless you for making such wonderful memories for these children.
    Ladybug Creek

  5. I think this is one of the best things I have ever read. My brothers, parents, and I are scattered too far apart to make something like this work, but I always pray that the cousins can have easier access to each other as the years wear on. Grandy Camp is awesomeness on so many levels.

  6. Michele says:

    Can I tell you I have been reading you for at least a year but have never thanked you for your inspiration. Just now, I have been making pillows and went straight to you for ideas and a quick look at window mistreatments. So.. thanks for your great ideas!

  7. My husbands folks, Lord love ’em, and my Mom too, before she passed, both had Camp Grandparent, every summer, and sometimes Spring Break.

    FOR. A. WHOLE. WEEK.!!!! Hate me :).

  8. Have a fabulous week…can’t wait to read all about the adventures!

  9. How neat, I love making good memories for children because somebody (well, bodies) did that for me. It is wonderful to go back and thank the ones that taught you to swim, set up a tent, be calm to calm, ride a bike, bake a cake. We are fortunate if they are still alive by the time we are mature enough to appreciate the priceless treasures they freely gave us.

  10. That sounds like alot of fun for the kids. And what a great way to make special summer memories. My parents have offered to do the same but they live in Portugal – two hour car ride to airport, 7 hour flight and then 2 hour car ride to their house. Maybe when they are much much older.

  11. Joellen Davies says:

    I wish my parents would do that. They live 3 miles away, retired, under 65 years old, and don’t spend anytime with their grandkids. I have been married for 20 years, have 2 boys 13 and 11 and they hardly know them. My husband and I aproached them once saying “hey the kids want to spend time with you”, I received tons of emails on what a horrible daughter I was to say that to them. I really feel bad for my boys. Truly enjoy those memories.

    • Joellen, I really feel bad for your parents, they are missing out as much, if not more than your children.

  12. My daughter (she’s 10) flies by herself from Indianapolis to Dallas every summer to spend anywhere from 4-6 weeks with her Grammy and Grampy. This last couple years her two cousins also flew in from Michigan and she gets to spend a week or two with them as well. Plus her uncles (my baby brothers) live at home still (they are just finishing up college…they aren’t deadbeats LOL).

    She absolutely loves every part of it…even flying alone (she’s been doing it since she was 6, so she thinks she’s all hot stuff and a pro. LOL)!! Since we all live kind of spread out around the country, it keeps her close and connected to my family.

    She comes home SATURDAY!! It’s been 5 weeks this year….I can’t wait. :)

    • Wow! Your daughter is brave, wait, you are brave too~

      • Oh Nester…I got thrown into that!!

        After we had met half way that year to ‘exchange’ her, Grammy called and said she bought a one way plane ticket for her to come back on!! I didn’t get a choice. But truthfully, It’s so much easier, and obviously turned out just fine, so we’ve done it ever since…but only on direct flights! :)

  13. Oh, I will indeed be doing the same thing as early as possible!! :D Love it!


  14. I bet you are so excited!! I can’t imagine my mom or MIL offering to do that. Enjoy your time. :)

  15. Lauren@SimplyLKJ says:

    How fun! I want to go to Grandy Camp!! LOL

  16. So fun! My son is 1 1/2 and the only grandchild but he has already enjoyed 2 summers of “Camp Honey.” It’s the best thing ever :)

  17. What a wonderful way to stay in touch with each other and to share the kids. God bless your week together!


  18. what a fun idea! my hub’s parents take the boys one at a time for a week each summer — which they LOVE — but I love the idea of all of the siblings/cousins together AND you and your hub can be together but away from your house & all of the chores/projects that are screaming to be completed. Total relaxation for you guys. Total fun for the kids. Brilliant!

  19. That is AWESOME! I would have LOVED that as a kid.

  20. Tell your parents that is SO awesome of them. What fabulous memories those kids will have!!!

    We are 1000 miles away from grandparents and that also means we are 1000 miles away from cousins. :( That’s why we are planning a big reunion at Disney this year!

  21. I love it! My daughter is the only grandchild on both sides. If not for that, I’d be calling up the grandparents to suggest Grandy camp right this moment. What a wonderful idea!

  22. As a grandmother, I would love to know what Grandy does in camp for the kids. Would you either comment back to me or do a post on it? I think a lot of people would enjoy that! Linda

  23. We are also blessed with wonderful parents (on both sides) who help us out. I travel often on my husband’s business trips with him and the kids LOVE when Grandma comes to watch them! What a blessing….

