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I was included on a list of people who received an email the other day from Holly Mathis titled “must see”.  It linked to Emily at Jones Design Company.

She is quite grandiloquent.  You can look it up.

She turned a garage…

Into a summer boutique. Read all about how it went and see zillions more photos here.

I’ve mentioned her before because she is the tireless genius who painted this room

Here’s her baby’s nursery.

Her unassuming  kitchen.

And of course, here’s the charming Emily and her family.  One question–why is she not famous yet?

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  1. She is gifted. Like you, she has ideas and goes with them instead of second-guessing herself. The results are always fabulous! I’m still mulling over paint swatches that I’ve had for two years. SIGH.

  2. This is awe-inspiring! Your sense of stle and design is spot-on! The pillows, headbands, silver, the flowers the “looked so catered” cupcakes, the dresser with a chalboard on the back, the custom names, book pages, the blue chair, mirrors, champagne it was all to die for! I am interested in your silver faltware…any left I could purchase? I am ready to hop on a cross-country flight and come shop…the fact you could pull this oss with 4 kids, one which is a newborn is so inspring and courageous – good for you Emily! PS_ your yard looks pretty fab too…maybe a futire post? Let me know about the flatware too!

    • And I should check my spelling too! Ha, apologies!

      • amanda, if you click over to Emily’s website, there is a link to contact her, you could ask her directly about the pieces you were interested in.


  3. wowza. that girl is amazing. makes me want to go wallpaper my garage and i’m seriously not kidding. wow.

  4. Um, wishing I live down the street from her, could you imagine?! Or even with 25 miles, AGH!

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Why is she not famous? Well, I think she now is thanks to the power of your linky love…. AMZING what she has done. :)

  6. Yes!! I recently found her and am amazed by her talent, creativity and work!! Janell

  7. Christy says:

    Nester, thanks for the link to Emily and her blog. I’ve been pouring (poring?) over her website all morning. Her talent and knack for creating “grandiloquence” out of unassuming and inexpensive materials is awe-inspiring! Now if I only lived remotely near Seattle….

  8. Beautiful! I love the colors she chose. Thanks for sharing! It’s so fun to see what others accomplish in their homes. Makes me want to get busy fixing mine up some more! I love her little family; it’s exactly the same as mine (3 boys and then the princess).

  9. How honored I am to be featured this morning! You are too kind. And I love your use of ‘grandiloquence’. Isn’t it a good word?

    I’m still finishing up my office {got a little distracted with the boutique} and I can’t wait to show how the painted wallpaper turned out!

    Enjoy your holiday weekend.

  10. WOW! She’s amazing. I’ll have to blog stalk her now.

  11. I’m off to take a look at her blog now. I’m knee deep in nesting, preparing for the adoption of our son from China this fall. Thanks for the ongoing inspiration.

  12. Wow! That’s oddly amazing!

  13. Wow! That about sums it up!!! Have a wonderful 4th of July, Nester and family!

  14. Wow, what a talented gal!

  15. She is incredible, like you Nester. You have inspired me this week to say goodbye to a lot of clutter and to look into my creative side. Thank you!

  16. Yep, I totally love this girl. I just did painted wall paper in my Thomas’ room, but I used a stencil from Royal Designs. Do you know her in real life? I want to ask her how long it took…would love to know which way is more efficient. This look is addicting ;)!

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