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Ever Grateful for Details :: A Giveaway

Do you ever catch yourself being attracted to something simply because of the details? Yeah, me too. I want this scrolly and dot pattern etched on to my chairs and bags and maybe I could add it to this blog’s design? grateful for simple blessings You can find this pattern on the Ever Grateful Collection […]

Are Comments Getting Emailed to You?

Have you ever left a comment here at the Nest?  Have you ever noticed that little square at the almost bottom where you can check it? It says “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” If you check it, you will get an email with each comment that comes in after yours on that post.  […]

How to Accessorize A Coffee Table

Alternate Title:: The life and times of an average coffee table Here’s my trusty coffee table.  Technically, it’s a little big compared to my sofa but, lucky for me, I’m not very technical.  I’ve considered getting a new to me table but, this one works so well for our family with its sturdy enough to […]

Selling Your Home, Make a Website

A friend of mine is selling her darling house and I was so impressed with her home’s website that I wanted to share it with you.  These days, having an online presence when your home is for sale is vital.  Why not take it one step further than the MLS listing packed with bad photos […]

The Goal is Not to Get Your House in a Magazine, Unless Your Goal is to Get Your House in a Magazine

If one of your lifelong dreams has been to have your home in a magazine today is a good day for you. The upcoming episode? chapter? scenario? publication?  ugh, what do magazines call their next…ISSUE of Holiday with Matthew Mead is running a contest looking for a fresh home to feature.  Not only that, the […]

Because it doesn’t always have to be about decorating, does it?

My sister and her family and our parents came in for the weekend and it was absolutely glorious.  Did you know that I’d rather have my family come stay at my house for a few nights than go on vacation?  I love it.  I love the grocery shopping and the cooking and the happy sounds […]

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