  24. that is SO special. I hope I can be that type of grandma one day. Maybe I’ll even call myself grandy! :)

  25. What a fantastic family tradition! Very cool…


  26. That is so amazingly cool! I’ll put that on my list of things to do for my grandkids someday…far in the future…

    I also think it’s cool that they call her Grandy. That’s what my kids call my mom too!

  27. nanasewn says:

    I would love to hear what kinds of things they do with such an age spread. Please do tell!

    • nanasewn and Linda

      The first day after the train ride they stayed home and mom made one of their dinner requests: spaghetti and meatballs, then I think they played board games.

      Day 2: went to the local movie theater where they do free kids movies in the morning every week, home for lunch, then to a local great kid’s museum, Discovery Place, IHOP for dinner {kids eat free on Tuesday}

      Day 3: Our local bounce house place Monkey Joes {like pump it up or jump and fun, they have the indoor moonwalks for birthday parties} does half price day on Wednesday–$5 each and they could stay all morning. Then they came home and made T shirts and the kids just played and then mom did a little spa for the girls and my boys helped serve the girls

      Day 4: Dad take the older boys to the local amusement park {he’s a DJ so he gets some discounted press passes} Mom stays home and takes the younger ones to the pool and does crafts

      Day 5: back home

      In years past they have parked somewhere downtown and taken public transportation to a local dive to eat {bus/train/whatever, the kids think it’s so fun}, gone to a local lake and fished, Gone to a local go cart place–just kind of like a staycation, incorporating discount days into the mix if they can

  28. What an awesome and fun tradition! I love this idea!

  29. I heard of a family doing this on Family Life years ago and ordered the CD set they offered and gave it out for Grandparents’ Day. Our oldest is 7. We’ve never had a camp. {sigh} I think it’s a wonderful idea!!!

  30. What fun! I am quite certain that someday, I too, will be hosting Grandy Camp. :)

  31. What a fabulous idea! My mom lived with us when my guys were young and the bonding and memories cannot be matched…what a blessing for them all.
    Janet xox

  32. My mother does the same thing for her grandkids, but she calls it “Grandma Boot Camp.” She’ll ask them, “Hope you’re ready to dig some ditches this week. Did you bring your work boots? Got your own shovel or do you need to borrow one?”

    She made so many of those kinds of comments this year that Lily whispered to me, “I think I’ll just go back home with you, okay?” I had to reassure her that Grandma was just joking. She actually took them all kinds of fun places and spoiled them rotten. :-)

  33. Awwww, you have such a cool family!

  34. Looks like so much fun for them and a tradition that they look forward too! That’s a really special thing!

  35. What a FABULOUS Grandy and Granddaddy you have!!! Tell them *I* even think this is the most awesome gift… for the grandkids AND the parents. What wonderful memories. I’m sure they are exhausted by the end of the week but YAY Grandy and Granddaddy! Ya’ll are a blessing!!!

  36. Oh my gosh, my kids call my mom “Grandy” too. I’ve never heard anyone else use that name. : )

  37. My kids are returning from Grammie Camp even as I type. They love it!

    Thanks for the comment on my party – and for the ever-constant inspiration.


  38. Sounds like so much fun! Your parents must have a LOT of energy!!!

  39. How wonderful! For both the grandparents and the kids alike!

    And yes, I can definitely see why you’d want to do that for your grandkids someday :)


  40. I’m so confused. Are they staying at your house, while you and your husband are at their house?

  41. We have that…my mom calls it “Camp Grandmommy.” This year she took the grandbabies to the beach & did all the fun dress-up tea party stuff (she has 3 girls) at home.

  42. Too cute and FUN, Nester! I love your family!

  43. Hey There!

    Kristi Maxwell from Pinkand Polkadot turned me on to your Twitter party, that was pretty cool!

  44. I think Grandy Camp is such an awesome idea. I’m a grandparent and my grandchildren live states away, so this could be a fun thing to plan every year with them once they are out of the toddler stage.

  45. We never had a name for it but recently my parents stayed for almost a week over the 4th of July and we had the time of our life with them! When you don’t have family in town what a difference it makes when you are surrounded by them!!! Awesome!!!

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